What Is NonnaLand.com – Is NonnaLand.com Scam or Legit Website?

By | November 18, 2018

What Is NonnaLand.com – Swift Article To Warn You.

Nice work on doing some research to find out What Is NonnaLand.com. Perhaps ‘something’ has triggered your suspicions and maybe want to know Is Nonnland com fake, fraudulent, scam, dishonest, crooked or Is NonnLand good, genuine, real, legit, safe and delivering advertised profits after receiving payment? I have NOT been scammed by their site and so if you want a Nonna Land Review from some that has, then you should do more research until you find that information. However, this article is just to warn you. I don’t need to buy something, lose my cash, to prove to you a scam is a scam. To this end I am sincerely hoping to save tons of people from putting cash into cyber-crooks pockets. Also, beware of Choies.com, LaddyDress.com, NanaThread.com, FarmZily.com, HomeApShop.com, HobbiLaunch.com – all fake online shopping websites.

Below is everything you need to know why Nonna Land is not real and indeed fake. While this website exposes many online scams regularly, so frequently, people do ask how to earn online. For those that always wondered how this is done then you may have a read of my #1 Recommendation Called Wealthy Affiliate. That is a platform that teaches people how to make a website and earn from it. Long term goal with long term financial rewards. Free to start with Premium Options for those that are serious about making good money online ethically. Lets continue.


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What Is NonnaLand.com and Why They are Fraudulent and Not to be Trusted.

Let us now begin to find out why the answer to What Is NonnLand.com is one that warns you against them! As always, we go and find out some information about the founder. Other information that online businesses should supply are contact data like emails and cell numbers, real world business address. Where such data is absent or fake is an intentional cover up of sites owner ID. In such cases it is only normal to ask why…

Nonna Land was registered online 2018-11-09. I wish to thank a comment left on this site for directing me towards these guys. You should know that NannaThread.com is pretty much identical to the site being exposed now. HobbiLaunch I suspect is another along with FarmZily. So, do report sites that resemble those in the comments below.


NonnaLand.com Site

don’t buy from www.nonnaland.com!



Back to the site at hand I can see that they have failed miserably to proved a real world address and only list a PO BOX. The PO BOX address is PO BOX 1769 – PO BOX 1769 is the ‘calling card’ for this particular scam networks fake shopping site. Simply go to WHOIS and type in the generic site and to see such details. Needless to say stay away from sites where that PO BOX is registered as a business address.

There is no contact information for the customers of their website. Those combined is a MAJOR RED FLAG that ‘something’ is wrong.




How Their Scam Works and What to do to Try to Get a Refund.

Right now, there does not appear to be too many scams on Nonna Land. I wager that will change and so this article is one of the first, or perhaps the first, work online that is completely exposing their fraudulent attempt to rob people of their hard earned cash for shoddy or no products.

Typically this fake shopping scam network just won’t send you any item for your money. BUT! Just in case they make a liar out of me – here is what to expect should you order from them including IF (HUGE IF BTW!) they deliver your ordered item!

1). You come across their fraudulent add on Facebook, Twitter or see some scammer on You-Tube singing their praises with a site link.

2). Once on their website you maybe tempted by one or some of their too-good-to-be-true offers! Right now, their SHOP NOW button leads to no products. I was informed that they are trying to get people to buy stuff from them through PM’s! They are claiming to be from DENVER and their site registration reflects that. No matter, its still not a legit address.

4). You make payment for items and giving an tracking order page. That PAGE will soon disappear. They like to keep the lie up for about 6/8 or perhaps even 10 weeks.

5). OR, after payment you are simply ignored and no product ever arrives. That is how they do business online and I don’t believe you will get a product from the.

6). MAYBE – they will send you an item but not the one’s they are advertising. Likely try to fob you off with some rags they call cloths. So that is the same as being scammed. Many of these fake sites will say you must pay for returns shipping where you make an order mistake. Where the company makes this mistake, and still blames you, then that is a scam.

That really is it! Waiting on YOUR Reports to help warn others.

Get Your Cash Back!

Contact your bank and tell them that you were scammed out of your cash and give them the necessary details on that. Once they investigate then I have read many reports that people do indeed get their money back. 

PayPal User? One comment on this website informed me, in his experience, that its easier to get a refund from PayPal then from your bank by paying by card. Perhaps consider buying online using PayPal.












Final Thoughts.

I expect no items to be delivered to those that orders from this ridiculously named site. Should you receive a product that you paid for then its probably going to be NOT what you ordered. Report them below and that really will help so many others come forward and expose these guys. This will help get them shut down sooner rather than 100K illegal profits later!

