Nigerian Internet Scammers and Article 419 Explained

By | May 31, 2017

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Nigerian Internet Scammers Popping Up Everywhere.

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Nigerian Internet Scammers are so successful at what they do, a special ‘Article’ in Law, had to be made just for these guys!  Lets get straight into what the ‘419’ actually means in relation to Nigerian Scams.  419 Nigerian Scams Article.

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419‘ simply relates to the actual legal article under Nigerian Law.  Nigerian Scams is also synonymous with Advance Fee Fraud.

What Is A Nigerian Scam?

Nigerian scams.



This is basically someone from Nigeria (or at least it use to be ‘typically’ VASTLY Nigerian) writing you a letter (not so much letters anymore) or an email (this is the most efficient and cheapest and preferred method) fraud that tries to get you disclose your bank account details and or send money.  The bank details or sending money will usually come with someone inheriting money, but, not always.

It should be noted, to be fair, that the Nigerian Scams have and are coming from countries such as:

  • Spain.
  • Russia.
  • Malaysia.
  • USA.

From the early 1990’s the Nigerian Scam was absolutely thriving in Nigeria where THOUSANDS of people were conducting 100’s of different kinds of clever and plausible confidence tricks by letter.  So much so that it was the Countries second largest income into the Country. LOL!  This soon turned to emails to save on postage.

Up to the present moment, hundreds of millions of people have been a victim of this con!  That’s a shed load of people.

Origins of the Nigerian Scam.

From as early the 17th century Spanish Prisoners would wright letters across the Globe.  The story would go that they were in prison and knew where there was a lot of treasure buried.  Should the receiver of the letter help in getting the prisoner out of prison they would share in the treasure.  However, in order for the scammer to get out of jail the target would have to send some money to help bribe the Guards, whereupon, he would be released to find the treasure and send the fair share to the idiot that responded and sent the money!!

419 Nigerian Scam.

Of Course, their never was any treasure or prisoner – or shared profits!

Is The Nigerian Scam Profitable?

With the advent of the Internet and the use of emails, now, millions more people can be targeted on a daily basis. Most people will realize it is a scam and the few that do respond are actually making this a very profitable con to par-take in.

The money the con artists convince people to send, even smart and highly educated people, is so large that it appears to be worthwhile and profitable for the effort involved, relative to the amount of emails sent out.

Types Of Nigerian Scams To Watch Out For.

  • Job 419 Scam:  Target is offered employment to process money transactions where upon a commission is paid out.  The checks to be ‘processed’ are sent to you then into your account.  Before they clear you have to send the combined amount of the checks.  The checks invariably bounce.
  • Recovery Scam:  If you have already been scammed in another Nigerian Scam you may receive an email or text telling you that they can help you retrieve lost monies.  However, you must pay an advance fee to achieve this.  Previous scammers continuing to attempt to scam you.
  • Loot of War 419 Scam:   You may encounter an email from a soldier saying he has stumbled upon treasures and riches and is reaching out to ‘someone’ to help him get it out of the country.  If you help him he will share it with you but he needs YOU to send money to help him to do this. Seriously, lol.
  •  Hit Man 419 Scam:  Some one sends you an email saying if you don’t send a check, someone in your family is going to be hurt or killed.  Ignore it as it is just another scam.

Their are hundreds of types of 419 Nigerian Scams (also known as Nigerian Letters) to be aware of online.

How To Avoid And Defend Yourself Against Nigerian Scams.






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I hope you learned all you need to learn about this scam.  They take many forms but one thing they have in common is they ask for money up front!

Should you have any questions regarding this topic, or, you have experiences in this area I would love to hear from you in the comments section.


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