What Is NelectonicScore.Store – Is ‘NelectonicScore Store’ Scam or Legit?

By | March 1, 2019

Find Out What Is NelectonicScore.Store Here – The ‘NelectonicScore Store’ Review.

You are very welcome to our review on What Is NelectonicScore.Store found at www.nelectonicscore.store. Is NelectonicScore Store a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, untrustworthy or Is ‘Nelectonic Score Store’ Legit, real, genuine, safe and trustworthy? This ‘NelectonicScore’ Review is to warn you about that site. They are not legitimate and so you should contact your payment provider to seek a refund and perhaps cancel your card.

Those scammed by this fake store are asked to report them below in the comments to help alert others from losing their cash. We will be looking into their site more thoroughly to find out owner info, location address, contact information and also registration date of their domain. Many sites that are fake shopping websites are are mostly stemming from China. 

You may find that with such dishonest e-stores you may receive nothing for your hard earned cash, shoddy goods, inferior, cheap, damaged, counterfeit and perhaps stolen items. Per one online report this fake company has stopped delivering goods to their unwary customers. Can anyone verify this? Let us know in the comments – thank you.




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NelectonicScore.Store Review – Uncovering The Truth.

At this moment there are no shortage of other resources online ‘outing’ the scam site called NelectonicScore.Store. After our background check we will look at their site and locate their scam signs. After which we will conclude with our official verdict in our ‘Final Thoughts’ section. Where we can not locate the information that honest sites make available as standard then that is cause for worry.




Scam Alert for www.nelectonicscore.store!



The above mentioned website was registered in 2019/02/04 and shuts down in 1 year from that date, per WHOIS. 1 year, for an online business, is a very bad sign. That is usually indicative of a site owner that wants to defraud for that period of time and shut down.

Such sites may shut down at any moment without warning. This has the result of leaving a great number of people wondering where the site is for their order. Put in for a refund while they are still around.

Per their websites registration data they have not submitted a founder name. That is not excusable and so we must now go to their website to see what we can find, if anything. Also, they have submitted Hubei, CN, as their location. That is China.

cs6@customerservicehome.com is their contact. No phone number. No founder name on their site. Also, where is their real world business address? So there is none of this. I am wondering if anyone has even got a response from that email address.

Having Googled that email address it is plain to see that there are a number of other websites that were using that email. They have since closed down. How can other online companies have the same email address? So that is typical of a fake sites to use similar/same details with their other scam sites.

It is always best to Google any information like this, and where you see multiple similar sites pop up, then that is a bad sign and you should just probably stay clear of those sites.

Right now it is obvious to see they have intentionally and deliberately hidden who they are, where they are from and there is next to no means to make contact with them for your orders or refunds.





‘NelectonicScore’ Scam Signs and What You May Have Encountered.

  • Fake e-stores will nearly always have a level of scam signs that is unique to them all as an illegal industry. Then we have the same signs fairly unique to each site e.g. their address belongs to so-and-so company or they are using a phone number that belongs to another but legit site. We will begin with the more specific scam signs unique to their site.
  • $50 FOR A PLAY-STATION! Reduced from $399! I do not need to look at any more prices to know that is too cheap. Too-good-to-be-true-prices, ESPECIALLY that low, is nearly always a sign of a scam. How are they making a profit at such reductions?
  • How can they afford to be so generous when they have only just started their own website? And also, they are offering free shipping to orders over $50 – that is even more losses they are incurring on themselves!
  • Contact Form and an email used by other fake sites is simply not good enough. We do not even have a name for their website. This is all very bad news and I see it all too commonly with fake sites.
  • This is by no means to be disrespectful, but their site is put together a little shoddily. This is yet another scam sign and it is quite common with fake sites. Many surmise that cyber-crooks are running so many fake sites at the one time that they simply do not have the time to take that much care with them. So, the scam signs are starting to pile up.
  • ‘PlayStation – Official Online Store’. That is not true and so you can contact the PlayStation Official Store Here and ask if they own that website. They will say no. Also, where you see two site names on the one website, is a very bad sign as well. That is like having two street names for the one street. Makes no sense. URL and site name must match.
  • They do not have permission to be selling those brand names I am sure of. Those brand names I imagine do not sell their products for so cheaply. It is common as well that cyber-crooks will simply steal the images of others online and put their own price tags on them. They are usually unreal prices and that is a good sign to stay clear f such sites.




