What Is Nikesl.com – Is Nikesl.com Scam Or Legit Nike E-Store?

By | March 20, 2019

Find Out What Is Nikesl.com Here – The ‘ Nikesl’ Review.

Welcome to our short review on What Is Nikesl.com at www.nikesl.com. Is Nikesl com fraudulent, deceptive, falsely pretending to be affiliated with the brand name Nike? Is ‘Nikesl’ trustoworthy, safe, legit, genuine? This ww Nikesl com Review is a warning a scam alert to stay clear of that store. There are other copies of the fraud online. They are not supported, and do not have permission to promote the goods we see, by Nike. 

Those that have been scammed by that site are welcome to report them below in the comments to help warn others. The more that complain about this new scam site can save so many others from being ripped-off! We will do a background check, and reveal some scam signs, to show you why they are not real.



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Nikesl.com Review – We Will Prove To You Why They Are Not Legit But Only A Scam.

Those that made a purchase are advised to contact your payment provider soon as you can. Tell them you were duped out of cash for goods by a scam site. You may have to cancel your card so these cyber-crooks my not randomly charge your card without your permission. We will now prove to you the answer to What Is Nikesl.com, in this ‘Nikesl’ Review, that they are not legit but a scam.







We will look very quickly into their business information. We would normally expect a company to have an address for their business, their contact information, founder name is a must. Where this information is not available then that is a problem. It is a problem because then we do not know whom we are giving out payment info to.

Because, it is not going to Nike but only to a fake site whom have ripped off their global brand name.

Let us go to WHOIS and we can see that their site was registered in 2018/11/10 and that domain registration is only for one year. Now, we all know what ‘Nike’ is and that they are a much sought after brand name for sneakers.

Why then, when you have the opportunity to profit from a global brand name that is constantly in demand, would you only register for 1 year? This makes no sense. This is only typical, given the high demand product we are talking about, something that ‘smells’ only like a hit-and-run scam site.

To further prove my point, they have not left a founder name nor have they left a business address when they registered their domain URL. We only see ‘Jiangsu’ for an address. That is obviously an address that has failed to complete it self. That is intentional to hide their real location and hosting providers allow them to sell online? WOW!!

So, now you know how scam sites are so prevalent. There are so many of millions of sites it seems that they can not all be checked and vetted for the security of the population of the net.

Social media sites are not vetting ads to see if they are scams or not. The only protection we really have is sharing what we all know. So this is why I am eager to hear from your own stories of any fake site you have encountered.

Ultimately, when many report on their experiences, you are actually saving your own local economy real world cash. Since so many fake sites that sell online are from China, then a countries real currency, is being wired to another country fraudulently. 



Point Is This:-


If you ‘live’ by this very simple rule, for those that shop online regularly, you will reduce or eradicate your own risks of losing your own hard earned cash.

  • Amendment:- Verify any sites claims of legitimacy of what they say.
  • Another Amendment:- If you can not find any reviews then use common sense.
  • Too-good-to-be-true prices is nearly always a sign of a scam.
  • Compare prices online of the same products.
  • Google drop images to see if they are stolen. Look for business info like addresses, phone numbers, emails etc.
  • Google them to see if there are any attached negative reports linked to that data.
  • If there is only a report by sites like ScamAdviser.com that use an algorithm to give a Trust Score, just know, that score can be a little off at times. Follow above, and if you think they are not legit, just go elsewhere. Better safe then sorry. 






Nikesl.com Scam Signs!

Jiangsu is a coastal Chinese province north of Shanghai. Not all sites from this region are fake, but, it does run to a scam-monitoring point since so many fake sites come from China in general.

No founder name! Where is there business address? I will admit I have not looked to their site as that information will be fake or absent. We have viewed many of their sites before and either no address, phone number, and where we found them, did not check out. Only belong to other companies.

Prices are too good to be true! Images are simply stolen.

They do not have permission by Nike to promote their products. You may simply contact Nike and ask them yourself. That one action alone would prove to you they are not a real site.

There are no Trust Seals like McAffee to let us know they have been vetted for phishing, spam, malware and all that. Those that are serious about having an online store I advise getting some of those seals as it really will reassure people.





Final Thoughts.

Multiple copies of the same site. They have other sites that have ripped off the Dr Martens brand name as well. Any site that looks like theirs is probably a scam – remember – look for reviews and you should be fine.

Those with reports are asked to report on that site below. Fake reviews will be challenged, as we know for a fact, that they are not a legit store.

Also, consider the harshest statements I have personally made in this article. You think if this was untrue I would not be sued to high heaven? So confident I am in my conclusion that I risk my own entire online reputation and prosecution.

Of course, errors can be made. Verify this article elsewhere as we have been wrong before, out 850 article, 5/6 times.

We conclude they are not legit but only a scam. That is all on What Is Nikesl.com and looking forward to your comments below. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Section.


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