What Is Nicerin.com – Is Nicerin.com Scam or Legit E-Store? – Review!

By | April 14, 2019

Find Out What Is Nicerin.com Here – Our www.nicerin.com Review.

Welcome to our short review on What Is Nicerin.com a site that is found at www.nicerin.com. Is Nicerin com a scam, fraudulent, fake or is ‘Nicerin’ real, safe, legit and sincere? This review has some concerns we are dealing with a scam site. The main problem is their prices. Those prices are simply far too-good-to-be-true. 

Those with custom reviews, whom believe they have been duped out of cash, are advised to report such sites below in the comments and alert your payment provider. In such an instance, if you have been indeed scammed out of cash, your card may need to be cancelled. This will stop random charges to your card.




Is www.nicerin.com a scam?



www.Nicerin.com Review.

  • To impress upon you, where many reviews are available online about sites, then we can collectively save so many from losing their cash. We are sure that Nicerin.com is not sincere and only trying to scam-bait hard earned cash out of good and unsuspecting decent people. 
  • Their site was registered in 2018/01//02 and they did this for just 2 years. That is a long time for us humans but not for an online business. Actually, that is not a long time for any business whether online or not.
  • This maybe because they are a hit-and-run site. It could also mean that there are founders that have given themselves this time period to see if it is possible to make good earnings online. 
  • We see in Whois they have are from Guang Dong China. That is a bad sign. From this region there are many fake e-stores and so it is not a good sign they are from this region. But of course there are also good stores from this region and so we can not call a site a scam simply because they are from China.
  • No founder name is listed when they registered their site. No contact info either. We see on their site that they have not listed a phone number, nor founder name, business address and we have not located an email address. This is 100% black-out for transparency.
  • We see bottom of their site that they have some Trust Seals. None of those images are clickable. They should open up in a new browser certifying them as safe and free from phishing, spam, malware etc. That is not the case here and only scam sites put in those images and not have them click to this verification step.




Final Thoughts.

Scam. Stay clear. They are too cheap. Trust Seals do not click to anywhere. No business information at all that we could find. That is all on What Is Nicerin.com and we are looking forward to your reviews below in the comments. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers.



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