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By | March 13, 2019 – SCAM ALERT!

Nice work on finding this review on What Is Nikect com? Is www nikect com a scam, fake, bad, dishonest or Is ‘Nikect’ legit, honest, safe, trustworthy, good? This Review is to alert you to another fake online shopping store. Those that handed over payment information are advised to contact your payment providers at your earliest convenience. You maybe advised to cancel your cards as now cyber-crooks may have that information and so it is to stop random charges to it.

This article will leave you in no doubt to their sites real intentions, but also, it is a forum for discussion and reporting on the aforementioned site. Those with reports on other scam sites are welcome to report on any article on our website. Or, you are welcome to make a post content contribution by REPORTING HERE.



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The Truth About! is a new site and there is not a whole lot of reports on them just yet. The more reports that are unfavorable about them the quicker it is likely they will shut down. We need to find some transparency about them like who’s the founder, address, contact info and registration date. Where this info is hidden or limited then we have a bit of a problem trusting such sits. 







Never fully trust a site that is new or one you do not know yet. Use Caution until you have verified their legitimacy yourself.

Registration for ‘Nikect’ began in 2019/01/24, and with a registration date of only 1 year, that is considered a little ‘suspect’ anyways. WHOIS shows us this information and you can use that site to gather information about most sites online.

The founder name is not stated and nor is there an address. We have to see if they have left this data on their site.

Having viewed their website it is plain to see that there is no address for their business. No phone number and can not even find an email address. How now can we trust a site that has intentionally all information about themselves?
 Scam Signs.

  • Zero information about their founder, location and no legit forms of contact. Remember, those thinking about purchasing from this site should consider you maybe indeed be handing over your payment info to a complete stranger. A stranger where you do not know their real intentions of.
  • Addidas, Nike have NOT given their permission for their brand name images to be used to ‘Nikect’. You can contact those brand names and they will confirm that.
  • If we are to believe their original pricing then the discounts are simply too low. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is pretty much always a sign of a fake site. They are new, and since common sense tells us it takes time for new businesses to earn a profit, how then can they afford to be so generous?
  • There are other copies of this site online and so where you find sites that look like theirs then they may also be a scam site.
  • Scam-Busting Site called OnlineThreatAlerts agree with us and have called them a ‘fraudulent store’ and so be warned.






Final Thoughts.

They are a scam site and they have hidden all pertinent attached site information on themselves. Your own customer reviews, reports, complaints are welcome below in the comments. 

Thank you for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others on What Is They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers.


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