– What Is and Is ‘NewMea’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 5, 2019

Find Out What Is – Our ‘NewMea’ Review.

Hello and welcome. Your research on has ended here. There is little about this new site but we have already researched some of their other sites like, and also What Is about? Is NewMea com a scam, fake, bogus and fake or Is ‘NewMea’ safe, genuine, real, trustworthy and legit? a scam or safe?



Since we have already researched the 3 other sites mentioned, we will only give you the most pertinent information. There is no point repeating. Those with customer reviews are welcome to comment below this article to help others in their own research.

We know that they have covered all information about the founder. There is no business address listed on their site or within WHOIS. No founder name listed online either. That is a complete and unnecessary cover up.

Other sites we have connected to them are and also ‘GVXX’ has been declared as a scam by other online sources and so we may thin the same of the rest?

You may have noticed, on any of the sites mentioned here, that they are all calling themselves ‘’. That is not right and a huge scam sign for your own consideration.

Apart from ‘Ojok’ and ‘GVXX’, the others were registered recently in February 2019. 

Those with customer reviews are welcome to report on them below this article.

That is all on What Is and I am very intrigued to learn of your own experiences with any of them. Where it is obvious, per your reports, that they are a scam then we will put them into our List of Internet Scammers.



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