What Is NowDoy.com – Is ‘NowDoy’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 2, 2019

Find Out What Is NowDoy.com – The ‘NowDoy’ Review.

Nice job indeed in finding this review on What Is NowDoy.com situated at www.nowdoy.com. Is NowDoy com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus, fake and dishonest or is ‘NowDoy’ legit, real, safe, genuine, safe, trustworthy? This www. nowdoy com Review is a warning against their site – Use Caution! First impression we think its about ladies fashion/wedding dresses. Then there is only options to buy ‘Air Jordan’ Sneakers! So, that is a huge scam sign if EVER I saw one. 

Those that have information, possible complaints, are welcome to place those in the comments below this article to help alert others, or simply to better inform. Many fake e-stores stemming from China and so we must do a background check on their location. Of course not all sites from here are bad. 

Generally speaking, those scammed by any site online, must contact their payment providers immediately. Since the cyber-crooks may have your payment info then it is probably best to cancel your card. Seek a refund where non-delivery occurs past promised delivery times.




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NowDoy.com Review – We Suspect a Scam!

Everything written here is for your own consideration. My opinion is my own and the burden of your own decisions is squared onto your own shoulders. Never take 1 sites ‘word’ about other sites and always check for more research until you have reached your own conclusion. We will now source info that is freely available online to save you time and to help you decide for yourself on What Is NowDoy.com.




Scam Warning for www.nowdoy.com?



  • Let us try to find out who the owner is, where they are actually based as a business, contact information and also registration date of their site. The 1st 3 is important indeed, and where we find that info not freely available (or proven to be lies), then we must have some deep concerns before making any purchases.
  • Registration date was in 2018/11/23 and that ends in 2019/11/23. 1 Year is nearly no time at all online as it can take time for any kind of business to begin generating any kind of long term recurring profits. That is just the start.
  • However, it maybe that also the founder is just seeing how his new biz fairs before renewing it at a later date.
  • Chengdu, Sichuan, CN – that is China – is the ‘address’ given at their sites registration. I am not impressed by that as it is not a complete address. That is a sign of deception already!
  • No founder name! Where we do not have a full address, and no founder name, these are worrying signs of a cover up. However, it maybe that the founder does not want to be spammed.
  • Yet again, the vast number of legit and honest sites online have no problem declaring this information to their customers. That is something to consider well before making your own decision on ‘scam or legit’ regarding their site.
  • Looking to their site we have an address of 935 Tyne Blvd. Nashville, Tennessee, 37312 United States does link back to their site. However, as an EXACT LOCATION ADDRESS I am finding trouble in locating it in Google. So that is another thing to consider.
  • Clear absence of a customer support phone number as well. We do have an email address of support@nowdoy.com. That is clearly not good enough should your order be late, non-delivery, refunds etc. This is a low customer support oriented approach and is another bad sign.






‘NowDoy’ Scam Signs.

So we do have a few worrying signs for your own consideration and they are crucially valid before you make any decisions.

What exactly is their site about?

When we first land we can all see dresses presumably for weddings. So when we click on their images the page simply springs to the top. There is no ‘SHOP NOW’ option either and really it is very confusing when you first go to their site.

Then we can see a menu button for ‘Air Jordan’s! ‘Clicking’ on that button then we can see a seemingly endless list of Air Jordan’s to buy. Clearly, that simply makes no sense and should be a very loud warning sign to all.

The prices on those sneakers do seem reasonable. They are ranging from $18 to under $130. Quick Google search will show that is the right range. However, they can go up to just under $200 and also close to $500 a pair. 

SO! My point is, why are all their sneakers so close in price?! Does not make sense either.

Almost forgot to mention, the address on their site is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to the address they elected to place at their own sites registration. Where we find multiple addresses connected to a selling site is a sign that your order could be coming from somewhere outside your own region.

There is a sheer lack of any other option other than to go to the ‘Air Jordan’s’ Section.

Their site URL name makes absolutely ZERO SENSE. That is another well known scam sign. Site names that simply have no meaning to them is something to watch out for, generally speaking.



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Final Thoughts.

They are a scam in my own opinion. There is not much hope of me handing payment info to a site that is either a wedding site or a Air Jordan Site. That is incredibly confusing and a reliable scam sign. There are reports online as well that more than indicate they have been ripped off by the site in question. One sch report is HERE.

Also, and before you go, scam-busting site scamadvisor.com has given them a Trust Score of just 36%! That is in ‘Use Caution’ territory. 

That is all on What Is NowDoy.com and I thank you for coming to our site for your research needs today. I hope many will comment and share their own views below this article. Any questions? Please feel free to ask below where I will always respond. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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16 thoughts on “What Is NowDoy.com – Is ‘NowDoy’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Lisha symon

    This is definitely a scam i ordered shoes not me the site is down I’m out $140 and no shoes i hope these people enjoy my child’s money they where for him

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So a legit site just does not go down with leaving customers without their orders. So that is a big scam sign and one that you can make your payment provider aware of. Thank you for your report Lisa.


    I ordered a pair of Jordan Nike shoes on Nowdoy.com on 3/6/2019. But no any shipping information, so far. I am waiting for my shoes on 3/17/19.
    I did not receive any information so far. I will make a claim for refund my money, today.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank You PingQing Li for your report. Wish you well with your refund and sorry to hear you have had this experience.


    I ordered a pare of Jordan Nike shore on Nowdoy.com on 3/6/2019. But no any shipping information, so far. I am waiting for my shore now.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Keep us up to date if they arrive Pingqing. If not, alert your payment provider. Take snap shots of original order and information on any packaging you may receive. If wrong order, then you have evidence. Is your tracking number working?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Please read the customer reviews coming through. It is now better we wait for customers of NowDoy to have their say. If I say ‘SCAM’ – ‘LEGIT’ – And I am wrong, I can mislead others and damage potentially a good sites name.

      So we must all work together with reporting to have a full and proven understanding. That is my philosophy. However, me personally, given the research above I would continue to research until I was satisfied they are legit before parting with cash.

      Thanks for your question Danielle.

  4. D

    I purchased March 3rd… they charged more than what they said to my account first of all, secondly added a whole bunch I’d other international little charges, it still today says processing, I have not even yet received that confirmation email they say they send you in 24 hours….I have enabled that bogus email they have on their site… it doesn’t exist it’s not a real email just fyi…. also have sent multiple messages through the page and received no response…..soooooo….. it’s been 7 days…..I call nonsense

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi D, thanks for your customer review on NowDoy.com. If they still do not deliver anything then definitely contact your payment provider. Thanks again D.

  5. jordan

    purchased shoes from nowdoy.com, yeah i know, crazy. It says the shipping will take 5-7 days so i will let you know if it is trustwrothy and if the shows end up coming

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Thank you Caden for letting us know. Should they arrive, or not, you are welcome to return here to let us know. Thanks again Caden and good luck with that order as well. Much appreciate your comment.

      2. Justin

        Yeah let me know because I want to know whether they actually sell replicas or just dont send anything at all

    1. Justin

      Yeah let me know because I want to know whether they actually sell replicas or just dont send anything at all


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