What Is NextDealShop.com – Is NextDealShop.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 4, 2019

What Is NextDealShop.com And Are They Trusted? – Scam Alert!

Congrats on finding the answer to What Is NextDealShop.com found at www.nextdealshop.com. Is NextDealShop com untrustworthy, scam, fake, bad, crooked, fraudulent or Is NextDealShop good, genuine, legit, real, safe, honest? This Next Deal Shop Review is trying to warn you about them. There are at least two of those sites operating. And so, this is also a NextDealShop.co Review. Since they are identical then a review of one is a review of them both. Please leave your scam reports below in the comments to help warn others – thanks guys.

Such sites, that are no legit and genuine shopping sites, usually come from China. There are complaints, though their address attached to their site is Toronto, that people have received packages from this company with an address from China. The complaints online are at least treble the positive reviews. I seen some of those positive reviews and they seemed very detached, vague and uber positive. So it is not uncommon for cyber-crooks to plant fake positive reviews to combat the negative ones.

In cases where you handed over your banking information then perhaps you should speak with your payment provider. A site that does not promise on its promise of high quality items, as they depict them on their own site, maybe capable of anything. In any even you may also consider applying for a refund. These kinds of sites probably have the means to mass produce shoddy, inferior, cheap and counterfeit products. These maybe sent to you instead of the items advertised on their site.

Moreover, those that do receive their order may find out that their goods do not work as well as advertised. In this case, you were still scammed, because you paid for a lower quality item that may not be even close to what you paid for. Your scam reports will reveal the truth. Those with positive experiences are most welcome to leave your stories as well in the comments, as said, they do also have good reviews – just not enough.




What Is NextDealShop.com About, Owner Data And What To Watch Out For.

Already you know What Is NextDealShop.com and What Is NextDealShop.co – they can’t be trusted. While ‘some’ are happy there still exists the worst kind of complaints online from a review site called SiteJabber. Right now, let us see if there are any ‘gaps’ in their sites attached data. We need to locate founder name, their real location and contact data. This is very basic information for a site that is in the e-commerce niche. Where we find false, misleading or no info then we can begin to sense a cover up.


NextDealShop.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.nextdealshop.com!


Their site was registered in 2015/08/12 and set to expire their domain in 2019/08/12. Normally bad sites will up a website for about 1 or 2 years. They are a relative exception to have lasted this long given their online reputation is pretty awful. 

Attached site address is 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, M6K 3M1, CA. They are not from Canada – far from it! That address is in use by many other online scam sites and so it just CAN’T be theirs. That is a fabrication and it is NOT their Head Quarters either. Beware of sites that have multiple addresses because that is a sign that your order maybe coming from outside of your country.

Their Phone Number of +1.4165385457 is attached to other site(s) online. There are also complaints concerning that number. This clearly tells me that we are dealing with people who are at this scamming business along time or using other peoples details. Either event, it is very suspicious.

Always with fake sites they never put up the founders name! There is absolutely zero need to have to disclosed this basic and very vital information. Unless of course they have something to hide from their customers. And so now, since no one knows who they are really dealing with, the scammer(s) can shut down their site anytime they like and take all of the earnings without consequence.




This Is How They Will Typically Con You.

Clearly, there are people have got their orders and have been happy. I am calling them a scam because they have far more complaints online then good reviews. That is typical of scam sites. Even fake reviews are possible but of course that can’t be proven, its just something that is known to happen.

It is up to you if you want to take the chance on their site. This article is my own opinion and information is solely sourced online. For me, if I came across all those reviews where most are screaming ‘SCAM’! – then I would go elsewhere. Again, its entirely up to you and I recommend you continue on with your research elsewhere until you have decided for yourself.

Below is typically how online scam sites in the e-commerce niche may treat you – does any of the below sound familiar to you?

1). Were you unlucky enough to click on their ads on one of the social media sites? Many times people complain they were scammed by a Facebook ad etc and so just because you see an ad on those platforms, does not make those advertisers legit. Always look for reviews before making purchases especially if they are new sites.

2). Once you buy something from a site like Next Deal Shop then they have your banking info. Be sure they are not over charging you. Perhaps contact your bank if your order is wrong, or just does not arrive, and seek a refund plus cancel your card. They will advise you best.

3). Receipts are sometimes not sent for your purchase and as well they fail to add taxes to the overall price of your purchase. These are two signs that something is terribly wrong.

4). Delivery with bad sites can take about 2 months. That is jaw-droppingly poor and is not OK to leave customers waiting that long.

5). When you contact support do you find that their English is poor and full of errors? That is a bad sign your order is outside of your country and typical of bad companies who pretend to reside in places like the USA, UK etc.

6). Those have received an order are mostly upset about it. You could be running the risk of getting an inferior product, a product that is the wrong size, color etc. Even they may just send you a cheaper version and that clearly is a rip off and not what they were advertising. 

7). Any of this sound familiar with your experience at NextDealShop?

8). Maybe you were charged and still nothing arrived. This is clearly fraudulent and you need to take action to get your cash back!!

Do You Have A NextDealShop.com Scam Report or Review? Good or Bad, All Are Welcome To Leave Their Opinions, Stories, Scam Reports, Reviews In The Comments Below – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Complaints of shipping inferior products from China. Complaints are absolutely horrendous and are too numerous for any other rating. Those that disagree are welcome to state why below with some details of your experience. For me, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That is just about it on What Is NextDealShop.com. Very much looking forward to all of your reports below and do make sure to bookmark this site and check back often to keep up to date with all the online threats.


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