What Is ‘MyDigAds’ – Is MyDigAds.com Scam or Legit Job Offer? SCAM!

By | May 16, 2019

‘MyDigAds’Review – Not Paying Out!

Looking to earn online? MyDigAds.com is not the way to do so. They have stopped paying out to its members and only soaking people for their hard earned cash and work efforts. So, you now know the answer to What Is ‘MyDigAds’. Below is our research to show you why they are being fraudulent and not a Legit Way To Earn Online.

Those that have been duped out of their cash are welcome to leave your own reports in the comments below this article. Begin we go any further, I am sorry to bear this news to you as I too have been scammed in the past. While you may not want to hear about another way to earn online, Our Number 1 Recommendation, Does Pay Out. You may click that link to find out more for those serious in finding a no-sign-up-fee and no-credit-card-details way to begin and start earning sooner.



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What Is ‘MyDigAds’ Really All About – Stay Clear, Does Not Payout Anymore.




  • They used to pay out to their  members. Now, there are sources and reviews online stating that people are only losing their cash through their own bitcoin. Whatever the tasks these cyber-crooks get you to do, just know, they will never pay you. There is no way to cash out. Your account can not be closed until they shut down the site.
  • Those that perhaps, in some way handed over payment information, now need to make contact with your payment provider. This will stop random charges to your card because you will probably need to cancel that for a new one. Those that paid with PayPal, if required, should contact them and put in for a refund as soon as possible.
  • There seems to be evidence that they used to pay out to their members. Most Paid To Click ‘opportunities’ may pay out for 1 or 2 years. Then suddenly, stop doing so. This kind of work anyways is a very poor choice to earn anything as there are better ways. We will not get into all that they offer as it is all fraudulent and fake anyways and so would only be a waste of time.
  • When sites like this are fraudulent then it is more than likely they have harvested your sign up information, including any data concerning your payment info. This info is then stored on a list and could possibly be sold on the deep web. This is a very efficient and fast way to earn big money quickly for cyber-crooks.
  • Watch out for any spam emails as therein you could find more illegitimate ways to earn online. Out of all the emails sent, containing spam links, Eighty Thousand People a day are scammed. Bear that in mind if you are ever tempted to click on those scam-links in emails.
  • They are asking people to invest in their platform and so that is lost money if you do not contest those payments. They are tempting people to sign up for free with an unreal and too-good-to-be-true sign up bonus. No business can just give away free cash, bitcoin, and expect to stay afloat. Actually, they would only be going into extreme debt for which would put them into final legal problems.
  • I can easily prove the above paragraph with simple logic. ‘YOU’ signing up and getting something for free for doing so earns that platform $00.00. So already ‘MyDigAds’ has lost cash and now must find a way to generate revenue before you run off with their cash.
  • So they want you to earn more by clicking on their ads. Such platforms can offer as low as 100th of a cent for doing so. That is not close to minimum wage and you would be very lucky indeed to earn just $10 per month, typically speaking.
  • With just over 10 ‘clicks’ on offer to you a day you can see how they want to ‘direct’ you to invest in their platform for daily payouts. The advertisers that have paid good money to have their ads on that site also are losing. People who join such sites, do not want to buy anything from anyone, and only want to earn little money (it seems) for many arduous hours for pennies. 
  • In essence, these sites want you to work for them for free. They have assembled a free work force for free labor. The efforts executed on this site will indeed earn the unknown founder good cash, but they do not share such revenue, and so you should know by now with great clarity not to work on that site.
  • FoxyRating.com Complaints will show you the complaints from real users of that platform. ‘SCAM‘ is a word that keeps on being used. Those that want to further expose that site are welcome to do so in the comments below.



‘MyDigAds’ Business Info – Further Proof Of A Scam.

