OhoMoney.Space – What Is OhoMoney.Space? – Scam or Legit?

By | September 14, 2018

OhoMoney. Space and OhoMoney. Win Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam Exposed! – AGAIN!!

OhoMoney. Space is a scam and so is OhoMoney. Win! Welcome, those asking is OhoMoney Space a scam, fraudulent, fake, or asking is Oho Money Space genuine, legit, real, good, honest and paying out, can find out in this OhoMoney Review. Those two sites are identical and owned by same unknown scammer. Also, they go by Paid Advertising Viewing System as their sites tag-line. There are 1440 known copies of these sites, of which, some have been took down. This review will leave you in doubt that they are a scam and you won’t ever get paid. Below is my research for you to make up your own mind.

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OhoMoney. Space and What Is OhoMoney. Win – Paid Advertising Viewing System Viral Fraud.

OhoMoney.Space and OhoMoney.Win Review

I think you already know What Is OhoMoney. Space and What Is OhoMoney. Win, however, the rest of this article will prove my point 100%! Let us begin by ascertaining founder details and their general site data. So, unknown founder set up Oho Money Space 08/09/2018 and Oho Money Win 14/04/2018. Business address is listed being from ‘PANAMA’. Scammers address as its incomplete and no proof they are from that location. However, my research pulled information that they are a Russian Paid to Click Scam Network! IP Addresses traced locations in Russia, UK, USA, Germany etc.

So, ZERO POINTS for the ID!


Below is a Q and A Style Format to help you find your answers quicker.

What work they offer?

So, you sign up for free and all locations are accepted. You click on ads or view websites for a predetermined time. Once time is up then you close ad and then you are credited 10c a view which is credited to your account. Almost, complete captcha! Once complete you will continue as such and also you have to make 40 referrals, more on that sneaky part later.

Expected Earnings?

They claim you can be making between $50 to $300 a day, and even $4800 a month <- you need to watch 1000 ads to get that money. They have a table of fake members and fake payouts. So, it seems quite real until you click on their TOS and see its in Russian, big scam clue there.

Is there even real money being generated?

Yes! Lots of money being generated between all 1440 copies of this scam in English. I have no clue how many copies they have in Russian and in German. Many, many thousands of people being ripped off globally 24/7! Every ‘click’ on their site then the site earns some small few pennies for that bit of work. They also earn about $1 for 5000 filled out captchas – not a lot – but its free money from free labor work force. 

These sites typically last for the full year they are registered online as there is so much traffic on the Internet that they simply don’t care who exposes them and what is being said about them. The owner behind all of these sites is forever quiet and has not rebuked any words from my site or any other site, as I am not the only one exposing them online.

10 Cents a Click – why that is not real.

10c a click is quite astronomical. Should we pause and think about the economics of that figure then we can see that its not affordable, for a site that is only a PTC site, where revenue is minuscule per actions taken. Did you know that for just $1 you can get 50 ‘clicks’ online directed to your product/services/promotions? Now, why would anyone smart enough to hide their online ID, build thousands of PTC Scam Sites, suddenly go ‘dumb’ – and pay you or anyone else 10c a click? They would not and is only 1 piece of logical evidence that their ENTIRE OPERATION IS A FRAUD!


Minimum Cash Out!

Minimum Cash Out is set to $300! That is a huge minimum withdrawal criteria and there is a good reason for it to be so high. One, to obviously incentivise. But, that is not the real reason. Its to generate shed load more revenue for the site before they ‘sack’ you. They have probably calculated that figure based on the number of clicks per member to generate revenue before the scam becomes obvious. Usually, minimum cash out on legit sites is set maximal to $100, even that is too high for me, and lots of good sites will set it to even $1 or 1c. So now we can see that $300 is $200 too high.




How the Scam Works.

EreMoney.Space Printing its Own Success

This Founder is Over Worked – Stop Working at His Site to Give Him A Break!!!

So the ‘adventure’ of cash out begins! You are required to fill out a fake form where I am guessing a bot will get back to you saying its going to take 3/4 months to get your cash because they got to verify bla bla – all nonsense. Then you will see a quick way to deal with this cash out process, so, you fill out another form. SUCCESS! But, only after you make those 40 REFERRALS FIRST! Yep, that comes as a surprise to all. 

So, you make those referrals (perhaps) then they want you to pay some cash out fee. This could be charging you $9, $10, $20 or $30 – however much they think you are gullible – sorry, that really is how scammers think and I mean not to call anyone that. Some people sniff them out at this point, however, most don’t and probably maybe the bulk of the readers of this article. Those that found this article before paying anything or even working – Great Job! You saved yourself right there 🙂 and makes my work here more worth while – WIN WIN!

Whether you pay or not you are either stuck where you are or locked out of your account. However, there are a few aftermath concerns to think on.


They typically like to download little gifts to your device to hunt down your passwords and other sensitive data. Just run an up to date anti virus checker on your device. Update old browsers as old browsers are too easy to hack. Change your passwords on your social media etc accounts so they are not tampered with. 

Personal Details for Profit.

Unfortunately they are also an PHISHING SITE!! So, those legit emails and real names, home addresses, bank details, PayPal details, dates of birth and any and all info you gave to them will be stored onto a list. That data collected from thousands of members will be put onto an auction site on the deep web. Now, whoever pays the most can have the list. Basically, there maybe a future scam attempt in your inbox that you should just report and delete. Of course, you can always just make a new email address and forget about the one you signed up with.



Final Thoughts.

SO! I am sorry about all that bad news there. They will waste your time and make you work and then you will find out they want 40 referrals and now they want cash from you to get your all too quick to earn monies! Long running scam stemming back to 2014 from Russian that has absolutely gone viral. Not even scam exposing sites that use software to detect scam sites can detect them all before they are scamming people. I don’t recommend them and as I am 100% convinced they are nothing but a particularly dangerous scam to fall for.


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