Be Warned of OlMoney.Club – New OlMoney.Club Scam Alert!!

By | May 11, 2018

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams

OlMoney. Club Lies Unveiled.



Complete Exposure on What Is OlMoney. Club and How they Rob their Members!

Well done on your excellent research for here is all the info to answer what is OlMoney. Club in one place. Those who need to answer is OlMoney Club a true and legit entrepreneurial enterprise? Is Ol Money Club the personification of deception? I am NOT A MEMBER, so you know in this OlMoney Review is going to be unbiased, and incidentally, Heavily researched info to answer such questions! The burning question first:- Are they good? NOPE! Straight up con artists waiting to lure you in to get some cash out of you! They are puking-up thousands of these little crim-sites looking for victims.

Below is a list of the sites, by same owners as OlMoney, that we have located and wrote up:-

  1. eromoney win.
  2. ugmoney win.
  3. armoney win.
  4. ugamoney bid.
  5. afmoney win.
  6. xymoney site.
  7. ydmoney bid.
  8. nonmoney bid.
  9. ummoney bid.
  10. yxmoney bid.
  11. ukmoney win.
  12. elmoney win.
  13. edmoney site.
  14. ubmoney win.
  15. akmoney win.
  16. agmoney bid.
  17. ogmoney win.
  18. oxmoney win.
  19. opmoney win.
  20. avmoney win.
  21. ekmoney win.
  22. yhmoney win.
  23. ewmoney win.
  24. ygmoney win.
  25. ytmoney win.
  26. uvmoney win.
  27. odmoney win.
  28. asmoney win.
  29. ifmoney win.
  30. exmoney win.
  31. ommoney win.
  32. uxmoney win.
  33. osmoney win.
  34. agmoney site.
  35. ubemoney site.
  36. ammoney win.
  37. edmoney win.
  38. abamoney bid.
  39. ebomoney win.
  40. epmoney win.
  41. oramoney club inc oramoney site.
  42. ovmoney win.
  43. emumoney club.
  44. otmoney club.
  45. immoney club.
  46. ecamoney site.
  47. aqmoney win.
  48. epomoney club.
  49. atmoney win.
  50. arimoney bid.
  51. ubamoney club.
  52. ehmoney site.

‘CTRL+F’ will give you a box to type in the site you are after from this list. Were you ripped off by any of these sites? Did to tell you story to expose these kinds of sites? You can let us all know below this post. Thank you.

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OlMoney. Club Operators, Pay and the Job they Offer.

All websites must submit details surrounding their sites’ ID. W can easily identify that OlMoney. Club has no such transparent info! Founder name is not registered. Email is not registered. Panama address we have proven fake too many times to keep on going into it.

Class A Signs of Deception so soon into our mini investigation. Site creation is the only real true bit of data and it is 18-03-2018. Closure expected same time 2019. Many of these sites are completely unstable and so may shut down few weeks to months after set up. This is because online reputation became bad too quick or to a lack of interest. This is no big loss as they have 1000’s replicated to earn them good amounts of illegal cash!

Early versions of this scam sprang up in German to Russian and obviously now in English. We have no iota the numbers for the other two but there well on the way to nearly 900 in English. ZatMoney Club was the first and we were one of the first sites to nail them for it! Nowadays, YouTube is flooded with videos of people exposing, and yes, people saying the following:-





No matter how many times I am reporting these false videos, and reporting such comments as spam, they continue to haunt my videos. Oh well, keeps me busy I guess.


No one has ever been rejected sign up so we know everyone is welcome to join globally. They only require an email address and even one that you can make up on the spot! They do not ask you to verify which was something that struck me very odd, when I signed up to one of their sites, to see how it all operated.

By promoting as a way to earn big cash, under the guise of “Paid Advertisement Viewing System”, they are classified as a Paid to Click site (PTC). Clicking on ads and completing the required accompanying code is supposed to earn you Ten Cents. Those little cents float to your account in real time and is added up. This is very convincing to members who really believe that it is real.

Making Referrals for 50% Commissions!

Here we are informed that should we make referrals then we are to stand to make half of their take home pay. Seems high, no? However, and again, the earnings seem to go up in real time, as the referrals come in. One can make these referrals by slipping your affiliate link anywhere online where people hang out. This is Bad News! We will cover that soon.

Daily Monies!

OlMoney Club Scam.

$50 to $300 (minimum!) is what is advocated as real when you work for OlMoney with only 3/5 hours of eye-balling boring ads. One can even get $470 a day.

1000 ad views, over a period of 12 months, is meant to cash out at $4800 per member. Of course, there is no one online bragging about this pay out. Yes, OK, there is one person:- Watch out for “JemmaRicker” who says some rubbish like.


“…oh my God I can’t believe its real! I cashed cash $3700 (whatever the amount) in only two weeks!! I am so happy I go to collect it now and spend it!!!”


One has to say its nauseating the amount of times I have seen that rubbish spouted under their sites. Go ahead!Google anyone of those sites listed and you will see this fake person’s statement being recycled like a bad present, for most of them.


