What Is OMGTrue.com – Is OMGTrue.com Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

By | November 24, 2018

Not Sure The Answer To What Is OMGTrue.Co Online Shopping Store? – 100% Fake Site Alert!

Nice work on researching to find out What Is OMGTrue.Co for real and not what they tell you. Is OMGTrue Co fake, scam, dishonest, fraudulent, bad or Is OMGTrue legit, good, real, genuine, safe, honest? This OMG True Review is going to set your mind at ease by telling you that they are a fake scam site! Also, you will find out how to potentially claim your money back, so its not all doom and gloom if you already paid. Do watch out for VogTrend as that is a copy www.omgtrue.co. 

There is no doubt that those two sites are out to defraud people before they become too exposed where then they will have to shut down. Do you think they are legit sites? Then this article will show you why its always the best policy to do research before buying anything from any site online. As always, so many people ask how to earn online, and so quickly I will suggest Wealthy Affiliate as my #1. They can show you how to set up online with your own business in time. No prior experience and not even a credit card to begin. Lets continue with this OMGTrue Review.


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What Is OMGTrue.Co – Are They Really Good or Fraudulent? 

You know by now What Is OMGTrue.Co as being dishonest and they will really try to steal your money. There are some situations where even if they send you ‘an’ item they can still be a scam site. So we begin to try to find out who owns this sites. Where owner info is not transparent, especially where websites are offering good or services for profit, then we have a problem for sure.

Registered online 2018/09/05 I can see they have decided to only register online for 1 year. That is a problem for me as they are meant to be a real going concern selling women’s hair curlers. Why would a site invest so much money in going into business in the first place just to mess up its potential by going online for just 1 year? Already, that makes no sense, and indicative of a scam site. 






Founder Name is not registered on the moment they went online and nor will you find that information displayed on their site. That is another reliable clue you are dealing with scammers. Never buy anything from a site where you can’t locate the owners information. 

No real world address listed but only ‘ON’ and ‘CA’. One can only hope that means Ontario in Canada. Anyways, if you can’t post them a letter to their proper location then that is a big issues for online legitimacy. All the above is an intentional cover for identity and location. There is good reason for this for when others know they are scammers, complaints come in and people want action taken, but the scammer can run away with all the earnings without refunding anyone.



Typical Fraudulent Behavior To Expect Should You Buy From Their Site.

From sites like OMGTrue – Not to be confused with OMGTrue.com – it is typical they will not hang around long online. We have already seen that they don’t like to display any info connecting themselves to their sites. Should you Google their phone number of 866 614 2197 then you will see 3 sites. VogTrend, the one under question here and also FencyShop.Net. FencyShop was created same date as OMGTrue . Co and is already shut down. That does not bode too well for the other ones.

Their prices are a little too cheap for the product being advertised.

There is no way to contact their site directly. There is a form but the chances of getting a response maybe slim when dealing with such sites. 

Should you receive an item you may find that item is NOT the one you ordered.

They have mimicked a website that has a following of over 40K on Facebook and so that is typical for scam sites to make fake sites with similar URL’s. The hope is that they will take advantage of your typos and you will unwittingly land on the wrong site.

Their site is nearly identical to Vog Trend, as mentioned. Multiple sites is a bad sign of a scam network.












Final Thoughts.

VogTrend is mysteriously linking off to a Facebook Page called OMGTrue.Co. They are nearly identical and so have to conclude they are owned by the same operator. OMGTrue.com looks nothing like the ones mentioned and so I have to conclude that its that site that is being ripped for its name. However, a brief look at that site and I am wondering if they are now legit. Their are a few things that are worrying me about all three of them. That is for another time I guess. For me personally I am calling the one just looked at a scam. Should many reports come in where it shows I am wrong then I will happily change the verdict to legit. Your reports are needed to verify either way. Thank You.

Have questions on What Is OMGTrue.Co? You are welcome to ask below. Perhaps you would like to report other sites that you suspect are scams? Those reports are very much welcome and so you may leave them below in the comments section should you have the time. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments. 


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