Before we finish up I would love to hear from you 🙂 . Perhaps you have some questions not addressed here on What Is NonnaLand.com? Maybe you would like to add some additional data, review their site below or just have a really really really good rant about them? Either event – I will respond to all comments. Those that help to0 expose Nonna Land will also help to stop illegally earned funds from helping these crooks live off of the efforts of others like leaches! So, in advance to those that do – Thank You. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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41 thoughts on “What Is NonnaLand.com – Is NonnaLand.com Scam or Legit Website?

  1. Debbie Jermann

    Had the same issues – was able to get my money back after filing a claim with PayPal – I have kept every e-mail included the one where they supplied fake DHL tracking numbers – I hope someone nails them to a cross.

  2. Bryan

    Pretty much the same scenario as everyone else. Facebook ad. . . Ordered on Nov. 17 assuming delivery would be in time for Christmas. . . Received shipping details via PayPal on Jan. 7 and still no sign of the order as of Feb. 23.

    Filed a dispute through American Express today (CC payment was processed through PayPal but it’s not not paid through my PayPal account so can’t file dispute through PayPal).

  3. SUe Billhardt

    I finally did receive my Camper quilt, right after getting the e-mail about the accident. I was ready to contact my credit card company about the fraud, but I did receive my quilt 2.5 month after what I thought was ordering early for a Christmas gift. I did learn a valuable lesson, though about researching a site before ordering. Hope this helps all who may be waiting for their orders.

  4. Heather Page

    Hi I ordered a quilt Nov. 19, 2018 for a Christmas present and also have not recieved mine. Site went down shortly after ordering. No phone number to contact them and I get generic automated email replies when I email them. I finally got a tracking number in January and never recieved it. Called the shipping company and they never recieved a package affiliated with that tracking number. I Emailed them again and 2 weeks later they replied phone lines are having problems so they have no number to call and that my package was in a truck involved in an accident and will reship the item and here I am a month later with no more communication from them or a quilt. I opened up a case with PayPal and should know tomorrow what is happening.

    1. Scam Witness

      The amount of times I have read that excuse about ‘trucks being in accidents’ reported to scamwitness.com is incredible. Anytime you hear that reason then please note it is a scam. Its like they have a list of ‘reasons’ and that one is certainly a scam sign for me.

      I wish you well Heather with your refund and would love to know if they refund you. Thanks for reporting here to help alert others to the pure and utter (diabolical) scam site called NonnaLand.com.

  5. Bonnie Brichacek

    I ordered a blanket back in November for a Christmas present I have not gotten it and I send an email they say they are checking into my order!!! What a joke. I went through Pay Pal it has been a long while hopefully they can do something for me. This site is a joke!!!!!!!!!

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Bonnie for your report on that site. If no delivery then certainly put in for a refund. Thanks for helping to alert others of your experience.

  6. Shari

    I too bought a happy camper quilt from Nonnaland. I purchased it on November 18 2018. I received an email saying its been shipped. Then another email saying it hasn’t been picked up by the carrier yet. I emailed them at least 4 other times and always get a reply back saying something lame. I just now looked again and it says it will arrive tomorrow. We will see. I’m calling my bank tomorrow. Ugh!!!?

      1. Karen

        I too ordered Happy Camping Quilt from them in November 2018, only to find out the shipping number sent to me was generated by the company through DHL Global but never activated. Meaning they never picked up the items. When I questioned them in an email I was told the truck ran into rain and drove off the road and all items were lost! As if!!! I have contacted PayPal and a claim has been started. Just wished I check on here before ordering. Lesson learned.

  7. Heather

    I ordered 2 quilts 11-18-18. Filed dispute with PayPal on December 17. PayPal has refunded my account doe the total and lo and behold today 01-22-19 I have received one quilt. It is not much of quality. Think cheap hotel blanket. Pictures are blurry and am thankful I got a refund. There is no paperwork included with it to send it back.

  8. Nan Doolittle

    I was scammed on nonnaland. Lost $58.91 for a quilt. I am reporting them to PayPal, Facebook and my bank! Don’t buy from them!!!

    1. V Lok

      I was scammed for quilt too. I fact I’m sad to say 2 quilts: I will be reporting them to my bank!

  9. Belinda

    Like everyone else I ordered 2 quilts from Nonna Land
    Same replies but I did not use PayPal my mistake .i keep thinking it will be here any day. Looks like I am wrong.Going to file a complaint with my bank when they reopen. Wish I would have seen this before I spent that much money

  10. margaret Ramsden

    I ordered quilt for my daughter back in nov and still have not received it! Messages are genric along with tracking , they say high unexpected orders. I also used pay pal and will have to file a refund!

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Margaret,

      Yes, please do file a refund. Be sure to take pictures of everything, including your tracking info which could be fake, and so that will help PayPal to decide in your favor.

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to report on the scam site known as NonnaLand.com – it is very much appreciated Margaret.

