What Is NionVelly.com – Is NionVelly.com Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 23, 2018

What Is NionVelly.com – Full Report Exposing Their Illegal Business Model.

This article is going to answer in detail what is NionVelly.com. Is NionVelly com fake, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, scam or is NionVelly genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This Nion Velly Review is going to put a heavy spot-light onto their operations to see if they hold up as truthful, or deceptive. So, their business model is based on getting money from investors. This money is given to older investors under some Forex, Trading, Crypto Mining pretense. This is the essense of what a Ponzi Scheme is, and of course as most of us know, such schemes are very illegal. Even these schemes will call themselves High Yield Investment Programs or HYIP’s. That is just another term for Ponzi Scam.

Based on those ridiculous returns of 500% after just 7 Days, that is all you need to know to determine if a site is fake or not. No software, expertise or anyone can promise those returns to 100’s, 1000’s or even millions of members. It has never happened before in the history of trading except when such enterprises turned out to be scams. Paupers to millionaires to paupers once again is how it goes for those that invest with such sites. Those that are sincere in their hunt to earn online may want to check my #1 Recommendation to see if working for yourself is a preferred option. Those that work for themselves are at least scam-free as you can’t scam yourself. Let us continue with our NionVelly Review.




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What Is NionVelly.com – Their Investment Lure and Why It Makes No Sense!

Is it too much to ask for when you want to know how a company, a company that says it can return you huge profits very fast, how they are generating such returns? I mean, they can’t just generate it from thin air – right? Or can they? In the history of how they say they generate money has it ever been achieved in a a legal way. Always look to the returns on any investment site, and when they are HUGE beyond belief, they its a sure fire sign you are dealing with a Ponzi Scheme. To further prove that they are corrupt, let us find out owner info. Where such info is lacking, then we can say they are intentionally hiding themselves from future prosecution and so they know they are operating illegally.

Their website was created 17/10/2018 and is set to expire 1 year from that date. Sites, that are pretending to be legit in some money making way, will only have a registration for their sites for just 1 year and sometimes 2 years. It is rare I see these sites go for years. Their business model won’t allow for a long time online. A good sign of a scam site indeed.


NionVelly.com Exposed!

Professional looking but bogus – do not sign in www.nionvelly.com!



Mysteriously there is no real world address attached to their sites online registration details. This is not so ‘mysterious’ when you know that scammers will never leave a traceable address. This is so for when others come to know they are a scam site, that the owners can sneak off with all the earnings, and so they are not going to be arrested – in most cases. Where sites like these are particularly damaging, I have still witnessed such owners get away with it  – even though they are known locally in the regions where they operate. Incredible! That is Gov and Local Law Enforcement Corruption as far as I can see. 


In truth, you are to give your own hard earned cash to complete strangers online based on their say so. If I walked up to you to ask you for money for some kind of venture – you would tell me where to go, no doubt. Well, sites like NionVelly in essence are doing this and many are very successful at it. It seems, the more professional these sites look then the more money they can generate. Nion looks very professional and I can see a lot of newbies falling for their scam.




How Their Scam Works.

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You have no guarantee of returns! That is a must to understand. They are not regulated by any financial body and simply answer to no one. They are just some crooks hiding out in a dark basement somewhere hoping to earn big money from many people. They have no payment proofs, that I could see. If they had then its normal to see such fake sites to make some payments to entice others. Usually, the payments are very small relative to the overall investments made.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

This is how their operations work. We are all told a story of how professional they are, how much experience they have and how they are registered in the UK. We are also told, in their FAQ’s section, to go to Companies House Website and type in ‘NIONVELLY’ – where you will find all legit details of their kisher registration details.

THANKS FOR THE TIP GUYS 🙂 ! Because that is exactly what I did! Per their own instructions, I went to the companies house website, typed in NionVelly – there were no returns! Companies House never heard of them! Their own real world address located on their site is just a rental property from Zoopla!

They are so bogus it is incredible that registrars are allowed to register these kinds of sites. And if you ever wondered how these sites can get away with this – look to their registrar companies that have not way, it seems, to stop this from happening but only to make money themselves. This is a prime example of no forced accountability and actually, as you PLAINLY SEE NOW, that these registrar companies are complicit to millions of dollars – maybe even billions of dollars – worth of fraud online!!! Anyways, sorry for the rant, but that is how the scammers are doing all of this and really that is where this scourge of online scams needs to be plugged at.

OH YES! Ponzi Scheme – LOL! Right, this is where you have no defined product or a service for the money you hand over. There is no proof how they are generating the expected returns. Classic signs of a Ponzi Scheme. You pay and then get money for doing nothing else. Not real.

Anyways, that money you may have just paid in is going to pay other people who invested before you. Now, you have to wait your turn. When there are no more new sign ups then how can you be paid? That is when the site will shut down without warning and enjoy the vast majority of all investments made.

Early in these sites life cycle some few small payments maybe made, as mentioned. However, over 90% of investors will lose their donations – YES – DONATIONS! Yes, they have zero ties to do with anything online regarding investments then you can see its just a cash gifting scheme (another illegal business structure). And also since the money goes upwards (most of it anyways) it is also a Pyramid Scheme (yet another illegal business structure). They are illegal at least 3 times over!!!











Final Thoughts.

They have no info on who they are. No proof on how they are generating their sites income or how they can earn so much to pay out to all members enormous returns so fast. They are an illegal Ponzi Scheme and you invest at your own risk. I know some will know they are a con scheme, but many will not, and so for those that thought Nion was real then I hope this article sets you straight. Its possible to earn with them but usually that is in the first 2 weeks. The older the site becomes then the more burdened the owner will become to pay out to all, when there is simply not enough money to do so. There is not really to get your cash back. You could try to do a charge back with your payment provider but that is really all.

Have you questions on What Is NionVelly.com? You and everyone else are welcome to ask below. Perhaps you know of another scam site that you would like to be investigated? You are also welcome to leave that sites URL in the comments section where they can be exposed to help warn others. Don’t forget about my #1 Recommendation that helps me personally earn $100’s a month just from running my own website. Thanks all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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