What Is Nikebs.com – Is ‘Nikebs’ Scam or Legit Sneaker E-Store?

By | June 4, 2019

WARNING – Copies of Nikebs.com are Rampant Online. Our ‘Nikebs’ Review Scam Alert.

Welcome to our review of Nikebs.com and yes they are a scam. This article will quickly and concisely detail why you should not buy from ‘Nikebs’. We see they have an email address of Support@jdonline.info. You an enter that email to the right into our sites search engine and you will see the scam sites connected to that scam-email.

People who have given the cyber-crooks running the above mentioned site are now advised to contact your payment provider and make them aware of that situation. The risk of fraud for that site is very high and so you may have to cancel your card for a new one. Watch out for random charges to your card also and dispute all charges.







Nikebs.com Review – Our Warning To You.

Nikebs.com is in no way affiliated with any of the brand names they proudly present on their shoddy site. There are many of these sites selling other peoples brand name products at too-good-to-be-true prices. We know from previous exposing of their other scam sites there is never any founder name, business transparency, but we will try again to prove they are career-scamming-cyber-crooks.

Do note, you see that silver globe on their site, left of their sites tab? Run wherever you come across that as that is always being used by them on their sites. There are so many and so some are different to the current one.

In this event just never trust the support email address of Support@jdonline.info. That is associated with countless fake sites and so wherever we find that email then we have to conclude they to are fake and dishonest.

You may search anywhere online and you will never find anything that identifies anything significant about the people that run all of these stores. Already there are some sources online doing a good job warning other people not to purchase from the site in question.

We do not see any Trust Seals on their site such as McAffee, VeriSign etc, and so there is no way to trust if your information is going to be safe or not. Actually, it is more than likely the cyber-crooks running this huge scam network of e-stores are harvesting personal and sensitive.

When fake sites have enough personal information, in particular, real names, home addresses, phone numbers, date of births, banking information etc and so they are sold onto other scammers. Then these other scammers will likely target whoever is on their bought list to see if they will fall for their fraudulent schemes.




Have You Purchased From ‘Nikebs’?

If you have purchased from that site, then you will probably notice a few post-purchasing scam signs.

  • We are looking for a receipt for your purchase. Many times we see reports that people who run scam sites fail to deliver receipts for purchases of e-goods. This is a glaring sign. Hassle them for your receipt as you may need for a refund.
  • Tracking Information may not be legit. Check your tracking page to see if that info is real and checks out. If it is real, check the weight of the goods you have purchased.
  • Too many times beyond recollection I have personally read reports, and reports we have received to scamwitness.com, that the ‘WEIGHT’ of the goods have been lighter than what they have ordered.
  • This is GINORMOUS SCAM SIGN and you should make reasonable and recorded attempts of contact the scam site to sort this out. Actually, record everything even if you are purchasing from a known and trusted site.
  • This comes in handy for refunds, because even if you do get duped out of your hard earned cash, it is not a given you will get a refund.


We will soon give you a link to a site that has covered where to report scam sites to. There are steps you personally can take to put in for a takedown request of a site. SO do take some action is you want to make a difference to everyone’s online safety.






Final Thoughts.

So there you have it. They are not a legit site. Those scammed are welcome to rant’n’rave in the comments and add additional info if you have it. 

We are now placing Nikebs.com in our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. Those that have scam site reports are welcome to report in the comments below or anywhere within our site.



List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!















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