OmMoney.XYZ – Is OmMoney.XYZ Scam or Legit Way To Earn Online?

By | November 27, 2018

OmMoney. XYZ – What Is OmMoney. XYZ and are they Real or Not?

This article is going to cover everything about What Is OmMoney. XYZ (www.ommoney. xyz). Is OmMoney XYZ dishonest, crooked, scam, bad, fraudulent, fake or Is OmMoney good, safe, legit, genuine, real and paying out? This Om Money XYZ is going to show you there are many copies of this site. Simply click on LapMoney. Club Review and you will see their latest releases. There are now 1751 duplicates online. Some have shut down and they are always replaced with new ones. Considerable time and research has gone into the following article.

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What Is OmMoney. XYZ Paid Advertising Viewing System About – The Whole Truth.

There are other copies besides LapMoney as well such as ErMoney. PW, EtMoney. ICU, UcMoney. Fun, EpMoney. Fun, ReMoney. PW, PoMoney. Club, UpMoney. Bid, UhaMoney. Win, ArMoney. ICU, EpMoney. Host, PenMoney. Club, ArMoney. ICU, ApMoney. ICU and of course OmMoney. XYZ. There are 1751 copies of them, as said, but they also come in German and in French. The numbers, to me, are actually unknown. Copies of those sites would be welcomed to be reported in the comments below.

The founder of OmMoney is not known. I have looked for such data on so many of their sites and also their address and contact information is never displayed. The only email that I have located is That is linked to many many scam sites online, should you do a quick Google search on that, that would be proven to you.

Where we see all identity information, for sites that are offering paid work from home positions online, is our first clue that something is definitely not right.



don’t work at www.ommoney. xyz!




Their Scam and How It Works.

Quickly moving on, let us now see how their fraudulent activities seek to steal your time and cash. There are some threats on their site that will be briefly covered as well.

The email sign up form is a phishing form. That is important to know because now your legit emails will be put onto a list. That list is sold onto scammers and is a known way scammers make themselves some quick and big money online. You could of just signed up to their site with a fake email and still your account would of been opened.

People see big earnings for one days pay. You can earn anywhere up to $500 for one day, at just, 3 or five hours work. Even they say you can earn nearly $5000 a month as well. Paid to click work can’t afford to pay anyone over 3c a click. That is high end. Usually only fractions of a cent. 

So, 10c a click is already proven to be bogus. 

Making Referrals for 50% Commissions is another lie. The idea is you make a sign up, the sign up goes to work and earns money, then you get half of that money. Logically, per their sites description, everyone is told they get 10c a click and code filled. How does remain possible if you are taking half of the money earned by your sign ups? Obviously, the numbers don’t add up, and another sign of a scam.

Cashing Out At $300 is promised to all. When you apply for your money then you will see that you must give them 40 new sign ups first. That is not mentioned on their site and actually does make some people suspicious of them. Or, you can pay them $9 to get 100 referrals to your account, with the idea being you can earn 50% of their earnings. Those are either bots or just digits on your screen and certainly not real people.

Now, should you pay for those fake referrals, they want more money from you. Its about $19 and that is to cash out. No honest site would ask this money from you so you can get your earnings. That is a classic sign of fraudulent site.

Those that pay the money on request will lose entry to their own accounts. Once you are blocked out from it then you can never get back into it. All members accounts will look like they are active to not alert your sign ups something is wrong. These accounts will close down when they shut down their own sites. All sites will only last one year, if that, and then be replaced or re-directed to fresh versions of their scam.


Those that were scammed by OmMoney, or any of their sites, are welcome to report them below in the comments section on this webpage. Or, you can just let them get away with it.











Final Thoughts.

So, stay away from any sites that look like the site that has been exposed in this article. You sign up just to have your real and personal email address sold onto scammers. Any bank info, names, date of births and anything else is also harvested and sold onto scammers. You will work for free and never get paid. There is no way to cash out because they have designed their sites to not to pay out to anyone. For reasons listed Om Money is going into this websites List of Internet Scammers Section, which you can see in this sites menu bar as 100% SCAMS.

Have some information, questions on OmMoney. XYZ or any of their other sites? You are welcome to place your comments below and I will be happy to respond and further help where possible. Don’t forget my #1 Recommendation that has helped me earn online from Wealthy Affiliate. It is possible to earn online and not everything is a scam, though when you keep bumping into fake sites like I used to, then its easy to fall into that way of thinking. This article will show you How To Start A Blog, for those interested. Thank you all for coming by and don’t forget to report them below.

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