What Is Ofun.Store – Is Ofun.Store Scam or Legit? Use Caution.

By | January 24, 2019

Ofun.Store Review – Know Before You Purchase.

Nice to see you here and great work on finding this Ofun.Store review about www.ofun.store. Is Ofun.Store a scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, bad or Is OfunStore legit, good, safe, genuine, real? This Ofun Store Review has some concerns about that site. Having covered a scam network, and Googling so many addresses, phone numbers, emails etc, I was lead to Ofun.Store! Actually, I was led to a host of other sites that have some attributes of the major cyber-scam-network I was covering extensively. Below is my research to help you decide for yourself.

Before we start, please do leave our scam reports if Ofun Store has scammed you or if you had a good experience with them. So many sites that are fake sellers of merchandise online are from out of China and so that is something to beware of. Also, many of these sites seem to have the set-up in place to make inferior goods, low quality items, counterfeit and possibly stolen merchandise. Those that get a their orders may notice that even it is damaged or something completely different to your order. What has your experience with the aforementioned site been so far?


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Is Ofun.Store a Scam? – Lets find out together!

Here is some real time research so you can see how to find out if a store like Ofun.Store is legit and or not. The sites that ended me up landing the aforementioned sites all are identical. But they are completely different to OfunStore, except for 1 thing. Their about us section on their sites are nearly identical. That can’t be a coincidence and that is why I have some concerns about that site, and sites, that are using the same verbiage. The scam network being exposed at the time, when I accidentally found the site in question, were Surprise.Shopping, Coolerones.com, MySuperGoodss.com, LucuryBuy.com, SuperGoMall.com, VsTroll.com, InnovStylish.com, Easious.com, Morderneo.com, OnsuathyMealle.com, SetComing.com, Skying.icu, NuxtFit.com, 1SuperShop.com, MyLoveGoods.com, MjKiu.com, OnlineGoodBooks.icu, Conglide.com, InovGoods.com, ShopMyBest.com, ShopingLily.com, YouthForSome.com, BalmllJucy.com, MoreRate.com and there are still so many more!


Ofun.Store Review

Taken from www.ofun.store.


Take a moment and please do read the first paragraph that is in bold. You can now view the image below and tell me if you see the similarity:-




Reading the first paragraph of the image above and you will no doubt notice the identical wording. That actionsallyhy.com site is still up and running. Many of their newer sites have changed their ‘UNIQUE’ about us page and no doubt that is to avoid detection. Also, ActionSallyhy is part of that huge scam network already spoken of here and so 100% verified scam. So, what are we to think of Ofun.Store when we see the same wording on their site as well? This is my main concern.

There is a way that we can say that OfunStore is not a scam and that is if a scam network has just copied their about us page. That would make sense but also I could be wrong on that as well, and since the sites look so different, there may not be real way of knowing. And also, Ofun Store seems not to have much or any scam reports or negative reviews on them and so I have to be careful not to call a potentially good site a scam. This is where your Scam Reports and Reviews will help others wanting to know more.

I simply highlighted one of their sites about us page, right clicked, and got Google to search for copies. VOILA! TWO FULL PAGES OF RETURNS OF OTHER SITES USING THE SAME VERBIAGE AND ALL LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO ONE ANOTHER! That can’t be some kind of ‘fluke’. OK, enough about that concern. Let us do a background check on that site and see if they come out legit or not.




Background Check and Scam Signs.

  • Their site was registered online in 2018/09/13 and just for 1 year. So now we can see that scam sites register for only 1 or two years and then they shut down. I am not saying they are one at this moment but that is a bad start. Maybe they just want to see how things go, who knows.


  • Address is ON, CA – Canada. That is not a contact address but a general location. There is no email address and certainly no founder name. SO now they are looking even worse in my eyes because I see scammers hiding themselves online the whole time. Right now, I am edging closer to calling them an online scam site.


  • Oh man, this is just getting worse for them by the second!! They have left a very well known scammers address that cyber-crooks use, pretty much the whole time, to hide behind. That is 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. Stay clear of sites with that address. Go ahead and Google it and see how many companies are using it, which of course is impossible, and so this is another major problem I have with their site.


  • Phone number, +85268105161. Does not seem to have any negative reports attached to that Whatsapp Number, and really what company leaves a Whatsapp number for customer support? Might be a new trend with companies.


  • Page 2 of their Collections/Products page I see an Air Curler that is for $49.90. They are giving you a saving of $249.00. That is far too excessive of a saving. Far too-good-to-be-true offer. So for me, right now and personally speaking as my own opinion and you are entitled to your own and research elsewhere, they are a scam. Let us finish up now. We have enough info so far for everyone to consider for themselves. I mean, there is no founder name, an address that is not theirs, no contact number and only an email address that you may never get a response from. Not good enough for me to spend my cash there. Too many warnings for me.






Ofun.Store Scam Reports or Positive Reviews Are Welcome In The Comments Below – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

The worst thing a blogger who exposes online scams can do is to call a good site a scam. That is the ‘cardinal sin’ of this type of work. However, in the situation of the aforementioned site, I am sure that they can not be trusted at least for me to not to trust them. Those with scam reports are needed to help others understand the true intention of their site. Time will tell I guess.


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That is just about on What Is Ofun.Store. I hope everything has been explained to your satisfaction, if not, you can ask all the questions you want in the comments below. Those with any additional information or reports on any site online they suspect ot be a scam are welcome to leave their URLs for our inspection. Thank you once again for stopping by and why not check out our sites Latest Alerts Below.


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4 thoughts on “What Is Ofun.Store – Is Ofun.Store Scam or Legit? Use Caution.

  1. Brittney

    I ordered a green phone case that had the pop up stand on the back and a green pom pom on the bottom. I cancelled my order before I received a confirmation email/number and they won’t give me my money back. They keep offering me deals on money off for more products. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not getting my money back, and I’ll eat that, but I’m definitely making sure I let people know not to order from them. I have screen shots of all the emails they send me.

    1. Scam Witness

      Than you Brittney for your comment and for your warning. Take your evidence to a payment dispute with your payment provider and you are welcome to let us know about that also. Thanks again Brittney.

  2. Angela M Korin

    I kept reading and didn’t find this site until after my purchase. I do the benefit of the doubt for some online things (I also only order cheap stuff from those types so places anyhow) but I think it’s funny I did the VIP shipping (3-7 days) and got an email saying “We will ship your order within 3-5 days after receiving your order (except weekends or holidays)! However, if we carry out crazy promotions or release new products, you will wait a little long time.” Verbatium, this is what they said. So I’m figuring if they were to send it, it’ll be a week before they “receive” the order, so in an allotted time so I wouldn’t have enough time to return their item in the meantime. Ha, We’ll see though, I’ve had one company From China finally send out my 68$ sweater (plus $15.00 for shipping) 2months later and to be honest, was the best sweater I’ve ever bought. Who knows….

    1. Scam Witness

      We can only wait and see and I truly hope your order does indeed come to you Angela. Would be interested to hear how this ends. Thanks for comment as well.


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