What Is Nvvs.com – Is www.Nvvs.com Scam or Legit? ‘NVVS’ Review

By | February 8, 2019

Find Out What Is Nvvs.com at www.nvvs.com Reall About – Trustworthy or Fraudlent?

Nice to see you here and now we are going to find out for sure What Is Nvvs.com at www.nvvs.com. Is Nvvs com a scam, crooked, dishonest, deceptive, bogus or Is Nvvs legit, good, genuine, safe and real? This www Nvvs com Review is a scam alert to help you save you your cash. They are not a good site. There are also copies of it online we will expose shortly. Those that handed over payment information really need to contact your bank.

Put in for a refund and also cancel your card to prevent unauthorized transactions on it. So many scams that are selling online are coming out of China. No matter what UK, USA or Canada address they have on their site, most fake shopping sites are from China and is a serious point of concern when deciding on whether to trust a particular site or not.

Those that ordered from that may not even get anything for your hard earned cash. Should something arrive then it maybe damaged, shoddy, nothing like what you ordered, a pair of shades, perhaps counterfeit and maybe even stolen goods. In order to win pay disputes fake sites may even send you out an empty parcel/envelope in order to product legit tracking codes. Take images of all communications for to present as evidence when you put in for a refund.




Nvvs.com Review – What Is ‘Nvvs’ And Why They Are Fake!

So it is a great job you sought out for reviews because you have just saved yourself from an old scam site. There are nothing but complaints online about them where people are constantly getting cheap headphones (probably between $2 and $5 worth of). We are not going to take everyone else’s word on this though. We will be doing our own research to find out once and for all What Is Nvvs.com in this Nvvs.com Review. What did you receive in your order, if anything?


Beware of www.nvvs.com!


They registered the aforementioned site way back in 2002/12/07 and ends in same date in 2019 where they could just renew their domain registration. Typically scam sites will normally for only 1 or 2 years and not usually more. They have broken that rule so to speak and registered far longer. This makes them look legit but they are not. Even after all this time the owner(s) have still not been caught.

The address submitted at site registration simply states Fujian, CN – (China). That is clearly and obviously an incomplete address and actually there is no reason for this. I have seen fake and even incomplete addresses for legit sites and so we see if they have stated real information on their site.

What they have put down for their address is simply a function to see them on Google Maps. Problem is, that mad is not working. There is nothing written up for an address. 

There is  an email address of support@nvvs.com to contact them, no phone number and also there is no founder name.



NVVS Scam Signs.

The date at the bottom of their site is wrong. It says 2018 and not 2019. That tells us that they are not maintaining their site.

No founder name.

Only an email address for contact.

Has links to other scam sites online.

No real contactable address.

Prices are too-good-to-be-true. Have a look at their multi portable projector for just $41.89. They are being sold online for over $1000 and the cheapest I saw was for just under $500. So we can see that their prices are simply not real.

Whenever I tried to click on their FAQ’s section the page would auto scroll up denying me that option. That is definitely not normal. 

There are no Trust Seals on their site to authenticate them as a real and trusted business. They do not have any way for us to know that our payment information over their network is protected.

They may have the green padlock on their site but that is still not. Since they do not have the methods to secure that information then your payment info could be at risk from being stolen by other scammers.

Watch out for the email address of nicole1244056.outlook.com. That is the reported email that responded to a complaint about their via Shopify.



How The Scam Runs – Has This Been Your Experience?

There are a pile of complaints of people running into scam sites via social media. Facebook’s name keeps on coming up the most. Scam advertisers are paying that platform ad fee’s and now they can target many people on that site. Someone clicks on the site, thinking it is safe and legit because it is being promoted on Facebook, but then they get scammed. Obviously, that is not for all sites.

So we can see that advertisers are not being vetted to see if they are safe or not. Should you complain to Facebook then the reported reply is that they do not violate their policies.

One has to wonder if why they are not worried about being fined for this practice? Is it because it is such a profitable platform that they can pay pretty much any fine? Well, either way, no good complaining to them because it seems they do not do anything about it. 



Perhaps a Global Facebook Strike for One Day is in order?


Once you land on their site then you may be or have made a purchase. Once payment is received, which by the way they take very quickly, you may see that you did not get a receipt, did not pay the taxes on the item and lastly is your Tracking Code Legit?

Despite promises from any fake selling site when you will get your order, it is not uncommon to wait for about 2 months and even 3 months, if anything arrives. In this event you should most definitely alert your payment provider.

The company that may have charged your card is YEADAO TECHNOLOGY LTD’? If so, that company name is connected to other online scams and it is something worth checking on your bank statement or at your preferred payment provider receipt info.

Did you receive a pair of cheap sun glasses? As said, many complaints that is the only thing that people are receiving no matter the price of your order. Even sometimes fake sites will just send you out a cheap lead and I believe this is only to make a legit tracking code.

Check the weight of the order with your tracking info and if too light then you know something is wrong. Take a picture of that and present as evidence of a scam. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.





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That is all on What Is Nvvs.com and I hope you did not lose your cash to this very bad online company. Those that were scammed are welcome to SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW to help warn others. Those with additional information are welcome to leave that data below. Data on other scam sites are welcome to report on them below. Thank you all for your time and looking forward to all of your comments to come.






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