NNKSHO.com Review – Is ‘NNKSSHO’ Scam or Legit Nike Sneakers Sale Store?

By | November 8, 2019

NNKSHO.com Website Review – What Is ‘NNKSHO’ about?

Those that are looking for a NNKSHO.com Review have come to the right scam-busting website. Is www.nnksho.com a scam? Is ‘NNKSHO’ Legit and safe? We not endorsing ‘NNKSHO’ as real and genuine but only another fake scam site promoting Nike Sneakers. We know this site is fake as we have exposed others similar to identical of it. So please also beware of other fake Sneaker Nike, VANS, Adidas and CAT brand names stores such as Nikc.ga, TwistedxOutlet.com, Reeboa.com, Nik.Red, Nowwecycle.com, NNKTMD.com, CatShoes.Online, Nikect.com, Nikene.com, Nikft.com, Nikwk.com, Niksl.com, Keeair.com / NikeGears.Pro, Nikekp.com, Nikebs.com etc.

Those who believe they were scammed by ‘NNKSHO’ are welcome to report them in our comments area. People are also welcome to report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. We are also in teh business of showing people how to earn online from home. Those interested are welcome to view our Ways to Earn Online from Home – Free Start Up Here.



www.nnksho.com website.

Scam or Legit?




NNKSHO.com Exposed as a Fake Nike Vendor.

  1. So we will now look into NNKSHO.com more thoroughly. We need to find out when they registered www.nnksho.com, who owns it, email and phone for customer support. I predict none of this will be found. If we find anything then it is going to be fake as, like I said, I have exposed a number of their fake stores already. So let us go to WHOIS to see the attached site information the owner should of left when that person registered their domain.
  2. They paid for their domain registration in 2019/11/02 and for one year. That is not very long as it can take up to 2 years to build up your business. Any new businesses coming online that are ethical are likely to register closer to five years. And so one year or 2 year registrations are always considered suspicious.
  3. Since they are new we should always treat new sites with a healthy level of caution until they have proven themselves legit and safe. Part of that trust is finding their company credentials and verifying them.
  4. Now we see that they have not left an owners name, no business address, phone number and email is also missing from their sites registration. You can leave this information but it seems it is down to the person registering the domain. That is how there are so many online scams if you ever wondered. 
  5. The prices for those sneakers are far too cheap anyways. You should always do a price comparison with the real brand name holders to see the difference.
  6. They have not the permission to be even selling those sneakers as they have not provided, not once on all of their sites or sites similar to them, proof of their affiliation the rightful brand owners. Clearly, this is illegal.
  7. Fake sites will steal the images of others and place them their own scam site. Since ‘NNKSHO’ has not provided proof of affiliation then we have to suspect them of doing just that.







Final Thoughts.

Scam! There is no other option but to label ‘NNKSHO’ as a fake site. They are also a phishing site as they will harvest any information you give to them to sell onto other online scammers for quick, easy, free and sometimes relatively big cash. You are welcome to review them below and why not check out our List of Internet Scammers and Latest Scam Alerts below before you go.





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