The ‘training’ they give is to plant your link all over the place. This is already covered. However, do we really know if this is actually allowed and OK to do?

Here we have an article detailing the pitfalls of spamming:-

Google My Business – Avoiding The Pitfalls of Local Spamming. Courtesy of and opens in a new window pane.

How Long does it take to Get Your Cash?!

Short Answer:- Forever and a day!

They will just give you the runaround and they say it takes just 1 hour. Those that look a little deeper, will note on their FAQ’s page, it now takes 1 to 2 days. Unusual discrepancy and is Industry Standard Warning Sign from the Internet Anti Scam Squad (not a real entity 🙂 ) that something is seriously wrong here.

Now! We are told one must wait a crazy and 1 or 2 or even 3 months to have their cash processed and sent to them!



Is This Really A Scam?!

Sooo…after all this time, the typing and the videos on YouTube – CLEARLY STATING ALL THESE SITES ARE SCAMS – I still get asked e.g. “is ugmoney really a scam?”.

It almost frightens me that some few people can’t understand getting paid nearly $500 a day for clicking ads is NOT a scam!!!

YES! YES! YES! 🙂 .

They are all scams and if you see one that looks like the one we are exposing here then know that is also a scam. Same site but different name and site logo with minor differences of names changing etc. All identical up to 95% (roughly) the same. It is simply a matter of copying the code for them and pasting it for a whole new scam site operating precisely the same like a well oiled military routine.

SO! After the weird waiting time is said to you then you have another way. The other way is to entice $10 from you to release your pay and then a further $9 to buy referrals. This referral business is 40 sign ups to give them for your cash. Since none of these sites thought of a Terms and Conditions then we have no way of reading their minds for this condition.

This may put a lot into a mental tail-spin where they may rush-pay to try to get that money because it is so small in comparison to the pay out.




OlMoney.Club Malware Alert!

Another horrific down fall from being on anyone of these sites, not just OlMoney Club, is they steal your personal data! NOT NICE! The email you gave to them is most certainly going to be sold onto others online who are intending to target you for a profit via spamming and phishing.

However, there are creepy-crawling malware potentially having been downloaded from their website to your device. You may take a look here and see if you device is showing symptoms of infection:-

How to Know if Your Computer is Infected with a Virus. Thanks to and opens in a new pane.

Get Protected Now!

Those afraid that they have been infected, or want protection from future cyber attacks on their personal data, can get their devices protected right now. We highly recommend this as prices start from just $3.99 per month from


Will open in a new page.

Ultimately, everyone is locked out of their accounts! There is no recourse and no way to get your fake payments.

Those that were scammed are asked to share this article to your Social Media Circles to stop you being wiped off of everyone’s Xmas Card List! Thank you 🙂 .





Welcome to the forum and I hope you did your research before reading here? Maybe you jumped straight in and got scammed? Do let everyone know to help others avoid this unfortunate situation. I want to tell you that I was scammed in the past as well and it is nothing to worry about. It happens to the best of us so chime on in and let us know what you think of this article. Is that something you know that we don’t – Great! You are welcome to leave it down in the comments section and I will add it to the post. Thank you for stopping by to get fully informed on What Is OlMoney Club. Take care and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come 🙂 . Don’t forget to check out our $0 start up recommendation below guys, before you go, if you want to know how to make money online for real!



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DISCLAIMER:- This article is primarily my own opinion and others are advised to seek other reliable sources to their satisfaction. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Be Warned of OlMoney.Club – New OlMoney.Club Scam Alert!!

  1. Danielle

    You won’t believe what happened to me today.

    After reading this review, I remembered that the sites used to spell ‘paid’ as ‘payed’ on their meta description and so I was going to comment on it but thought I better check first. To my surprise the mistake has been corrected.

    Then I went to a page, one of their pages, I don’t even want to go there at the moment because of what happened. So I went on this page, could be the support or FAQ page. There is a link there that says something like ‘click here for absolute proof of payment.’ I clicked it! OMG!!!!!

    I saw at the top of my computer, in the browser where you see the URL you just clicked – it was in Russian. Lucky that at that moment I was looking up there otherwise I would have missed this clue. I became very suspicious.

    So I waited and BOOM! adult stuff came up! Yo!!!!

    I didn’t waste time – closed the window quickly and I tried to switch off my computer and my screen went black! I went to the wall and unplugged my computer. Waited 15 minutes and switched it on again then I went and cleared my history and cookies. Switched off my computer again and then started it again.

    I just did this to make sure I wasn’t going to be zapped with malware from that link.

    I don’t know what is up with that link. Please don’t click on it.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I too have seen the mispelling often and I have seen the Russian TOS at times for some of their sites.

      However, I have never experienced the porn site and then the screen going black!!!

      This happened with OLMONEY CLUB?

      Thank you so much for telling every one what happened and this will go a long way to stopping others from clicking on that nasty link as well.

      Much appreciated.

      – Philip.


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