  11. George Sykora

    I appear to be another victim of the Nonnaland scam website. I ordered a quilt on 11/7/18 as a Christmas present for my wife. As has been mentioned in other reviews, the website went down almost immediately after that. I’ve emailed their customer service several times and have gotten vague replies (ie: our site was down due to high traffic, your package is being processed in the warehouse and may take 7-10 days to get through, your package is ready for pickup and may take 3-7 days for pickup). However, they have not been able to supply me with a tracking number and have yet to show on their tracking site that the package has been picked up. Clearly this site is a scam. I’ve paid through PayPal and have already started a claim with them. Hoping to get my money back. DO NOT buy from Nonnaland.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi George,

      Thank you so much George in taking the time to help warn others. I really do appreciate that 🙂 . I wish you well with your payment dispute, and if you have the time, be great to let us know if they refunded you or nor. I ask because sometimes it seems PayPal, Banks etc side with the scammer. Hope to hear from you again George.

    2. Jeff

      I had the same situation with a quilt I purchased. Pay pal ruled in my favor and money was refunded. All in about 10 days. Definitely a scam!!! RUN!

  12. Genie

    I ordered a quilt on 11/15 and looks like I’m getting my question answered reading through the comments. I to have emailed their customer service and am worried I got scammed. Totally sucks because it was a gift for Christmas. If I do not hear back from them tomorrow I am going to file with PayPal.

    1. Scam Witness

      H Genie,

      You have 180 days to file a pay dispute with PayPal. Please, be sure you have screen shots of tracking info, your payment, any payment receipts, ALL COMMUNICATIONS VIA EMAIL etc – JUST EVERYTHING to help PayPal side with you.

      Would love to hear back about that situation if you have the time Genie i.e. did they refund you. Thanks again Genie for your comment.

  13. Joyce Creighton

    Found the link on Facebook. Ordered the Happy Camper Quilt from Nonna Land through the link on 11-18-2018. Have emailed them several times and only receive back a generic email referring me to their website. The website has no address or phone number in which to get in touch with them. There is only an option to email. They provide no tracking number. However, there is an option to track your package. My package it says has been “processed” on 12-6-18 and is waiting carrier pickup which was supposed to take 1-3 business days. No other information is available. I would say this is a scam and would advise people to be aware. Luckily I paid through PayPal and have launched a dispute with them.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Joyce,

      I wish you very well with your dispute and hope you get your refund. NonnaLand is an obvious scam at this stag and I hope many just stay clear of them. Thanks again Joyce.

  14. Maria M.

    I ordered a Dachsund Quilt on 11-15-18. Still have not received it and like all the other people, the tracking still says waiting to be picked up by carrier. I have emailed their so called customer support only to get even more misleading and misspelled emails back saying the item is waiting to be picked up by carrier. I have escalated this to PayPal as well for a complete refund and am hoping for my monies back soon.
    Stay away from this fraudulent website!!!

      1. Maria M.

        My pleasure?…I am relieved to share that Pay Pal has refunded my money and the case is now closed and put behind me. This “merchant” never responded to Pay Pal so case closed in my favor.??? I pray that everybody else that has been scammed is successful in getting their money back.
        Merry Christmas to all!!!

        1. Scam Witness

          I am so very glad to hear this Maria 🙂 . I hope you have a really Great Christmas as well. It was nice to hear back from you on that matter and you are always welcome back anytime. ~ Scam Witness.

  15. Krysta

    Scammed. Ordered a blanket via PayPal and same issue. Fake tracking website, saying item is waiting to be picked up by courier but nothing ever comes. Escalated to PayPal for a refund. Hoping it’s resolved soon. $70 is $70. Disappointing because I really liked the item they apparently sold 🙁

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Krysta,

      Did you happen to get your cash back yet Krysta? Sorry to read here about your experience with NonnaLand but very happy you took the time to leave your scam report about them. Much appreciated Krysta 🙂 .

  16. Linda Ramsey

    I ordered a Happy Camper Quilt on 11/23/19 total of $58.91 ..was paid thru PayPal American with Debit card and has cleared my Bank..no way of contacting this people and this was a Christmas present to a Best friend..Is it easier to get from Bank with information I have … order # for tracking was #3348

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Linda,

      Seek a refund from your bank. They will investigate and I can’t see why they can’t do a charge back on all monies that were taken from your account.

      Thank you kindly Linda for your scam report regarding NonnaLand – it is very much appreciated 🙂 .

  17. Bill Miller

    I have sent Nonnaland three requests for shipping confirmation. No response. No way to reach these folks. I obviously made a grave error in ordering from them. Don’t fall into the same trap. Now I’m off to reach out to my bank and try to reverse the charges.

  18. Kathy D Walker

    Had same issues with this company. Ordered and paid via PayPal. No merchandise or response to emails after 5 weeks. I have filed a claim with PayPal for refund.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for swift resolution.


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