What Is MyJobPaid.com – Is MyJobPaid.com Scam or Legit Job Offer?

By | October 25, 2018

What Is MyJobPaid.com Really About? 

Brace yourself, the news is not good regarding What Is MyJobPaid.com (www.myjobpaid.com) ! Is MyJobPaid com fraudulent, scam, fake, crooked, dishonest or is MyJobPaid genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This My Job Paid Review is going to make sure minimal amount of people are scammed by this relatively new site. There are many copies floating online such as EasyWorkApp.com and they never pay out . Their network has been running for years now and only getting bigger and stronger. Below is my research to help you make up your own mind. Do report them below if they wasted your time and/or scammed you out of your hard earned cash.

While there is no doubt MyJoPaid is a blatant and obvious scam site, there are a number of good ways to earn money online and for the long term. You don’t need a credit card either to sign up to my #1 Recommendation that has been proven to work time and time again. When people learn to work for themselves then of course you can’t scam yourself. This way you can earn any amount of money you want but all determined by your work efforts. You just need a laptop and internet connection to learn how.





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What Is MyJobPaid.com – Full Report.

The image below is a snippet from their site. What is very odd about it is their site logo does not match the name of the site they mention a few lines down. That is an amazing scam sign right there, and this particular scam network, are prone to these unnecessary errors. I advise the scammers to slow down and avoid this laughable error or not because it does make my life a lot easier 🙂 . What Is MyJobPaid.com is going to be easy to say that they are a scam site. Let us find out to be 100% sure of this fact.

We begin by trying to hunt down some ownership information details. Their site was made 05/10/2018 and registered for 1 year online. Sites that are offering ways to earn online from home, that is paid work, should always have basic owner info and also a real world address including contacting info. Unfortunately they have not submitted such information.


MyJobPaid.com Exposed

do not login into www.myjobpaid.com.


That is a classic sign of a hit and run site that are only interested to just scam people and run off with all the profits. Their site can close down at any moment in time, and since we don’t know who the founder is, then there is no feasible way to get them to return monies or jail them. This is the real reason why there are no data of this kind.

Their email support on their site is no good either and probably just won’t send any emails to them. It is either a phishing email or a fake email. Their support page should also be considered a phishing attempt or a fake form of contact page.




Their Fake Work From Home Offer Details and How The Scam Works.

They are saying you are to earn about $200 a day for doing a few simple tasks. From what I can see they just want you to share your referral link. That is all. There is not a site online that can afford to payout nearly $200 a day to all members for doing such easy and simple work. This kind of work looks for people that don’t want to do a lot of work but want to earn a lot of money

However, and common sense tells us, that there is no such thing as an easy job for big money. That is a lazy mind set and a mind set the scammers exploit to the hilt to earn themselves easy/big money online. Incidentally, their sites tend to pull in huge numbers of people to be scammed and people are sharing their referral links, to these fake sites, like a swarm of money-crazed lunatics. Stop sharing your links as it will only pull in other people that really may not be able to afford to be scammed out of money.

The Minimum Cash Out is $300 – Why Is It So High?!

oh yes – they also say you have the potential to earn $5000 a month as well for this kind of work. Again, that is not real, as mentioned.

So the minimum cash out of $300 can be earned quite fast. Once you have hit the level then you may encounter a few odd requests not mentioned anywhere on their site before this point.

These tasks could be:-

Complete an Offer!

These offers that they may ask you to complete are a very dangerous way to get scammed. It is likely you will be sent off to a third party website and they will or may ask for your card details. That is a really bad situation to be in right there. They may say that these card details are only required to verify you are over 18 or something along those lines. Promises maybe made that your card won’t be charged until the trial period is over. Problem is, if you are dealing with a fraudulent site then its likely they will charge your card many times. 

You should contact your bank and get your card cancelled and seek a return of defrauded funds ASAP! Even if you land on an honest site then such sites still are a little unethical at times. Read carefully their Terms and Conditions as at times these companies will have all kinds of small charges to your account that are not clearly explained in their initial offer. 

The Thresh Hold for Pay Outs is enormous because that allows you enough time to make them maximum referrals. That is all and actually, the more you share your links and make those referrals, the more Google will believe they are a good and honest site and allow for better rankings. This is all bad news and really I ask you now to share this article instead to the networks you shared your referral link to.

They Make Money by selling on your personal data as well as receiving some money for surveys or offers you complete. The personal data is put onto a list, and depending on how big that list is, they can earn big money and fast money for such information. The idea is if you were prone to falling for one scam then its likely you will fall for another. Hence why its good business for scammers to make these lists and sell them on.

These sites have been known to have malware and so you need to protect your devices now by updating your browsers and also updating your anti virus. Minimally you should change your Social Accounts Passwords as well. Never save passwords to your browsers are these software’s will look their for such information.








We Need Your Reports On MyJobPaid and EasyWorkApp – Please Report Them Below – Thank You.





Final Thoughts.

Any site that you see the same template layout you should definitely avoid as its the same scam site, by same owners, like you see in the image of their sites. They are nothing but a referral scam network that make money from the offers and surveys you complete. And of course all that juicy personal data that can fetch at a starting price of around $250! Do stay clear of them and also report them below.

Those that have questions on What Is MyJobPaid.com are welcome to ask below. Also, anyone that has questions on EasyWorkApp, or any site that looks like either one of them, are welcome to comment below where I will always respond to you. As mentioned, those that are not lazy minded are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation to see if running your own website and earning money from it is something you could see yourself doing. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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