What Is NetZeroCompany.com – Is ‘Net Zero Company’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 9, 2019

Welcome to our Review on What Is NetZeroCompany.com (‘Net Zero Company’) – Scam or Legit.

Good job on doing some research on What Is NetZeroCompany.com located at www.netzero.company.com. Is NetZeroCompany cam fake, fraudulent, scam, deceptive or Is ‘Net Zero Company’ safe, real, trustworthy, genuine and legit? This ‘NetZeroCompany’ is all about starting a discussion on this e-store. What has your experiences been? Product quality good or bad?

Those with customer reviews are invited to share what you know in the comments to help others in their own research. We will now perform our quick scam-check to see if there are gaps in their own business information. Where we can not locate owner name, business address, contact information etc, then we should use caution. Let’s find out more.



scam or legit

Is www.NetZeroCompany.com a Scam?




NetZeroCompany.com Review- Untrustworthy or Safe?

WHOIS is a great resource to check out websites attached information. We can see that NetZeroCompany.com was registered in 20/19/02 and one year is all they have registered their new business for. That is a short amount of time and could mean they are a hit-and-run site. Or, it could be the founder is ‘testing the waters’ in the online business world. If promising, then the founder has the right to renew their domain.

We see that they have failed to leave a founders name, their business address is currently in use by multiple sites and is a proxy address.These kinds of addresses seem to hide their real location.

On their website they have a contact form and an email address of hello@netzerocompany.com. No phone number and also they have not supplied a real business address. We would expect business owners to have this information to hand and so they have little to no transparency about them.

This situation may have people handing over their payment information to the founder of that site. That is not necessarily good news as no one knows who that person is, where they are from, and if something goes wrong then whom do you have to contact?

This is a little like giving your banking info to a stranger on the street. Guard those details the way you look after your house keys – don’t just give them away. Always look for reviews and it only takes 2 mins which could save you a lot of hassle going forward.

Final Thought.

We do not need to get into anything else about that site. They are new and so we are waiting on your reviews to come to a ‘scam or legit’ verdict. Given they have blanked the information we sought for then we are not recommending them for now.

Should we receive too many scam reports about them then we will place them in our List of Internet Scammers. That is all on What Is NetZeroCompany.com and by now you should have a good idea if you can trust them or not. Looking forward to your reviews below.

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11 thoughts on “What Is NetZeroCompany.com – Is ‘Net Zero Company’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Amy

    After multiple emails with Ahamed (me trying to cancel my order, and then saying I would report them as fraud to the BBB, my bank and every other company I could think of) I finally received my order after over a month. Products are good quality but I could have received the same stuff faster and with less hassle through another company. If I had known that the company was shipping from China, I would not have ordered since some of things I purchased were supposed to be a gift.

  2. Anon

    I would order from somewhere else. My package has been in transit 38 Days. I never received an order summary, I didn’t receive tracking information until I asked for it, I was surprised by the international transaction fee. Being made in China wouldn’t have surprised me, but this looks like it might have been shipped FROM China directly. Placed order on April 13th.

  3. Sarah

    My experience with Net Zero company has been the same as described above. I’ve had very friendly email exchanges with Ahamed, allegedly a customer service really. He has assured me several times and hat the products are on the way. After asking for a tracking number several times, I was sent a dhl #. When I checked status, it said only that the order was received. I told Ahamed that I want to cancel the order and get a refund. He said that it has actually shipped and dhl is wrong. Sigh. Thinking of cancelling the credit card I used.

      1. Vicki

        I see you got your products. I am concerned this company is a scam. I, too, got a DHL tracking # but according to DHL, they only received notification of a shipment. Nothing is showing shipped…no status update. I placed my order 05MAY through PayPal. If I do not receive my order within two weeks, I will open up a dispute on PayPal. Like others here, I had no idea the products were made in China. I will never use them again and I will warn all my friends never to use them.

    1. Gina Parson

      Hi, do you like the bags? I am also waiting on an order. I have emailed him about 5 times asking where the order is and when will I receive it. No answer so far. Jus the run around.

  4. klara lipton

    They charged my credit card 5/1 and 17 days later I have not received my bags. Also I did not know the bags were made in China. I will not buy from China. I have a feeling they will not show ever.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I hope they do turn up for you Klara but if not you can put in for a refund with your payment provider.

  5. Anna Maria Brennan

    I don’t have time to fill out your report.
    But I am starting to believe that Net Zero Company is a scam.
    I ordered bags from them three weeks ago and have not received them . I thought it was a Canadian company (according to their promotion) so I should have got them by now. I emailed and I got a cheerful response.
    But still no bags.
    I have a printed out item with the usual “You’ll receive a confirmation email with your order number shortly”…
    But there is an order # already on the page I printed out.
    I never did receive an email with an order number.
    Also– I thought I was purchasing in Canadian funds but it shows up on my credit card bill as changed to American. So it is more money than I originally thought due to the exchange.
    I’m sorry now that I did not check more carefully. It seemed legitimate.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Anna for your report. You are able to apply for a refund if you have been scammed by any site. You are invited to let us if you get your money back or not. Thanks again Anna.


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