NNKTMD.com Review – Is ‘NNKTMD’ Scam or Legit Nike Sneaker Store?

By | November 3, 2019

NNKTMD.com Exposed – They are Not Legit but only a Scam.

Here is the NNKTMD.com Review you are looking for. Is www.nnktmd.com a scam or are they good and legit? ‘NNKTMD’ is one of many sites stealing images and passing them off as their own. Beware of Nikec.ga, Nikft.com, Nikwk.com, Nikc.ga, Nikect.com, Nikesl.com, Nikene.com, Nikebs.com, Keeair.com and Nikekp.com etc. And there are many more where they came from. Contact your payment provider if you gave your info to them.

For those of you who may have already fallen for the scam sites tricks in question then feel welcome to report them in our comments section. You can also view our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame where we take reports also on any site you feel defrauded you. Since we show others how to earn online as well, then you are welcome for those interested, to find out more in our Ways to Earn Money Blogging – Free Start Up!



www.nnktmd.com site.





NNKTMD.com Revealed as Fraudsters.

  • ‘NNKTMD’ does not make any sense. What does it even stand for? It is not defined and so you can see this is how scammers name their sites. Nonsense site names can nearly always mean there is something wrong. Look at our site name – it just makes sense and gives you an idea what our site is about in the search results. Not so with NNKTMD.com. And to be clear, avoid Nikc.ga, Nikec.ga, Nikene.com, Nikwe.com, Nikeft.com, Keeair.com, Nikbs.com, Nikbs.com, Nikekp.com, Nikesl.com, Nikect.com as they are all scamming people by pretending to be selling Nike, Addidas, Vans etc. 
  • So we see that their site of NNKTMD.com was registered online in 2019/10/31 for a year. That is far too little time to register a new business online. So we see this daily where scammers set up for a year and then they expect us to take them seriously. No, 2 years is pretty much the going time frame to getting your presence established for the long term.
  • So beware of site with this time frame as it normally indicates a scam, but not always. It is rare indeed we come across a site that is legit and they are just working from home. Unfortunately, they have failed to tell anyone about that on their site.
  • So we can see some sites, that are legit, with no name, business info, phone number, email contact and then they wonder why mistakes happen on sites like mine with our verdict.

Show transparency!! It ain’t rocket science!!

  • There is no founder name to be found at sites registration or anywhere on their site. Actually, there is not even an email and only a phishing page to steal your payment information. When they have collected enough info of this nature typically scammers will sell that on to other scammers for a very handsome profit indeed.
  • Beware of random companies trying to access your funds with random odd numerical withdrawals as they could be one of the people who bought such info, of they are just part of the same scam. Dispute all chargers and certainly cancel your card for a new one. That is the safest way to keep your money safe. 
  • The prices are their site are not real. I clicked on a pair of Sneakers and they were only going to charge me about $27 when the original price was far higher. See image below to see what I mean:-










Final Thoughts.

So their products they are practically giving away for free! No company could suffer such discounts and expect to stay in business. This is a clear case of fraudsters playing on peoples need for a good deal before the Xmas kicks in f or real. So please do avoid NNKTMD.com as they are a very obvious scam. Not even is there a name on the site and no images of people working there. Their forms of contact are limited, actually non-existent except for a phishing form, and so you have no legit way to find out what the heck is going on with your order. Did you insert payment information and they want another card, something go wrong? So that is a common trick if so as they have actually charged your card and now they want to charge another one of your cards. Contact your bank ASAP!





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