What Is MyHourlyPay.com – Is MyHourPay.com Scam or Legit Online Job?

By | November 25, 2018

WARNING – Do Not Join Before Reading What Is MyHourlyPay.com.

Most people don’t do any research to answer questions like What Is MyHourlyPay.com (www.myhourlypay.com). Or think to ask Is MyHourlyPay com fake, crooked, scam, dishonest, bad and filled with malware? Is MyHourlyPay good, genuine, real, legit, safe, honest and paying out? They are a scam site. You only have to take a quick look at some of their other sites like StartPartTimeJob, EasyWorkApp, DoPartTimeJob, MyWeeklyWork, MyPaidJob, etc! This My Hourly Pay Review will have you in no doubt to stay clear of any site that looks like the one you are researching now.

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What Is MyHourlyPay.com – All You Need To Know To Avoid Being Scammed.

Right now you know my opinion on What Is MyHourlyPay.com. They are not legit and indeed a fraudulent site. Also, as mentioned, don’t go near either StartPartTimeJob, MyPaidJob, MyWeeklyWork, EasyWorkApp and DoPartTimeJob! All bogus and belong to the same scammers. OK, for those interested and obviously still reading, let us now take a brisk look at why these sites are fake and only out to con you out of time and potentially money.

All sites are obliged to go through an online registration procedure. For sites offering paid work from home, or selling something for monetary exchange etc, it is standard and expected protocol to leave the founder name, business address premises of their organization, contact info etc. Where such data is missing is then then the start of further research. Minimally, it is a very worrying sign.


MyHourlyPay.com Site

don’t work at www.myhourlypay.com!


Their site was registered with NameCheap Inc on the 2018/09/29. One year is what they have choosen to have their site online for. The point is that is too short a time for a real business to register for. It is indicative of scam site behavior and is widely known as deceptive, when we also include, the lack of owner transparency.

Which brings us nicely to the fact there is no Owner Name attached to My Hourly Pay or any of their other fraudulent sites. Even have a look at their site and you won’t see any information on where the owners are from, their name(s) and the contact information is a phishing form where you won’t get a response. Should you do then it will most likely be from a bot. 0/100% Trust for Ownship Transparency. Already, that is enough to call them a scam site with some confidence.



The Scam Exposed – Are They Really The Fastest Way To Make Money?

No, they are not! They are however one of the fastest ways I know of to get scammed online. So, here is how their fraudulent network operates.

Free to sign up and you will see that they form you used to enter your email,  name etc is actually a phishing form. You could of just signed up with a made up email address and still be able to login. That is a classic sign of a scam site. Now that personal email of yours is going to be sold onto scammers for a profit, along with many others. That is a quick and profitable way for them to earn money from you as well.

Once you then you will see that they just want you to share your referral link. That is all the work that is required of you. They say you average out about $200/$500 a day and $5000 for doing such easy work. When someone clicks on your link then you are said to earn money. That is it.

Moving swiftly on, when you hit your target of $300, then you can cash out. But of course, you never will. At this point it is possible they will ask of you to Upgrade, Do A Survey or Complete an Offer. All attempts to defraud you further.

Doing a Survey to Cash Out.

Once you complete this survey that will be on a third party website then MyHourlyPay will get some referral commissions for that. The catch is you have to pay to complete that ‘TASK’ or survey. That is one way you are fleeced of your money.


Once you upgrade then you still don’t get paid. Yet another way for them to tempt you to lose money to them.

Complete an Offer.

Here is the most dangerous element to their scam. This is so because you may be required to hand over bank details. There is no way of telling if you will be re-directed to scam site or not. Assuming you are not, even so called legit companies, very well could have hidden sneaky charges tucked away in their terms and conditions.

This is very bad because you could end up agreeing to pay recurring monthly charges without knowing until they are taken from your bank account. Simply cancel your trial period before it ends.

Should you be re-redirected to a scam site then you are in a bit more trouble. Fraudulent sites will ask you to submit your bank details to prove you are over 18. I nearly fell for that once but that is just a phishing attempt. Once they have such information then they can at will charge your charge card whatever they will, however often they want.

Simply put in a dispute for these charges with your bank or PayPal for a refund, hopefully.


For those that had their time wasted, Money Stolen by MyHourlyPay, are welcome to report them below in the comments section. This will help others avoid their scam. Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Need more proof, then check out the links in the intro of this article. You will see may other sites that look like the one written on. Also, there are a number of other people online exposing this scam network as well. Curiously though, the one just exposed as not been exposed by others yet, as far as I can see. They will waste your time for free work efforts and even try to get money out of you under false pretenses.

