What Is Nikewk.com – Nikewk Review – Scam or Legit?

By | October 22, 2019

Nikewk.com Review – Warning In Effect!

We are putting out a bad forecast for the website called Nikewk.com. We have reviewed many of their others sites and so very early in this short review we do not recommend that site. Is Nikewk legit and good or is www.nikewk.com false and actively defrauding people? So we already know they are a sham. Those that want more info as to why are welcome to continue reading.

Before we continue, those with reports about the site in question, or any other site, are welcome to report that in the comments. We do our best to respond to all comments and certainly look into every report we receive. People who may have questions on anything written here today are welcome to ask us and we will do our best to help you out. Lets begin our review about Nikewk.






Nikewk.com Is a Swindle?

The sad truth is, if you gave payment to Nikewk.com, then it is likely you will need to seek a refund. If that site did not give you a receipt then your chances of a refund are greater. Clever scammers will give a fake receipt and on that basis unfairly win refund disputes at times. This is why it is paramount you speak up and report all scammer sites before they cause more damage.

We see they are a new site. New sites typically have to prove they are legit before the Internet as a whole may trust them completely. 2019/19/26 is the start date of their site. That is only for 1 year. Bad sites tend to set up sites for only a year and then typically vanish leaving customers without orders.

We see they have not registered an owner name either nor is there a business address. Contact info at point of site registration is also missing. These clearly are bad signs and why a legit company would hide such information is considered deceptive.

They have only submitted Shannxi CN as thir address. The fact they are from China is also a worry as most fake shopping sites are from this region. So another thing to think about. While it can’t be said all e-stores are fake from China it is very important to know that most fake shopping sites are flooding out of this region.

To round off this section, we see no founder name anywhere, no business address, no contact info and some kind of company name called  Hfeil-Service@Complexs.Online. We Google that company name and find many other sites using it also under scam reports already exposed online.

It is always a great idea to Google all such bits of data you find on sites because it is often you will find scam connections. This is an early warning to you if you encounter this. At which point look for reviews to verify they are legit or scam. If you are uncertain then you can always report to us in the comments section.



They have many copies online!

So please beware of any site that looks like the one we are exposing now. The scammers are notorious for setting up replica sites only to defraud people. Especially if you see that fake company name at the bottom of any site then that is another bad sign.

The only contact I see is a form where it seems they could be using as a phishing page. This simply means you hand over your information, thinking they are legit, but only like sites like theirs will harvest this data. When they have big data to sell then they can make many thousands of dollars very fast.

If you gave personal information like your email then be sure don’t be happy-clicking anything that lands in your inbox. Scammers are brazen enough to re-target old victims to try to get more cash out of you.

Been Scammed – Now What?!

Take a deep breath and begin now not to feel ‘stupid’ or ‘silly’. It must be 100’s of thousands of people per day get scammed and so now you take a few simple steps to try to get your cash back.

Contact your payment provider ASAP.

Detail the experience without emotional embellishment. 

Some card holders have only 60 days for refunds so do get on this fast if you have already been waiting over the promised delivery date.

PayPal offers 160 days and so do contact them if you have not received anything, or received something that is substandard or something else altogether.


It is likely those that gave payment information could be at risk from scammers helping themselves. You simply ring your bank or go into them and cancel that card. Of course, do what they advise, but cancelling your card seems to be the most obvious thing to do.

If you choose not to then watch your account like a hawk. It is possible scammers could take out a few quid here and there to try to avoid detection. Question all withdrawals with your bank to its resolution.





Final Thoughts.

We have already exposed many of these fake Nike sites. They also try to make believe they sell other products with their other sites. All the same setup and even the site looks almost always exactly the same.

Those that want to report on any site are welcome to do so in the comments. For those still in doubt the site in question is absolutely fraudulent.



For people who ever wondered how it is anyone can earn online with their own website are welcome to read our #1 Recommendation Here. Free Start Up. Any questions? Once again, we are here to help, so dont’ be shy and land any questions or concerns you may have below in the comments. That is all on What Is Nikewk.com. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others.


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