What Is NiceWebVip.com – Is NiceWebVip.com Scam or Legit? #1 Review!

By | January 24, 2019

Swift NiceWebVip.com Review – What Is NiceWebVip.com about? What Is ‘SuperBuy’? What Is ‘Hot Shop in Web?

Welcome and very good work indeed to find out all you need to know on What Is NiceWebVip.com at www.nicewebvip.com. They go by Hot Shop in Web and also go by SuperBuy. Let us find out ask Is NiceWebVip com a scam, fake, dishonest, bad, fraudulent or Is NiceWebVip legit, good, real, safe, genuine? This Nice Web Vip Review will hopefully save you from their scam. They have other copies and they are VIPGoodBuy.com, BuyInNice.com and also WebHotVip.com. Many copies online.

Please report them if they have scammed you. Those that know about more copies are welcome to report them below to help warn others. People who have handed their payment information to these cyber-crooks are advised to contact your bank right now for a refund and perhaps to cancel your card. Your bank will advise you on this. Most shopping scams are out of China and is something to watch out for. Also many of these sites appear to have the ability to produce shoddy, cheap, inferior versions of what you see being advertised at too-goo-to-be-true prices. Even many times people will receive nothing or something completely different to their order. In either event the goods you may receive maybe near worthless to what you paid for it and is how the scammers earn their cash.






NiceWebVip.com, SuperBuy and Hot Shop in Web Review – Please Leave Your Scam Reports and Reviews Here.

So I am sorry to give you such bad news but now you know quickly the answers to your questions. We will quickly look into all the information connected to their site and so you can see why even more they are no good. We begin with the registration date of site, owner name, location and contact information. Where this is hidde, as I guarantee you right now it will be, then we can already say they are a deceptive site. No trusted and good online business has any reason to hide this info unless they had some bad intentions. Watch out for scam-ads on social media as well, and do report those platforms here, where you find they hosting such ads.


NiceWebVip.com Review

Don’t Trust www.nicewebvip.com!


Registration of this copy of their site was in 2019/01/18 and that was only for 1 year. All businesses will have made substantial investment in their biz before even they have made a website to promote their legit products. So 1 year online is very suspect to say the least as most businesses would be more long term than this. So it is our first scam sign.

There is a founder name left, which is unusual because normally they don’t leave any names, and apparently that is XiaoXiao Wang. Quick Google search and I don’t see that name connected to their own site. 

Their address is Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN, 518000, with the Phone Number of +86.18926621502. Incredibly, the number is already being used by TopWebNice.com and that is one of their other scam sites. So how can another company be using the same number if they were not connected? Always research such information for connections for scam reports and reviews etc.

Going to their site we want to see the same information but more often than not we do see an address, with some scam networks, with an address from the UK or USA etc or nothing at all.

I don’t see any information. There is a contact form and that is all. No number, name and unusually not even an email address. That is very bad and actually a big sign that something is drastically wrong here. Good companies as we all know will be eager to leave such information for our use.



NiceWebVip Scam Signs.

  • Appear to come from China. That is a big one and truly I feel sorry for any site from that region because it is a scam monitoring point. So we can’t say that all sites from China that sell are bad but you must always look for reviews on them first. Where too many bad complaints and negative reviews then you must stay clear of such sites.


  • Many copies online. They will start up versions of these sites, and when people like you and me report them, then their online reputation goes down hill, along with their earnings. They can shut it down and simply copy and paste a new site into existence. Change URL and site logo and just like that they have a whole new clean reputation online.


  • In their ABOUT US part of their site they have referred to them as ‘We Shopping Store’. That is proof they have copied and pasted from an older site and then forgot to change out that crucial clue.


  • NO Founder Name on their site.


  • No Contact Information left for customers.


  • Zero address details on site. All bad signs. Now they can scam for the whole year and make much free cash without too much fear of being caught. I highly doubt the details they have left in the WHOIS database is accurate.


  • Prices are too low and that is how scam sites become so popular so fast. However, they are prone to shutting down their site in weeks to months. SO do put in for refund while they are still operational.




Have You A Nice Web Vip Scam Report or Review? You Are Welcome To Place Your Reports In The Comments To Help Alert Others -Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Stay away from all sites that look like the ones seen in this article. They could have 100’s online waiting for unwary to click on their ads. Even recently someone reported to scamwitness.com that a scam ad was being hosted by Yahoo News!! So just because a trusted social media site is allowing these ads it does not make all of their ads legit. Their site is going into my List of Internet Scammers. Please spare a moment to report them below.


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Thank you for visiting us here today. I hope you have your answers and know what to do to get your refund if you parted with cash. Those with reports, questions or were saved from their scam by this article, are welcome to sound-out, rant and rave in the comments 🙂 . Looking forward to hearing from you and take care for now.


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