What is NebularLights.co – Is NebularLights.co Scam or Legit?

By | February 15, 2019

Find Out What Is NebularLights.co and What Is SuyDaga.com – Identical Sites.

Welcome to this very quick review on What Is NebularLights.com found at www.nebularlights.co (not to be confused with nebularlights.com). Is NebularLights com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and bogus or Is Nebular Lights Co legit, real, safe, genuine? This www NebularLights Co Review is going to do a quick scam-check to make sure they are safe to buy from, and also answer, What Is Suydaga.com. Those with reviews of their own are welcome to state them in the comments below this article.

Many times fake shopping sites are flooding the online world and mostly they are from China. When unwary customers order from dishonest sites then they run the risk of receiving shoddy, damaged, inferior, counterfeit and even stolen goods. In cases where you are sure you were scammed, then you must contact your payment provider, and alert them to this. They may have to cancel your card and also apply for a refund. Let us find out more in our reviews of ‘NebularLights’ and ‘Suydaga’.



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The NebularLights.co Review and The Suydaga.com Review – Can We Trust Them Or Not?

We are going to be a very swift back ground check to see if the information left, at their sites registration and data left for their customers on their site, is sufficient and correct. Where we find it is false, incomplete or absent, is a point of concern. We came Suydaga.com first per a complaint against them on the BBB.org website. Then we can see, per that sites email address, that there is another identical site. 


scam or legit

www.nebularlights.co safe?


Registration dates for both sites shows us that they have created these sites with only 1 year to be online for. Of course, the can always renew that registration, its just legit sites have a habit of registering for longer than 1 or 2 years. 

ON, CA is all that is left for their sites real business registration and is actually very alarming that sites, can set up online without giving real world information, and clearly that is a point of concern. There is little else in life, where you have the potential to make contact with half the worlds population online (potentially), and still I see all the time sites setting up without adequate information.

There is little by way of an address on their site to let us know where they are from exactly. There is also no phone number for customer support. So their site is a blank for this kind of information and that is not something that should be ignored.

No founder name and that is that. 

Their price reductions are also very generous and I have to wonder have they are making good profits with them. Too-good-to-be-true-prices always have me worried and is something for you to consider while deciding if you should purchase from them or not.






Final Thoughts.

Given the BBB.org complaint, that led us then to the other site, and given they are identical and does not appear alert their traffic of each sites existence, then we can be a little wary of them both. There is not many complaints online. They were created very early in 2019 and so I hope they are legit and not fraudulent. Given my personal concerns of them hiding all the information that legit sites always make available, I am considering them suspicious, and therefore not recommending.


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That is all on What Is NebularLights.co. I hope it has helped you in your own research. You are welcome to find other reviews for other views, as this article is my own, and so it really is up to you. Those that feel they were scammed by any of the two sites mentioned here are welcome to report them below, OR REPORT THEM HERE. People whom had a positive experience are welcome as well. We are still gathering information on this site, and any site that is new, is considered suspicious until they have proven themselves legit. Trust is not given automatically online due to a the terrible history of online scams, and so not recommended for now I think is far. Check out our Latest Scam Alerts Here to keep up to date with all the online scams active right now. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to your comments to come.





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