Review – Is ‘NowWeCycle’ Scam or Legit Nike Store?

By | November 3, 2019 Exposesd as a Fake and Fraudulent Nike E-Store.

Very good researching to find our Review. Is legit or are they a scam site trying to garner illegal earnings? We believe they are not legit and in our swift review will prove why they are not to be trusted. Those that have given the sensitive information of their card details need to them shpuld contact your payment provider. This is to stop any or further fraud on your finances.

Those that were scammed, or waiting far too long for your order, are welcome to detail your experience below in teh comments. We also have a section dedicated to report online scams in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Where we can get so many reports about so many sites then we can all lend a hand to protect others. Since we are always showing others as well how to earn online, then you are welcome if you interested in online business, to read our Ways to Earn from Blogging from Home article. site.

Do not trust!
 Shown to be a Scam.’s website URL name does not even make any sense. I thought it read ‘Nowwrecycle’! So that is normal for scammers to make names up for sites where it does not match its content. There are tons of fake sites about that are trying to sell Nike, Addidas, Vans but really they will send you cheap dirt if they send you anything at all. Beware of the following sites pulling the same trick online right now in 2019 which, given their domain age, may go into 2020 also:-,,,,,,,,, and There are many more! If you are unsure please just ask us in the comments and we will definitely look into it for you.

  • We will now see when they registered their scam domain online. We see in WHOIS this happened in 2019/08/25 and the address left is from China. Too many e-stores from China are normally a scam. China is the worlds leader when it comes to online e-store scams and so that is always a scam sign as far as I am concerned.
  • However, we can not say that all sites from China of this nature are fraudulent as that would just be impossible. We see no founder name when they registered their site, no email, business address is probably their hosting providers, and no phone number. Scammers are typically well known for hiding all info about themselves and their location. Contact info if supplied is bogus in that it is stolen or just no response.
  • The only thing that could of got us closer to identifying them is ‘‘ as it says their site is powered by that site. So we clicked on that observed their URL. It did not change and we found ourselves still on the scam site called!
  • That clearly is to get some trust and give you a sense that they are legitimate when they are not. So we see they have put in red numerical’s a feeble attempt to try to trick us into believing they have been online since 2017. We have already proved they have just began 2019 as per the date above. 
  • When you see sites lie about their age that is only to make you think how can they be a scam if they have been online for a relatively long time. This is the kind of thinking they would like you to have as I am sure it has caused some people to believe them legit and make a purchase or two.






Final Thoughts.

What is with all of those discounts anyways?! Where we find too many discounts on sale then that is a problem. Only scammers run so generous discounts and on ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS?! If only that were the world we actually lived in where everything is discounted and we could get what we want for next to nothing. is nothing but a scam and I hope you and others spare a moment to share what you know about them in the comments. That is all for now and bookmark our site to keep up to date on all the online scams.





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