– What Is / Is ‘Nordwn’ Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | April 5, 2019 Review – What Is and is ‘Nordwn’ Trustworthy or Dishonest?

Welcome ot our short review about at Is Nordwn com a scam, fraudulent, bogus and fake or Is ‘Nordwn’ real, genuine, trustworthy, legit? This www Nordwn com Review has connected ‘Nordwn’ with and also to, including others.



scam or legit legit or a scam?



These sites typically have no business address and only an email address, in this case, it is There is no sign of a phone number on the sites we have covered so far. The founder is not known as the owners of these sites have covered that up.

We originally looked at, and we noticed they called themsevles ‘’. Search results showed up other sites with that site name in their sites content. is one and that is reported online as a scam site. These sites appear to be from China as well.

Since we have already reviewed two of their sites, that appear to belong to the same person or people, there is no need to go into all of those details once again.

They have covered up all information concerning their site and they us a proxy address to hide their true location. 

Now you have enough relevant data to make a decision on whether they are legit or a scam. 

Those with Customer reviews are welcome to leave those reviews in the comments below this short review.

Thank you for coming by and that is all on What Is Where there are many negative reports on this site then we will classify them as a scam site.


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2 thoughts on “ – What Is / Is ‘Nordwn’ Scam Or Legit E-Store?

  1. Viji Pillay

    I had bought a mini computer online from Aileen Gonzalez
    I paid for it but did not receive the item because the sender did not include my address on the package which is a very silly mistake. Aileen did reply to my emails and promised to refund my money back into my credit card but she did not do anything about it till this day. She has stopped replying to my emails. The tracking number she sent me is: XZ093268620CN. This is the last tracking number Aileen sent to me. I expect to get my refund back from your company ASAP. Don’t rob people selling goods online. I paid $49.8 and expect a full refund. At least have the decency to reply back. Viji Pillay.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Viji and sorry this has happened to you. Much appreciated for the additional information and so you are saying that someone called Ailleen Gonzalez is the owner of That is very good to know.


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