What Is Nikekp.com – Is ‘Nikekp’ Scam or Legit Sneaker Store?

By | May 21, 2019

Scam Alert Regarding Nikekp.com – Our ‘Nikekp’ Review.

Heads-up folks regarding Nikekp.com! What Is ‘Nikekp’, is it trustworthy or another online scam site? So, this review will list briefly how we know you can not trust that website. Their prices for one thing are too-good-to-be-true and there are other copies of this doing the rounds. 

Those with customer reviews are asked to spare a few moments of your time to help warn others. Where people see real customer reviews, and  not just articles warning, then they can sooner realize leading to taking action. Those that have handed over payment information to this site are advised to contact your payment provider. You may have to cancel your card and definitely dispute any charges.







Nikekp.com Review Guide.

  • Lets do the research now on the founders name, contact information, business address and sites registration date. We simply research these pieces of data and see if there are scam reports attached. For e.g., we can see that one of their support emails is support@jdonline.info. You can Google that email and you will find all the proof you need to know ‘Nikekp’ is not trustworthy.
  • You will find that there are other sites using that exact email address and so how can multiple companies be using the same email? Clearly ‘something’ is not right here where we see shared business information with other sites.
  • Registration date was in 2019/03/ with only a year for this new website. So the short time period is suspicious in and of itself. How many businesses do you know, heard of, that only set up shop for a year? There are times e-store founders will set up legitimately and honestly for one year. They have the choice to renew after they experiencing results.
  • In this case we 100% know they are not trustworthy as we have exposed a number of their identical e-stores before.
  • And so we are not going to be repeating ad-infinitude and so say that they have no business information. Founders name is always missing from their websites which we have to assume that is run by the same people.
  • They are in no way affiliated with the brand name Nike and they have simply stolen those pictures of those products. You may contact NIKE and ask them for yourself and you will know for sure Nikekp is not real or safe.
  • Lars@service-sys.com and service@maingmail.com are there two other customer support emails. Why do they have 3 emails for support?
  • You will see too-good-to-be-true prices and that is a typical scam sign to always watch out for. There is already a place online that has reported the site in question as not trustworthy. Stay clear.





Final Thoughts.

Thank you for clicking on our article and hopefully you have found this warning before making any purchases. However, if you did then do contact your payment provider and dispute all charges. Looking forward to your own reviews below in the comments.




2 thoughts on “What Is Nikekp.com – Is ‘Nikekp’ Scam or Legit Sneaker Store?

  1. Sarr serigne moussa

    Bonjour je confirme votre alerte de sécurité car je viemd de constater que le site n’est plus accessible depuis aujourd’hui alors hier je m’apprêtais à finaliser mes commandes à ma grande surprise j’ai plus accès.
    Site à se méfier

    Google Translate.

    Hello I confirm your security alert because I saw that the site is not accessible since today so yesterday I was preparing to finalize my orders to my surprise I have more access.
    Site to be wary


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