Review – Is NikeC GA Scam or Legit Nike Store? Website Review

By | October 23, 2019 Review Scam Alert Warning.

Glad to see you have done your research regarding There are many copies of So if you need to know What Is, Is Nikec a Scam or actually legit, then you have come to the right article. They typically represent themselves as the North Face company. However, the owners behind these fake sites has not attained permission to promote the brand names involved.

Those itching to report the site in question are welcome to do in the comments or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. We respond to all comments and look into every case put before us. Let us begin now to see why we are calling Nikec a scam.





 Review – A Refund Maybe Necessary.

We begin with a background check on the site in question. However, we have exposed these fake sites before and so I wager we find nothing legit.

  • It is easy to see that they have registered their site in WHOIS but there is no registration date. That is very unusual. Given their domain extension of ‘ga’ then we see that the owner got that domain for free. We still do not see owner name and there is no address for the person behind the site in question.
  • Personally I have seen copies of this site online before. You may check our sites archive and then sooner or later you will see the extent of the scam network in place. They have been around for maybe 2 years, and perhaps longer. They pretend to be the North Face Company but that is lies.
  • At times you maybe on a site that is a fake. What may convince you is those Trust Seals from McAffee, VeriSign etc. SO all that means is those sites are aware of other sites who have paid some small amount to have that seal on their site. So do look out for other signs if you find legit looking trust seals.
  • We do not see either any useful information on their site regarding the issues above. We do see that they are selling $100’s of discounted products for next to nothing. That is all we need to call them a scam site. I see one item priced over seven hundred dollars and only being sold for less than thirty dollars. Does not make sense and that would only ensure their own companies demise from loss of profits.
  • Any product images you see have been stolen from online and used without any permission from brand holders. This is clearly illegal. You may do some research yourself by comparing the prices of the items to the same ones online. If the prices vary wildly then you know for sure you have landed on a fake site.
  • No address for their business or from where they have a warehouse to store all of their products. If you find any info on any site you are suspicious of then Google that information. If the site is fake typically you should find some reviews and or complaints surrounding that site.
  • Their email is Service1@Vinayotap.Com. We Google that email and we see many other sites using the same one. Always stay clear of sites using that email address as it is part of a scam network. They have others, and so if you encounter a site replicating the one in question, just report them to us and don’t buy anything off of them.
  • You may also check sections of a website. Copy and paste into Google only a line or two from e.g. About Us section and see what returns. Where sites are actively fraudulent you should find other copies of those sections on other websites. This is a classic sign of a scam network.




Payment Info Duped Out Of You?

You need to talk to your bank now. Cancel your card for a new one to stop cyber-crooks from taking your cash without permission. You may also need to get your bank to take back any monies withdrawn without your consent. This can happen even if you had no dealings with a company having after run into a scammer.

Scammers then will collect such personal information to sell onto other scammers for quick and relatively huge sums of money. If you are concerned about your financial privacy then definitely get onto your bank ASAP.






Final Thoughts.

If you are in doubt still as to the legitimacy of our words then consider looking for other reviews. This is a very good bit of advice as some sites that expose online scams can get it terribly wrong sometimes. I know I have in the past a few times and so this is why I say this

In this instance though, we are correct.

Those as mentioned that have reports about any site are welcome to leave that info in the comments. We respond to all comments as best we can with the time we have. Rest assured, you will get a response and we will look into any site you report to us. 


Beware also of:-



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