– Is Scam or Legit?

By | November 9, 2018

What Is – Fraudulent or Trusted Online Work?

Right now, there are many You-Tube videos trying to get you to sign up through them. However, these are either victims themselves or the scammers trying to trick you. Good work on finding this review to know for real all about ( Is MyMonthlyJob com fake, fraud, scam or is My Monthly Job genuine, safe, real, legit and paying out? This MyMonthlyJob is going to look over and review what they are exactly. The short answer is that they are a scam site and part of a larger network. Other sites that are identical are,, to name a few of them.

This website has exposed a number of scam networks online, and as far as legitimacy, My Monthly Job has none! They are the real-deal when it comes to scamming people and they take their work very seriously. On a brighter note, there are good ways to earn online. Those that are not too disheartened, and may still be interested in earning online legitimately, are welcome to find out more in my #1 Recommendation. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they are my #1 Recommendation simply because they work. No brain-science behind that other than they have helped me earn online and do so every day. Anyone can achieve this out come with work and dedication to your own online success. Let us continue with this review of the site in question.




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 – The Full Scam Revealed.

A review of one of their sites is a review of them all. They all operate the same and no one ever gets paid. Those reviews of the other sites is more than enough to convince you not to work on their site. The info below is all about why they are not legit and what to look out for if you have worked on their site. Be begin to figure out who the owner is. Where information surrounding site ownership is in question, for those sites that offer paid work from home jobs, then we should be very worried and do further research. 

All websites must register online and that can be done at WHOIS. Simply type in the URL of the site in question and you will see all the data the owner submitted. Legit sites will put in their proud founders name, their office address, contact support etc. Scam sites won’t or put in fake data. Site

Stay clear of



There is no founder name submitted with their site and no information on who owns the site at their website location either. This is alarming and should alert you to the fact that this is not an accident. Website owners know very well they should put their names if they are offering paid to work from home offers or others paying them for their service. This is a scam sign and one I see every day many times a day. Now we begin to look deeper into their offer for more discrepancies.




How The Scam Works – An Over View.

Sign up for free and the scammers are hoping you use your real email address. This is a bit of problem if you did because now they probably have the password to all of social accounts online! How? People have the terrible habit of using just one password for all their accounts online – and that includes their email passwords. So scammers know this very well and so you should definitely change your passwords and have nine for all of your accounts online.

This way if they have the password for one account then you are not completely exposed online to heartless scammers who would love to know everything about you to profit from your identity. So that email is or has been sold onto scammers where scam artists can make very good money from selling on personal information.

They say they have been online for years, but that particular copy, has only been online in 2018 for a short time now. All they ask of you is to share your referral link. Therefore, they are a referral scam network. The more people that go to their site and sign up then the more chances these scammers of making big money fast. So please stop sharing your referral links as you won’t get paid anyways, so there really is no point.

The Minimum Pay out is $300 and that is too high! Good and trusted sites will set that as low as 1c. Maybe $10, up to $100 before they will pay out to you. But anything over $100 is considered a scam sign, and here is why. They threshold is set high to give YOU time to make as many referrals as possible before hitting the cash out point! THAT is the only reason but one that could save you from another future scam, just by knowing this one point.

$200 per day and $5000 a month is all nonsense and you can dream on if you think anyone on Planet Earth is ever going to pay out that kind of money for just sharing a link!! I got caught once with a link referral scam site. I made my quota of clicks and then got phished for all my personal details. I was not happy at all. So don’t feel so bad, it happens to so many people so this does not mean you still make it online. Even people who love to rant on Facebook would be great bloggers 🙂 . Those interested in learning how to blog and earn money from it can have a look there at your leisure.

Once you have asked for your money, they will try to pull some tricks on you! So be very awake here and know the most common ways scam sites will try to gain your hard earned cash for themselves without ever paying you:-




Upgrade to unlock your earnings but that is only to get some money out of you.

