What Is OldbDonnas.com – Is OldbDonnas.com Scam or Legit Fashion Store?

By | April 3, 2019

Find Out What Is OldbDonnas.com About Here – The ‘OldbDonnas’ Review. Aswell, What Is Bdonnas.com – Our ‘Bdonnas’ Review

Hello and you are very welcome to scamwitness.com to our review on What Is OldbDonnas.com. Found at www.oldbdonnas, Is OldbDonnas com a scam, fake, bogus or Is ‘OldbDonnas’ safe, honest, real, safe, trustworthy and genuine? This ‘Old b Donnas’ Review has a few concerns about that site. Also, What Is Bdonnas.com as they have the same two customer service numbers. How can 2 seemingly different companies have the same phone number?

We first encountered this site on Facebook as someone was asking if they were scam or legit online store. Having quickly found the phone number connection, simply by Googling it, and so that has me a little concerned. It just seems a little odd. Lets find out more in this short review.




www.oldbdonnas.com a scam?



OldbDonnas.com Review – Scam or Legit?

So let us get straight into it and lets check out their sites attached information. Contact address, customer service numbers, email address and registration date is what we are first looking for. Where this information is not legit or missing then we should be a little concerned about such sites.

Registration date for ‘OldbDonnas’ was in 2018/12/04 and one year is the duration of that domain registration. Florida US is all we have for their address and so an incomplete address is not a good sign. No founder name upon site registration within WHOIS.

On their site we can see that there are two customer service numbers:-


469-565-2621. SO IS THIS ONE.
How can there be 2 owners for the same phone number. OK, lets move on.

Final Thoughts.

There is almost NOTHING regarding ‘OldbDonnas’ so we have no evidence to say ‘scam’ or ‘legit’. We are dependent now on your customer reviews about that site. 

That is all on What Is OldbDonnas.com and very much looking forward to your reviews below.

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