For anyone that has a question or two on What Is MyHourlyPay.com, not answered in this article, are welcome to ask below. I will be happy to further assist. Those that just want to say ‘hi’ are welcome to do so as well 🙂 . Should you have come across sites that look like the one(s) exposed in this article are also welcome to place those URL’s below, or any other scam site. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all your comments to come.


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27 thoughts on “What Is MyHourlyPay.com – Is MyHourPay.com Scam or Legit Online Job?

  1. Je-an

    Hi sir how could iI delete myhourlypay account? if I dont go back to their website will it automatically shut dow? Thank you

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Jea-an,

      I don’t believe you can Je-an. You must now wait until the site itself closes down and then you may see that you get spammed into your email. Sorry to give you that bad news.

  2. Pam

    Hi there..

    Good day, I was just about to tell all my story regarding of HourlyPay for what I’ve experienced to this SCAM MoneyCashWebsiteOnline. However I highly appreciated for this author who really made this article for giving such advice for those people who might be interested to that HourlyPay. Without further ado.. All I can say to you guys.. Please do not register on that site of HourlyPay.com because it is a BIG SCAM.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That was very kind of you Pam and your warning is very much appreciated. Thank you for your kind support as well, it is dearly appreciated. 🙂 .

  3. rhodora

    Good thing, I found this article. I have reached the minimum $300 on “myhourly.com” and yet it is requiring me to install apps on which I am afraid that it will cause viruses on my phone. Even before I reached the $300, the one who sent me that link had asked me to stop because it might be a scam. However, out of curiosity, I was wondering what will be next if I reach the $300 and knowing I already made an effort. I must admit that I was not vigilant and victimized by this scam. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rohodor,

      You are welcome Rhodora and you are right about those apps, they would have probably had viruses in them.

  4. Lea Velante

    before I start to make an account on that page, I have a lot of doubts about it, because simply sending a link can save money and the offer size of $ 300 is not really credible, it’s worth the amount of payment for you, simply send it. I hope it’s a big help. then its a scam only

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      It is only a scam Lea and you will never get paid from them for simple link sharing work. Thanks for your comment Lea.

  5. Jade

    Why i cannot open my account of myhourlypay. Com. After i reached 300$. I am not authorized to open again… I really need an online job… ????

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That is because they are a scam site – they pay out to know one. There are links in this article to help you find online work if you are interested Jade.

  6. Roxanne

    I been in thats site and its 265$ i earned
    So now i must observe if my earn goes to 300$ and im not authorize to that link then i probably stop

  7. faridah

    i just try to register it today…later found out is a scam…i register it thru mobile phone…is there any problem?i afraid if it will affect all my data in my mobile??

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Faridah,

      Just don’t go back to their site. They are not good or legit. I don’t know if they have the means to steal your mobile data but I seriously doubt it Faridah and so I would not worry on this point. Thank you for your question Faridah.

  8. ama2k

    I’m Lucky to read this Article 🙂 There is no shortcut to earn large of money 🙂

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ama,

      I am glad this article was of help to you and you are right there are no short cuts. Let me know if you are still looking to earn online as I do know of one that is free to sign up.

  9. yam magsakay

    aww… my bad. i just registered today at myhourlypay before finding your article. can i just delete my account there instead? thank you for this sir. it is very helpful to those I guess like me looking for part time jobs online. hoping i could find legit, next time. God bless!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Yam,

      Please call me Philip 🙂 . No, you can’t delete your account. It will be removed when the shut down that website.

  10. Honey

    I’m also a victim of their scam..kindly guide me properly to earn online by my mobile?

  11. Onsachi Suleman Adava

    Hi can’t access my hourly pay account, its telling me am not authorized. Pls I nid my cash

  12. Kylie

    now i knew that myhourly pay is scam after i reached the the limit $300 i cant log in again it says im not autorized in that site

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Kylie,

      Sorry to hear this.

      Are you serious about earning online? I used to be on scam sites, not knowing they were scams, and had my own time wasted plenty.

      Let me know – I know I can help you.

      1. Slmshaddy

        I really need ur help Sir, my data is just wasting for nothing everyday, i really need money earning site to patch up my salary

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Slmshaddy,

          Simply click on the invitation links to Wealthy Affiliate in this article, or HERE, to sign up for work to begin earning online for the long term. You need a laptop though. Hope that helps.


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