What Is MyRise.Net – Is MyRise.Net Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | September 1, 2018

What Is MyRise.Net and their Scam Plague Continues.

What Is MyRise.Net and is it good? Also, Is MyRise Net fake, dishonest, and scamming people or Is MyRise a good, legit, honest way to earn online – despite myself and others knowing its a fraudulent site?! This My Rise Review is going to challenge anyone’s belief in their legitimacy! I have concerns that are many fold, and yes, they are a scam site that won’t pay you. How the scam goes will be covered below for those interested. For now, this website is not the only one he or she or they are running to defraud unsuspecting users.

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What Is MyRise.Net, Website ID and How it Operates.

MyRise.Net Site

So, further down the rabbit hole we go to answer more on What Is MyRise.Net! Let us begin with the mischievous founder(s). Their website registration gives out a name as Nikojag Kunitya and address given is Amur Oblast, Russia. This is not my first encounter with ‘Nikojag’. I have already exposed some of his other sites that include GoldRise.Net, PRTO.Net and there are many others to watch out for as well. So, this is a relatively new scam network doing the rounds.

Their website also does not show real ownership of the site, which by the way, legit sites would only be too proud to. And there we have it for the ID which is covered so when things go bad they can shut down and evade any complaints and legal action against him/her/them. Point is, I believe it is a fake name they have submitted as that name, that is meant to be all wrapped in up Forex Trading etc, would have left a real and traceable digital trail. This is not so with MyRise founder name!




Its Replicated Operations Continue to Grow – How it Works.

You sign up for free and anyone can join. You will notice $100 sitting in your account. There is a daily bonus of a free $1 for each you are a member. You must make 20 transactions and also make 10 referrals to their site. You can use your free $100 to make an investment on the investment opportunities they present to you. What if they receive 1 million new members a day? Well, no site could afford to pay out that money daily when there has been no work performed and so we see that offer is not sincere.

Why anyone would give you $100 to make yourself some money is actually bizarre and should be a warning sign that something is not right. I mean, why don’t they just keep that money and invest it themselves and earn themselves the cash instead? And so by simple logic we can already see that it can’t be legit – no company is just giving away free money.

Incidentally, even though they say that $100 is  yours for free you can not cash it out. It is only digital numbers on your screen that is no better then play money. It seems you are not required to invest real money per my research.

However, that makes little sense, and so, I am very much suspecting once you have spent that fake money they allot to you then you maybe required to invest. The investment products you see are not real and are indeed fake Forex, binary options packages. You may pay but receive either worthless digital product or nothing at all.

They try to convince us that they are the “first integrated partner program for operation in foreign exchange market”. All of their fake sites have the same wording, color, template, work offer, same free unreal money and ultimately they are not being of any use to anyone. Those have may have invested will not be receiving any returns.

What has been your experience with MyRise?

Let everyone know below so we can all get a better picture of how they are scamming people.

So, they are either selling you fake packages or they are just wasting your time. Should they not be selling you anything then their payback is collecting your personal data. Such data that you entered upon sign up will be harvested and then sold on the Deep Web for a personal profit of these unknown scam artists. Just watch out for any emails you don’t know, and of course, DON’T CLICK ON LINKS FROM UNKNOWN SENDERS!

There is much wrong with their website and you may go ahead and click on their Privacy Policy and see that it is in Russian. I mean, why would you put a Russian PP Page for others to see, the very people you are trying to dupe, just to make them suspicious and leave?

Well, there is a very good reason for these deliberate mistakes. I say ‘mistakes’, because they are planted to see if you will make out if they are legit or not. Those that view, or worse still, those that don’t view such pages (only around 10% of people will anyways) and STILL go ahead with the work on their site, tells the scammers you know nothing of what a scam look like. 

In Ireland, Solicitors call this the ‘fecking ejit clause‘. I kid you not, you can Google it. That is the term applied for the deliberate insertion of scam signs into a site to see who is more ready to be scammed then not. Those that don’t see these signs, or don’t recognize them, then the founder will go to work and do his or her’s absolute best to take your to the cleaners or extract important info from you to the maximum to sell on for a personal profit.

Their Referral Program is also a joke! You make referrals and then they offer you some commission on  their transactions. This is only to boost their own memberships and seem more like a real site to new members. This also helps them to be able to monetize their site with ads if that traffic exceeds into good numbers. This is another and also a free way for them to earn money from people.

By now, if all the above was not enough to prove to you they are not legit, then consider that MyRise, since day 1 of their creation, has said to have paid out many thousands to many people on their. Those figures can not be proven, and actually, they have not proven them to be true. You can look, but there are no payment proofs anywhere on their site. Sure, many seem to be taking their site as legit at face value, but that is where you error begin and how they can end up messing with you. Good Job on Googling them, by the way.

Know of a scam site?

You may send all URL’s of suspicious emails/scam sites to this websites email support at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. Check out the comments, if any, for additional information as well. I check that email daily so I can always catch a reply from me there, if you don’t want to communicate via the comments section on this website.


Final Thoughts.

Well! I hope that was not too much of a shock to most of you that MyRise is just another copy of a scam site that is looking to expand its reach online. Should they be selling any products then know those products are not real and you will pay good money for nothing. Also, they will just waste your time! And, collect your personal data and sell that on to scam artists online for a fee. There is nothing good to say on that site and only to say they are a scam site! Do keep your distance, and all shares of this article are appreciate, as they are starting to pull in decent traffic and thus are becoming a problem to many’s online safety.

That is all I currently have time for on What Is MyRise.Net. Those that may still have questions on them are very much welcome to ask me below where I will always get back to you. Don’t forget, your free account is below to learn how to make a website absolutely boom with profits. You may read HERE for additional info on how that is done. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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