What Is MyLoveGoods.com – Is MyLoveGoods.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 14, 2019

Find Out Here What Is MyLoveGoods.com About – Scam Alert!

You have ventured into the right review on What Is MyLoveGoods.com found at www.mylovegoods.com. Is MyLoveGoods com fake, dishonest, crooked, fraudulent, scam, deceitful or Is MyLoveGoods good, genuine, real, safe, honest, legit, trustworthy? This My Love Goods Review is to warn you all about a raging scam network that have many sites. Such sites we have avidly exposed are Skying.icu, SetComing.com, Morderneor.com, VsTroll.com, NuxtFit.com, SuperGoMall.com, InnovStylish.com, InovGoods.com, Coolerones.com, GadJetMart.com, InnovGoods.com, YouthForSome.com, Poisly.com, Rena1ssance.com, LucuryBuy.com, Tylious.com and there are so many more. Report them below to help alert others please.

There is a pile of information contained on their scam network contained in those reviews of their other sites. There is countless more online and so do feel free to report them below if you don’t see them listed here. This network operates out of China despite whatever address they leave on their sites, if any. Typically it appears to be common that they have a process to make their own goods.

These goods could be inferior, shoddy, counterfeit and not close in value to what you paid for them. The more that report on them the sooner they will have to shut down their sites. When their reputation become so bad then people will stop falling for their scam, illegal earnings will drop, and so it will not be worth the scammers time to keep them running.


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More Information on What Is MyLoveGoods.com – More Reasons They are Fake.

So let us be 100% clear about their other sites. Do stay far away from SuperGoMall, InnovGoods, Tylious, NuxtFit, GadJetMart, LucuryBuy, VsTroll, Coolerones, Rena1ssance, Morderneo, InovGoods, Poisly, SetComing, InnovStylish, YouthForSome and Skying.icu. They are owned by same operators as MyLoveGoods.com. All proven scams. 


MyLoveGoods.com Review

Don’t purchase from www.mylovegoods.com!


  • Those that made payment should know that these scammers now have your banking details. They are at risk of further fraudulent attempts. Such data could be stored on cyber-crooks devices for years until they have a big enough list to sell onto other scammers. At which point it is an easy and lucrative way to make even more cash at your expense.
  • Contact your payment provider and get a refund and also cancel your card to stop further unauthorized withdrawals.
  • Their site was made to register online in 2018/12/09 and they made many sites around this time period. 1 year is all they have registered for. This makes no sense as it is common for honest sites to want to have a site online for many years to come. Also think about all the expenses real businesses have endured before registering a website. Why then spend so little on your biz online when really it costs so little to do so. Now we see that they are following the pattern so obvious with fake businesses.
  • They do not have a valid business address attached to their site but only Anhui, CN. That is incomplete and sign of deception. Now since we do not know where exactly they are from, they can scam maliciously as much as they like, then close their site down and get away without consequences.
  • There is no phone number, email or founder name attached to their site. That is unheard of with legit sites and really there is no reason to hide such basic information when you are running a seemingly legit e-commerce site. That is all I need to call them an untrustworthy site.




MyLoveGoods Scam Signs – It Will Save You From Their Fraud.

Here are some few scams sign that you can apply to any site online to see if they are good or bad. Bad sites will invariably leave a few clues to let us know if we should trust them or not, and if you do not catch them, then they feel that you are a good ‘mark’ and they can go to ‘work’ on you with confidence.

1). They are using the same site template, features, layout, errors, wording, images as they use for all their other sites. Sometimes their sites look slightly different, but there are few sections of their site that do not change, and so that is how we can link them together.

2). Prices are just too low that it would send any business bankrupt in no time. Some of their sites even give away free global delivery, but I see here, that they offer 30% off of that. Do not fall for it.

3). As with all of their site they are lying about the age of them next to the copyright symbol, bottom left of their site. It says 2010 to 2019 but in WHOIS, that keeps a database of all sites that register online details, they registered in 2018. That is only to make you think they are older than what they are to gain more trust from you leading to more sales. A very common trick.

4). I see a phone number in their Contact Us section of 1 626 456 6688. We have already researched that number and it has other apparently separate companies using that number. So how is it possible for separate online companies to have the same phone number? Of course that is impossible and so we can say that they own those sites as well or they are hiding behind someone else’s information to avoid being caught.

5). Email address of support@mylovegoods.com you won’t probably get any response from or from that number.

6). The about us section on their site is exact wording of their other sites. That is an excellent clue that they are all the one network and you should stay far away from them when you see such generic verbatim wording.

7). No one seems to own their site as there is no founder name listed therein, no information on their whereabouts and only basic email and phone number. That is alarming to say the least.



Do You Have A MyLoveGoods.com Scam Report? Please Feel Free To Leave Those Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Multiple sites that are disclosed to anyone online. Where we find identical sites then we have to become worried and seek out reviews. Where these reviews are negative and too numerous then we must assume not everyone can be lying about them. Stay safe and shop online at Amazon and stores you know and trust. Even if you get your order from the site in question it may be so poor in quality you will have to get a refund anyways. Please do report them here and that really will help alert others online. They are going into m sites List of Internet Scammers.

I love to hear from people that visit my website and so do feel free to leave your questions, views, stories and reports below. This forum is designed for people affected in anyway by the scam network disclosed herein to come together and share views for the benefit of the online world. Thank you for coming by and please do claim your two free websites below as a gift for visiting us here today. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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