Review – Is ‘MyKedd’ Scam or Legit? – Must Read Review!

By | February 22, 2019

Find Out What Is Here – The ‘MyKedd’ Review.

You are welcome to this review on Is MyKedd com at a scam, fraudulent, deceptive etc or Is ‘MyKedd’ legit, genuine, real, safe? So this review is also a review of They are almost identical sites, and since we have already declared Hystund a scam, then we will see if scammers have 2 sites defrauding people. Those with positive/negative reviews are welcome to comment below this article to help inform/alert people about either site.

Many times there is a steady flow of fake sites in the e-store niche. Most times they are coming out of China. Typically, after payment, you could end up waiting for months. 2, 3 or even 4 months it may take for your purchase from a fake site. Common enough is that it is the wrong item, damaged, shoddy, counterfeit and maybe even stolen goods. Those worried about any site they may have purchased from are always allowed to apply to their payment provider for refunds, but only when there is good reason.



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 and Review – Both Scam Sites?

Received a very interesting comment here at from a visitor called Senge. You may see that comment HERE. Anyways, seems was advertising on Facebook they were reported for being a scam. However, Senge also noticed sometime later they were calling themselves ‘’. What do you thinking:- is ‘MyKedd’ a scam? Let us take a further look.


question legitimate or fraudulent?


  • Here we are going to take a few easy researching steps to help us decide on scam or legit. So, where there is too much doubt on a site (and they are new), minimally we can say ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’. We define a site like this or as a ‘SCAM’ by beginning with their sites registration date.
  • 2019/02/19 is the date they registered that site. 1 year is all they have decided to go into online business for. Now, this is only odd because it breaks the normal trend of legit and honest sites registering for significantly longer than 1 year. But only fall into the patter of how scammer sites behave i.e. they register for little time, defraud many people as possible, and shut down their site without warning.
  • Address for their sites registration is not theirs. You can see this address in WHOIS and then Google it. You may find so many other online businesses claiming it as theirs. So we can presume they are using a proxy instead of their real location. 
  • There is no founder name on their site or at their sites registration. This is very strange if they were legit as honest businesses have such info clearly displayed. Even there is no address or contact number. More signs of a cover-up and more signs to tell us to be careful here.
  • ‘MyKedd’ and ‘Hystund’ sites have identical ‘ABOUT US’ sections! That is a big giveaway and is one thing that scammers keep getting themselves caught in – in general.
  • They are both new sites and yet they have the power to somehow offer 50% discounts so soon after opening. That is more like a closing down sale if they were legit. It takes time to generate even ‘1 penny’ online and so 50% OFF is another sign that something could be very wrong with them.






Final Thoughts.

Personally, ‘I’ would not buy from either one of their sites. We also know that was declared a scam by OnlineThreatAlerts as well and so we are not the only site saying ‘SCAM’. For Both? Given the quick research above it has to be apparent they may BOTH not be trusted.

Those that are happy with their orders, as there are many times fake sites will deliver items that please people, are welcome to state so below. Those that were scammed are urged to take action by reporting them below. The more reports online about these two sites then the less people will either get scammed, or at least, just be better informed.

That is all in this Review and I hope it has of been use to you. Looking forward to hearing from you and others in the comments below 🙂 .







10 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘MyKedd’ Scam or Legit? – Must Read Review!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Zedena,

      Please contact your payment provider since you did not get the goods that you paid for. You can apply for a refund and I am very sorry you have had this experience. Thank you kindly for taking the time to report on Zedena and please feel welcome to let us know how your refund goes.

  1. Karene Kamg

    I too ordered a massage bed @$68. No confirmation email received. After sending several emails n enquiry I still have not receive any reply. I think it’s a scam what should I do? I had placed the order for almost 3wks.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Karene,

      Thank you for your customer review. If you want to claim a refund then contact your payment provider.

      Per your report then if they are ignoring you then obviously legit sites do not ignore their customers. So take images of all communications from you to them and them to you.

      Check to see if your tracking code is working. If not, then take an image of that as well. IF yes, then take the image anyways of the product details. If something then arrives, and the goods are not what you ordered, then you have proof you got something other than what you ordered.

      Hope that helps Karene and you are most welcome to come back here to report on how it gets resolved. Thanks again Karene 🙂 .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Put in for a refund Dakota with your payment provider and I wish you well with that. You are welcome to let us know how that goes as well if you think of it sometime.

  2. Vicki

    They’ve taken money 3 weeks ago for a massage bed but not delivered. They are ignoring my emails so its defo a scam. I wouldn’t buy from them.

  3. tenneshia reditt

    They also have another identical website called KeddShop…It has the exact same webpage as MyKedd also offering the exact same massage beds.


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