What Is Nikeft.com – Is NikeFT Scam or Legit Sneaker Store? Review

By | October 22, 2019

Review of Nikeft.com – Why They Are Not Legit But Only a Scam.

Nice work on finding this short review all about Nikeft.com. Is Nikeft a scam or can we say they are legit? Most people simply do not look for reviews before handing over personal info and or payment information. So very nice work indeed because, if you have not been scammed by them already, you have just saved yourself cash.

We welcome all reports about sites you believe are not legit and only out to defraud people. I have personally seen quite a few scam sites shut down very fast once exposed. The hardened cyber-crooks would carry on but still your reports do indeed make a big difference. So feel free to leave what you know below in the comments or in our  List of Internet Scammers.






Nikeft.com and it’s Scam Network.

So we are now going to be doing a background check to see if their credentials are in order or even exist as a legit business. We are looking for the business address, founder name, legit contact info etc. All basic stuff and all the stuff scammers love to hide. 

Nikeft was registered online in 2019/09/16. Two other identical sites were created same date called Uggkd.com and Nikewk.com. You may compare those reviews of those sites, or simply go to Google, and compare those sites yourself in multiple tabs. You will clearly see they are replicas and they do not disclose this on any of their sites. 

We have exposed many more of these sites in the past and their information never checks out. Even just by looking at their site I know its part of a scam network and so know for myself they are not to be trusted.

Beware of companies displaying Hfeil-Service@Complexs.Online. You may do a quick search on that company name and see that there are many complaints attached to it. What is going on is they are using that name on many more of their sites. 

The particular copy in question seems to have been repossessed by Go Daddy. This could be due to owing that company money or simply Go Daddy got too many legal complaints. Either ways it is clearly a very bad sign. 




The Things Wrong With Nikeft.

They do not have permission to be selling those brand names. Whatever the brand name you see then find the real site and ask those companies yourself. They will agree Nikeft is just another fake Nike site.

No transparency and there never is. No way of knowing who the owner is where the owner is from and how to contact someone real. There maybe a form to fill out leaving your email but really what legit company behaves like this i.e. what company limits their very own customers options for contact leading to greater sales potential?

Their Sneakers appear to be too-good-to-be-true! Why are the products so cheap? I know these kinds of sneakers do not go for around $23. Nope. So that is clearly very suspicious and usually a very reliable scam sign to look out for.

Images are ripped from real brand owners and used to defraud people with. As said, you can compare the sites above and you will see that they are replica’s. Research each site and you will see complaints.

No email address. No phone number. Nonsense! Pure fake and stay clear.



What If You Were Already Scammed?

Well, if you were then I am very sorry to read this. I have been scammed online before for small monies and so know the accompanying feeling that resides after someone tricks you out of your information.

You simply need to contact your bank and let them know the situation. They will probably suggest to cancel your card whereupon you can get a new one. This is very important if you did actually give any of the sites in question your payment information, unless of course, you don’t mind losing your hard earned cash to scammers at any moment in time.

Clearly not, so once that is done get your bank to contest any withdrawals and hopefully you will get a refund. Let us know in the comments sometime what your refund experience was like for you. Sometimes I find that scammers win and lose refund disputes with the same site.

So a site is a scam one moment and legit the next? From reports we have received this actually takes place and is baffling and so this is why I personally would be interested in any stories along these lines.

Returning items may entail you have to pay the return fee’s, especially to China. Or you may see a discount or very partial reimbursement. 



Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt that they are a scam site. We do not recommend you trust any site that looks like theirs. They are simply taking the word “Nike” and adding random letters or numbers at the end to make new URL’s i.e. websites. The content appears to be replicated wholly for most of their sites.

If you know of more then you are welcome to let us know in the comments. We will expose ASAP to help alert others.


Also, for those that want to know how to earn online from home with a free start up, are welcome to peruse our #1 Recommendation. We are taking questions on that as well so feel free to ask below. That is all on What Is Nikeft.com and hope it has saved you time and your cash.



Please Leave Your Customer Reviews Below – Thank You.

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