What Is Next2Day – Is www.Next2Day.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 2, 2019

Find Out In This What Is Next2Day Review about – Beware of www.Next2Day.com (‘SuperShop’)!

Scam Or Legit Reviews

You done good to look for reviews on What Is Next2Day found at www.next2day.com. Is Next2Day a scam, fraudulent, dishonest, crooked or Is Next2Day.com legit, real, genuine, safe and honest? This Next 2 Day Review is a heads-up on another scam site by this fake e-store enterprise from China. The illegal transactions are done by IPAY Links, a Chinese based credit card company. Those that have handed over payment information need to contact your bank now! They also go by ‘SUPERSHOP’, incidentally.

Seek a refund and get them to cancel your card. Once your card is cancelled then the cyber-crooks can not randomly charge your card at will. Many fake Chinese electronics scams flooding the online World and they appear to be ripping off someone else’s products. We will be looking into that shortly. Those that pay will not receive expected goods paid for. You may not receive anything at all. 

Those that get a delivery may find that the goods are cheaply made, worthless and around $2 or $5 in worth, shoddy, inferior, damaged, counterfeit and even stolen perhaps. In this event you were clearly scammed and so do not hesitate for that refund. We have already EXTENSIVELY researched this Network and still learning more about them almost daily. Check out our review on SoSoLuckyShop.com. There is a huge list of their scam sites, and if you want to go through the articles, you will see that most of their sites look all alike.





What Is Next2Day True Intentions – Scam Alert for Next2Day.com!

I could not be saying this about another website if I was not 100% positive they were fake and only out to defraud you. I would only ruin my own online reputation, for when ever any scam busting site calls another site a fraud, we are personally sticking our necks on the line to help warn others. So, we ‘GOTZZZ’ to be sure! That link above really will show a huge overview. However, I understand we got lives to live, so – here is the abridged version 🙂 .



No doubt it – www.next2day.com is a fraud!


  1. Taking the above site as a single one on their own, we are now going to do a background check, and prove to you why they are not real. So we need information you would expect of any good and trusted online store. This info is their location, found name and of course contact information. 
  2. This is the single most hardest type of data to get out of scam sites! Where you see it missing, incomplete or outright false, then you can call them scammers as well. 
  3. Registration began 18/08/13 and they have decided to shut down on the same date in 2019. SO one year is very suspicious and you simply should be on high alert for sites, that are selling sites, that want to only register for such a short period of time. 
  4. Typically honest sites will register for years to come as they know that it could take 1 or 2 years for their site to grow and return profits. That is the same with all sites.
  5. 14455 N. Hayden Road etc is not their address. That address can be found in WHOIS and it is being used by COUNTLESS other scam sites. So be careful where you see it, it may just be a scam site. Be sure before you purchase and always look for reviews. Where none are found and you see that address – play it safe and just go elsewhere. 
  6. No founder name is always a huge scam sign and you should not shop on sites where so much information is intentionally missing. These scam site owners had the option of inputting all the correct info asked of them – and they decided against it. There appears to be no vetting after the fees to set up a site is made. That is not good when it comes to selling electronics etc online to a global audience.




Nex2Day Scam Signs.

The above is the nitty-gritty part of any article we do. That is the most important part to. Once sites fail there then for me they are a scam, most of the time. So below is a few tips on how to recognize an online fake shopping site, by looking at the scam signs, clearly visible at Next2Day’s site.

The copyright is wrong. The date I mean. It says 2010 to 2019. That is false as we have already researched to be in 2018. Scammers will lie sometimes on this point to make it seem they are older in order to get you to trust them completely. We wonder, if a site is so old, how can it be a scam? And that is the hook-line-and-sinker ‘thought’ they want you to have!

They have oh-so-many sites floating around online. So many look identical while others could not be so different. Always check out the ABOUT US section, and where you see some drivel about “We are interested about ever passion on Earth because it is a reference point to your UNIQUENESS. To spread exactly that… is our core mission“. ‘PUKE‘!

That is their calling-card, and where ever you witness it, RUN! That Is Them. Better still, report them here and I will be all to happy to expose yet another site of theirs.

Also, it seems they have been ripping off images from a name brand called ‘Cubiio‘. So now I will look deeper into that and see what else comes up. Anyways, the products you see are not belonging to ‘Next2Day’ or any other site show casing them except Cubiio, it seems.

Phone number that they were able to put onto their site is 1-234-567-9999. Erm, looks fake and actually all of their numbers are disconnected. So do not expect to access anyone via that.

Support@Next2Day.com is all the support they have after the number. No address found no their site and they have only ‘Store Location’ written there instead of a legit address.

They have no home page button so you have to back up to get back to your first entrance point on their site. For some reason scammers do not like to put in a home button on their menus.

I see they do not have UNIQUENESS SPEECH on this site, but just to show you that it is normally there, see image below from an identical site owned by them called ActionSallyhy.com:-




And there you have it! Proof they have multiple undisclosed sites! That is a sure-fire scam sign if ever I saw one. Watch out for helpandserving@gmail.com as queryadmin.com as stated they have 1000’s of stores on Shopify connected to that email ever you see it in any communication, please report them to us immediately!l. That email has been placed on many of their site is why I mention it.
















Any disagreements with the ‘VERDICT‘? You are welcome to have your say below where I will be happy to disabuse you of any contrary notions. Those with scam reports on the aforementioned site, or others, are of course needed to continue to help expose and bring down one of the biggest online electronics scams running. Those that are just so annoyed, and wish to have a therapeutic rant and rave, have come to the perfect place. Go for it and SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS for all to hear! LATEST SCAM ALERTS ARE HERE! They are going into my List of Internet Scammers for good and that is all on What Is Next2Day. Looking forward to hearing your views below 🙂 .




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