What Is OmgCheapStore.com – Is ‘OmgCheapStore’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 10, 2019

Read Here On What Is OmgCheapStore.com – The ‘OmgCheapStore’ Review.

Good researching has brought you here where there is an answer to What Is OmgCheapStore.com located at www.omgcheapstore.com. Is OmgCheapStore a scam, fraudulent, dishonest, bad and deceptive or is OmgCheapStore legit, good, honest, real and safe? This ‘Omg Cheap Store’ Review is going to do a quick scam-check to either, give you peace of mind, or to warn you against them. We,  at times we may find it hard to separate a sophisticated scam site from a real one, you must weigh up all available research online to determine for yourself in such cases.

Those that have no doubt (if any) you were scammed by the aforementioned site are welcome to report them below. Those with positive reviews are welcome to do the same. We are here to build a picture of this site as one online community. The background of fake online stores is that most come from China. A staggering amount actually.



Scam Or Legit Reviews





More On What Is OmgCheapStore.com – ‘OmgCheapStore’ Review’.

To begin, this article is not a product review. It is not an endorsement or any affiliated sense of connection to that site. We will be looking at the ‘bones’ of their site and see if there are any alarming flawas to alert us to a scam site. To begin to answer What Is OmgCheapStore.com, we begin with registration date, owner name, location and contact info.




This is pretty much the most crucial part of our analysis. Where we a site that has not made such info available then we have to be a little careful:- there is no justification for this, in such cases.

Registration for their site was in 2017/10/20 and for 2 years they have registered. OK, so that is typical of so man sites that turn out to be fake and scam. Not saying that they are, perhaps they are seeing how things pan out, and then renew for more time online.

I am not impressed by the ‘address’ they have left as it is only one word:- ‘PANAMA‘. They are beginning to look suspicious. It is not like they don’t know where they are from and that is intentional not to provide this information. Not good enough so far and they will have to do better if I am to consider them at all as a legit store.

We must hunt through their site to find this information. This is a big deal because, if something goes wrong with your order, you pay money and no delivery, wouldn’t you want to know where they are based? It is only common sense really.

In their Refunds and Returns section they have an important notice about RETURNS. The email address of support@omgcheapstore.com. Once you contact to make a return they will send you an address. You are not to return your item to the manufacturer. All I know Is This:- I have seen plenty of legit sites not have a problem to leave their own address on their own sites. This is a bad sign indeed!




‘OmgCheapStore’ Scam Signs.

Knowing a few scam signs is a great way to defend yourself online against malicious sites. We will see if ‘OmgCheapStore’ has any that may make us too cautious purchase from them.

No founder name!

No address!

Zero Customer Support Number!

Pop-up of a sale every 5 seconds!

Weirdly they refer to people reading their ‘ABOUT US’ section as ‘BABY‘. Not very professional in my view.

They have the means to produce shoddy, inferior, possible counter and even may send you out stolen goods, deliver damaged goods. Basically, it is possible for many fake shopping stores to send you anything OTHER than what you ordered. Let us now see if that is the case with ‘OmgCheapStore’.

Odd thing just happened. Their Facebook shares were at 2.7. In the small amount of time I have been on their site, they have had 1k more shares. This is great news for them if that is real. I will check back on that before we finish this article up.

Anyways, I just noticed they have Trust Seals of McAffee, 5 Start Google Trusted Score, Norton Secured, VeriSign and Finally the most sought after business accreditation ever – Better Business Bureau Seal. I Googled the BBB Seal. Nothing came up. I imagine it would.

The BetterBusinessBureua.org has called sites scams for using their seal without permission. In this case it seems that ‘OmgCheapStore’ maybe a scam guys. You can look and see for yourselves if you can find proof of that most valuable endorsement, but nothing is coming up my end. That is enough not to buy from them, personally speaking.

Moreover, their Trust Seals as listed do not link to anything. They are only images. This may imply that they are trying to make you feel safe at check out. 

You may view their online reputation trust score from ScamAdviser.com HERE. They have given them 0% Trust Score!! 0%!!!! — SCAM ALERT!




That is it. It is final and I am 100% convinced we are dealing with a fraudulent site. Contact your payment providers if you are struggling to get your order. Apply for a refund AFTER you have made reasonable negotiation attempts with this fake company. Unfortunately, to safe guard your funds, you may have to cancel your card as sometimes scammers may try to randomly charge your card for nothing or for order(s) you did not make. It happens all the time like that. DEFINITELY report them below this article. We need ‘YOUR’ reports to help safe guard others online that may not be so ‘Internet Savy’ – thank you.







Final Thoughts.

Honestly, I was not sure. There are so few complaints online about them that I was just going to let the online community decide. After running a very basic background check, seeing they have hidden everything about themselves, perhaps I would of been easier. However, ScamAdviser does not hand out 0% Trust Scores so easily and so we have to take that as a heavy warning NOT TO SHOP AT THAT STORE! They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please report them below if you had a bad experience with them.


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And so that concludes this article on What Is OmgCheapStore.com. I hope this quick review has saved you some cash. If so – say ‘hi’ and let us know 🙂 . Those with questions are welcome to place them below. I answer all comments personally and fast. People with data on other online scams are welcome to report them in the comments below, or Report Online Scams HERE, to help alert others online. Thanks guys for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you in the comments 🙂 .



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