What Is MyWeeklyWork.com – Is MyWeeklyWork.com Scam or Legit?

By | November 9, 2018

What Is MyWeeklyWork.com – Your Warning Is Here.

Nice work on finding this article as you have just avoided one of the nets biggest online scam networks! What Is MyWeeklyWork.com (www.myweeklywork.com) about? Is MyWeeklyWork com fake, dishonest, crooked, scam or is MyWeeklyWork safe, real, genuine, good, legit and paying out? This My Weekly Work Review is going to set the record straight on their legitimacy once and for all. To start, you may check out MyMonthlyJob.com, EasyWorkApp.com, MyJobPaid.com, DoPartTimeJob.com to name a few. They are all identical and never pay out. Below is my research to help warn you about them.

There is no doubt that the sites above are not legit and indeed designed only to scam people. However, that is not to say there are not ways to earn online. I struggled for years to find something that was free to join, gave me a free trial run and didn’t need a credit card to start. Then one fine day I found Wealthy Affiliate. They offered all of that plus 2 free websites, 20 free training videos before I upgraded for just $19! That is a great deal, and for what WA offers, you would have to pay $1000’s in most places online. So, do check out my #1 Recommendation for those that are genuine in their search to earn online. Let us continue with this My Weekly Work Review.



#1 Recommendation

#1 Recommendation!




What Is MyWeeklyWork.com – The Real Truth.

You sign up for free and that is the very start of the actions they take to scam you! Much on their site actually does not make any sense and that is our first sign that we are dealing with a fake site. Where ever you see that happy man ‘The Fastest Way To Make Money’ Logo then you should automatically run away from that site. Their network is huge and I am finding copies of them all the time. Should you have found one not listed on this website then you are welcome to leave that URL in the comments below.

To begin to know for sure if they are a scam or not then we have to find out who the founder is. Where that remains a mystery then we should be further worried we are dealing with online crooks. All websites must register online and here they have the option to leave their real name and address etc. The scam site under question did not leave such details. All we know for sure is their site was registered online for 1 year on the 28/09/2018 to 2019 same date. 


MyWeeklyWork.com Site

don’t work at www.myweeklywork.com!



Where we see sites that are promoting paid work for people, and yet they have not registered longer than 1 or even two years, that is another sign we are dealing with an online scam. Scamsters will typically make these sites to last for little time online and so when they are exposed as bad and fraudulent they can take all the earnings. Since we can not locate owner name then that owner keeps all that free money without accusation or accountability.




How Their Scam Operates.

When you first sign up then you probably used your personal email/main address? If so then that is a problem for you as you now will be spammed forever in that account. But also, if you have the same password for your email as you do for all your other accounts online, then they now can and more than likely will be hacked for as much personal info as possible! Just change your passwords and make them all different to each other. This way if one account is hacked then you are not entirely exposed.

All that persona info scammers want to gather up and then sell on for big money. This is data harvesting where fraudsters benefit greatly from big data theft.

You are to Share Your Referral Link to pull in other people to be scammed! So, the more members they can pull to their site then the more chances they have of making big money out of 1000’s of people in their time online. So do not share your referral link and share this article to help warn others online, if you have a moment and care about others online safety enough.

The Earnings are that you get $200 per day depending on your clicks. But that is so impossible! Clicking on a Link generates zero revenue for most sites online, unless they have monetized the site in other ways, then it is a fruitless action. So how can they say they can offer all that money, per day, to all members when clearly zero revenue is generated when you click a link? They can’t pay that is only a lie to make you work hard to make them popular online in Google’s eyes. $5000 a month for sharing your link is also a lie.

The Cash Out is set to a staggering $300! This important when trying to figure out a scam or not. Normal range for payment thresholds is just $100, and some consider that far too high. However, there are more sites that offer 1c to cash out and maybe up to $20 before getting your money. So I hope now you see that their cash out is only to make you work longer for nothing.

Cash Out Threats.

There are 3 possible ways these kinds of sites may try to seek to defraud. They are:-

  • Completing a third party survey.
  • Complete a third party offer.
  • Upgrade.

The first two you will be redirected to another site and that could also be a scam site. Anyways, you could complete an offer by handing over your bank details (big mistake) or paying to complete a survey (another mistake) and still you won’t get your money.

Those that have paid should cancel your trial offer before trial period ends. WATCH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT/PAYPAL ACCOUNTS LIKE A HAWK! Too many times these sites will hide hidden fee’s, that are monthly recurring, in their Terms and Conditions. So if you hand over sensitive data then you agree to their Terms and Conditions. Its a bad practice and I am finding it hard its being allowed to persist. Alert your bank/PayPal etc if you got defrauded and seek your money back.











Final Thoughts.

SO they are a referral scam where all the revenue generated by tall their members, on all of their sites, is kept by the founder. They have never produced a single payment proof and never once has the founder come forward to this website to refute these claims. Stop any work you are doing on their site and chalk it up to experience. They are fraudulent and you will never see those earnings as they were fake to begin with anyways.

Have questions on What Is MyWeeklyWork.com? You are welcome to ask below in the comments. Do you know of another online scam? You can report that URL in the comments as well where I will be happy to look into them, and if found to be fake, will expose them for you. Thank you all for coming by and I hope this article was of use to you.


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