Complete a Survey to get your earnings. You could be sent off to another website where they will ask you to complete a survey. You more than likely will be asked to pay to complete that task, which is so profoundly ridiculous it is amazing people do it at all, but relative to $300 I can see why and how people fall for it as well.

Complete an Offerthis is the most dangerous one. A third party site will ask you to sign up to their offer and this will more than likely, once again, require you to hand over bank details. They may say some nonsense that they need to know you are over 18 and so this is the reason for those details. That is a lie, they can verify your age by a million ways and so you must see any site asking for your bank details to test your age is full of rubbish.

OK, once you sign up with your bank details then you may find you are charged by them to your account. Always check websites terms and conditions because that is where they hide those sneaky monthly recurring charges that you did not know about. Dispute such charges and get your bank to give you a refund.

Those that pay to cash out will find they have lost access to your account with their scam site. They account will live on for as long as their site does where it will be eventually deleted. These accounts are kept open so not to alert others you referred something is wrong, and also, to give out a false impression of member numbers.











Final Thoughts.

Any site that looks like the one exposed in this article would do very well to stay clear of them. You are welcome to report such sites in the comments below, as this website, writes on all scam sites. So, any site that has ripped you off you are welcome to report here. This is almost coming to a close now as I believe we can all see they are not a good site. Always look for reviews, reports online about sites, before investing with them. Where you find that you question has not been answered then definitely continue on with your own research.

Have questions on You are warmly invited to ask below where I will be happy to assist. Those looking to earn online, as mentioned, can click the image below or the links above on how to do this. Those that have a good work ethic will do best, naturally, and those that are just lazy – well, I wish you well and I am glad that this article has been of use to you. Thank you all for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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  1. Lucy Njoroge

    Hi. I have Been in “ “and when i signed up to open a paypal account, i was told my email already exists yet i DINT have a paypal ccount before.. After reading your reviews, kindly advice on What steps i can take to avoid my detils been taken by scammers.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hello Lucy,

      I see on page 1 of Google there are a number of other sites that have long since wrote about To save you time you are probably best to ask one of those sites for an informed answer. Hope that helps Lucy.

  2. GN

    First it was mylife change 247and again it seems to me that there is no site which can be trusted. why dont this scammers at least come up with something that can benefit both parties. They must know that time will come were no one will ever part take in this website beware of the ever changing technology.

    Please assist me with your best recommended link to make money from home . I thank you and God bless you.

  3. mascud abdirashid

    help me iwant to payout $300 ,when i click the captcha test he was writen
    sorry,there are no offers in your region at this time.
    so i wanted to help him as soon as posible.

  4. unique

    i am interested in wealthy affiliate but i do not have an android phone!!!!!! can you assist pls

    can you help me with online real business pls
    you can message me

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Unique,

      You don’t need an adroid phone but instead you do need a laptop. Let me know if you are still interested. It is free to start. 1st month is just $19 then $49 thereafter with a hefty yearly discount. It is Free To Begin to see if it is something you would be interested in.

  5. JessaAmihan

    Hey thank you for the information please suggest a online job ,I want to earn money online . I thought that MyMonthlyJob is the one but it’s a scam. Oh God.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Jessa,

      Why not sign up to the Wealthy Affiliate Links left in the above article? Its free to join and might be worth giving a shot.

  6. Richard Erinjeri

    Hey, what sites do you recommend to make money online? no matter how low it is I am just looking to make some cash online, but am not that familiar with it.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Richard,

      I specialize in making a website and making that website earn a full time income. Depending on your time and effort you could be earning in a relatively short amount of time. Let me know if that interests you.

      If not simply take a look at the top of this pages menu and have a look at the recommendations contained therein. Let me know if you wish to discuss this further Richard – I really am here to help.

        1. Scam Witness

          Hi Gabriel,

          I am assuming you want your Free Account? HERE it is. If not, please don’t hesitate to let me know what link you are after as I really am here to help you. Thanks for your comment as well Gabriel.


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