  • Where we are not able to locate such things like founder name, business address, contact support data, is when we should begin to suspect something. Legit companies are all too willing to share everything about themselves. They will even show their department heads with a page dedicated to each one. It is not OK to not have such information available to reassure customers / users that they are legit and safe to use.
  • Lets find out. We begin to take a look at this side of their business by going to WHOIS. Here you can see the date of the site, ideally the founder name / organization name, and business address. I have yet to look but I believe that information, barring site registration date, will be NOT available as scam sites will expertly cover up such information to protect themselves from the law once exposed (or reveal themselves) as bogus.
  • DOMAIN ADMIN’ is the founder name of this website. Clearly that is not a real name and so the founder has deliberately denied that knowledge to all. The proxy address being used of 10 Burlington Way etc is not their address, hence ‘proxy’ i.e. using a fake or another’s address to hide your true location. 
  • No contact information supplied at site domain registration. Heading to their site now to see if they have left that data within their sites content. Sometimes, and I do not really know why, legit founders will not leave this information at sites registration, but once located at their site and it checks out, then that is enough to know they are safe and legit.
  • contact@mydigads.com is one of their emails and administration@mydigads.com is another. This empowers these cyber-crooks to ignore you as there is now way to know for sure if they will ever respond to you. There is no customer phone number and also there is not a founder name detailed in their ‘CONTACT US’ section of their site.
  • We should always know whom we are working for and who is supposed to be paying out to us. Business address anyone? So that is 100% deceptive behavior as clearly we do not know who the founder is. This is all by design.
  • They are offering people 154% ROI. HOW? The means they have can not guarantee those kinds of returns to all of their members. The means to generate is next to worthless as a way to generate much, and certainly, not what they say they can generate.
  • If only they were honest then all, including the founder, would be able to make money. Even if it took years, the founder could have sold that site for a small fortune. Ultimately, I always feel that cyber-crooks behavior will somehow back-fire on them one day. It is only a matter of time.
  • 15% referral commissions and 7% on referral investments are more bogus claims. Anyone online, right now saying they have been paid and offer up payment proofs, are not being truthful. There are now too many scam reports about the site in question to give them any credit.
  • In the short time they have been online, and that is only since 2018/12/07, with only 2 years registration, they have absolutely annihilated their own online reputation by their own fraudulent activities of not paying out. Where we find sites offering paid work from home offers, and then we see 1 or 2 years domain registration, can be a sign of a hit-and-run site.
  • That is not always the case as there are times where founders are working from home, like myself, to earn revenue. In this case it is beneficial if people could make this clear to all. In this case then such people are not required to reveal their home location as that would not be a sensible thing to do. Nor I imagine are they required to supply customer phone number.



Is There Any Real and Legit Way to Earn Online?

Of course there is. There are 100’s, and possibly, 1000’s of ways to earn online. Actually, there are 10’s of Thousands of ways to earn online and our 1 Recommendation is willing and perfectly competent to show you how to do this.

I sought out for years a way to earn online. I wasted my time with Paid To Click Sites, Surveys (my pet hate), link sharing for unreal cash, set up my own blog on my own without training and did not earn a penny, etc etc. All attempts failed and I nearly gave up.

So, one day I was checking out a program and came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I have never heard of them before, and since I just got my time wasted and almost scammed again, I was not holding out any hope Wealthy Affiliate was legit or real. 

Well, I did not need a credit to begin and so that is the only reason I signed up. They only asked or an email sign up (best one) and to confirm. Once confirmed I got access to that platform. I was welcomed by my referrer and a ton of people as well. 

They gave me 7 Day Premium Trial Run (some features not accessible until Upgrade to Premium), 20 free video tutorials on how to make a website, how to add content, set up menus etc etc. It was all easily explained step-by-step even though I had no prior training.

This ultimately is how scamwitness.com was created and generates me a part time income, which I am very happy with, given the few hours I invest in it. Those willing to invest full time will begin to earn sooner and earn more.


What Do I Need To Begin?

  • Laptop.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Willing to learn and apply.
  • Be consistent with your own online business.
  • Have a passion to write about.
  • Be willing to only invest $19 to start and $49 a month thereafter.


Who Is It For?

  • Unemployed – Welfare Recipients.
  • Part Time Employed but looking for a way to supplement current income.
  • Full Time Employed that want to change over to working for yourself full time, in time.

Actually, no one is excluded. ‘WA’ has 1.5 Million Members and from all over the Globe and Job backgrounds. You will be mingling with beginners and also experts in this way to earn online

Those that go Premium with this platform, for pennies a day, will earn sooner and for the long term. Success is not promised as you will have to work for. It is like putting in 40 hours a week, in the hopes, you earn 40 hours a week pay check for only a few hours a week work. This is possible because you have already put in the work. All will be shown you and remember, it really is free to begin.

So working online is a real way to earn from home for the long term. Those interested are welcome to read more about Wealthy Affiliate Here from a real member. There you will find beginner earnings as proof they do pay out.



Final Thoughts.

Are you clear now on What Is ‘MyDigAds‘? If not, you are welcome to ask your questions in the comments below. Those with reports about that site are welcome to let them have it in the comments. You are also clear that there is a real way to earn online? If no, and once again, you can ask below how this is possible. That is all and thank you for coming by. Very much looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section. MyDigAds.com is going into List Of Internet Scammers for good.






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