What Is NukDogs.com – Is ‘NukDogs’ Scam or Legit E-Store? – Review

By | April 13, 2019

What Is NukDogs.com about – Our ‘NukDogs’ Review.

This is a review to answer What Is NukDogs.com. They are a site that is days old. Is NukDogs com a fraud, fake,  a scam or Is ‘NukDogs’ safe, real and legit? This review will find out all we can to answer your questions.

Those that have made a purchase from that, or either site, are welcome to leave your own reviews in the comments. This is going to greatly help to find out what sites are legit and what are fraudulent.




Is www.nukdogs.com a scam?




NukeDogs.com Review – Why Are They Using Another Companies Address? Who Is Linda Miller?

During our research of 1stessence.com, we were curious to see NukDogs.com, using the same business address. Within ‘1stessence’ site we see a name of ‘Linda Miller’. We see this name nowhere else in connection to that site. Not even on their own Facebook page.

Where we see more than 1 company using the same address is a very bad sign, in our experience of researching new fake sites. However, we are not saying that about these sites.

Their email is info@nukgets.com with a phone number of 391-555-4568. We research this number and see NukGets.com is using the same number. This is another bad sign!

So far, we have multiple sites using the same address and now the same phone number. Legit sites do not have these problems.



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Final Thoughts.


Two days after writing about this website the founder contacted us by our email. We feel satisfied that he is a work from home entrepreneur engaging in a Legit Drop Shipping Enterprise.

We urge you to continue your research if you are still unsure. We find that scammers never contact us, or very rarely as to become forgotten, that we must set the record straight. Of course, time will tell and this is why we always ask for your reviews.

For us, we are satisfied they are safe and we hope we are not mistaken in our own personal opinion and belief.

Since this may be a work from home enterprise then such people are not required to give their home address to prove legitimacy. This is not requested of any such people as that would make such people unsafe, potentially.

We wish the founder of this site much success 🙂 .


As we have already said there are not many reports, if any, on this site as they are very new. You are welcome to detail your own experience about that site in the comments to help others in their own research.

If we have many bad reports then we have not choice to list them in our List of Internet Scammers. If good reports then we are happy to recommend.

We are not recommending them right now due to the reasons stated above. That is all on What Is NukDogs.com and hope to hear from you in the comments.

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