What You May Have Encountered.

Have you checked our Tracking Code? Unfortunately too many times people have found, with fake shopping sites in general, that they are given codes that simply are fake. The fake company, if pressed, may then send you a legit code. However, this may imply they are sending you out something other than what you ordered.

Check the weight of the parcel once you can see it being tracked properly and you may notice that the parcel is incredibly light. Take screen shots of everything as a case for a refund. That step is very important and could make all the difference between getting your cash back or the cyber-crooks keeping it.

Perhaps now you see that your tracked item is stuck in the same location for far too long a time? Perhaps now then you are viewing a static page set up by the scammers to bide their time. 

Support maybe unresponsive or very generic in their responses to you. Even they may have a bot set up to send you replies that make little to no sense.

Those lucky to get through to support with such fake sites may notice how unprofessional they speak to you. They may ask you to be ‘patient’, to ‘sympathize’ with them, to ‘understand’ the difficulties they are having sending out your order.

Excuses may range from your parcel being destroyed in a vehicle accident, a Tsunami, problem with logistics etc. Check with the logistics they have named and they may say they do not have your parcel. All of this is to bide their time and put you offer seeking a refund.

Be careful to read their Terms and Conditions. Yes, I know, its boring and eye-wateringly hard work at the thought of that. Watch out for the section, where sites have it, that if your parcel gets destroyed while in transit to you, THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE! Sneaky but true, for some of these sites. Where you see that then maybe order elsewhere.

Did you get your order? Those that did get their orders may find out that their order is simply not what they paid for. It is common for fake sites to send out goods that are only a few dollars worth that you could of bought from your local thrift store. Cheap headphones, USB Cables and the like are common substitutes for what you thought you were getting.

Even there are reports about other scams online of people receiving empty envelopes/bubble wrapped parcels even though they have spent in the regions of $50 to hundreds of dollars for the goods.

Perhaps you wholeheartedly trusted the site because you may have encountered it on social media? That does not mean they are legit. Those scam ads unfortunately do not appear to be vetted and so many are getting caught that way. Just because you see an ad on any social media platform does not make them safe or legitimate.

Use good judgement by looking for reviews on such sites before entering any payment information. Many times now people have come to scamwitness.com, and of course to many other online resources that are set up to help protect the public against online scams, and thanked the owner saving them cash.

Even recently one comment here said that he had the payment information entered, thought better of it, and sough tout a review. He found one of ours and saved himself significant cash. Looking for reviews could be the difference between losing your cash and keeping it.

If you are unsure, be sure not to 100% trust those sites that use algorithms to say if something is con or real. Those bots maybe operating on online reports

Here is where you need a human to inspect. Since it takes time for negative reports to appear about any site, then in that time preceding such reports, many may have lost their cash. Just ask any site like this one if a site is scam or legit. That is all you have to do to stay safe online.




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Final Thoughts.

We are not the only ones stating they are a scam and not legit. I always say you must not trust just 1 site for your own decision on any site. Even at times I have got it completely wrong (about 4 times in 2 years) and so this is just down to human error. Always find multiple locations logically concluding the same ‘verdict’.

These links here are all in agreement with us and so you may view them as well to confirm what we have said here today:-

OnlineThreatAlerts Report.

TheReviewArea Report.

ScamZeroed.com Report.

We sincerely hope you have found our article on What Is NelectonicScore.Store informative, helpful and you can see why they can not be trusted. Those with complaints against that site are welcome to report them below. Conversely, those that feel that they got a good service are welcome to chime in as well. Thank you for coming by here today and looking forward to your comments below this article. Stay safe – look for reviews before making purchases online where the site is new or you do not know them.





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