What Is MyBestHoney.Net / What Is MyBestHoney.com – Scam or Legit?

By | March 9, 2019

Find Out What Is MyBestHoney.Net and What Is MyBestHoney.com – Our ‘MyBestHoney’ Reviews.

You are most welcome to our reviews on What Is MyBestHoney.Net and also on What Is MyBestHoney.com. Both Identical seemingly and owned by the same people. Since they are the same, a review of one, is a review of them both. Is MyBestHoney Net a scam, fraudulent, fake, bogus or Is ‘MyBestHoney’ legit, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy? This ‘My Best Honey’ Review will source info freely available online to let you make up your own minds. However, going by complaints for this new site, they both look like genuine scam sites.

Let us find out more by taking a quick and closer look at their FB Page, attached website information, prices of their goods, complaints online (sources of) and finally if they our ‘VERDICT’. ‘MyBestHoney’ customer complaints are welcome below in the comments. Conversely, those that have positive reviews can do the same.



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What Is MyBestHoney.Net about? As Well, What Is MyBestHoney.com Really About?

The answer to What Is MyBestHoney.Net, and, What Is MyBestHoney.com, are going to be one and the same. The quick ‘look’ already taken seems to tell us they are identical sites. We must take a closer look at both to verify this. We first start off trying to find out the owners name, website business address, the business contact info they have available and registration dates for both sites. Where this is missing, false, then we have be more cautious.




Is www.mybesthoney.net and www.mybesthoney.com scam or safe?



The Dot Net version of this site was in 2018/12/03 and just a single year they have opted to start up this new online business of ladies fashion. That is a very short time and is typical of scam sites. Fake sites love to be a ‘splash-in-the-pan’ for 1 or 2 years and then vanish without warning or trace.

This has the terrible effect of leaving their unwary customers in the lurk for their orders and or refunds. Typically cyber-crooks are well versed at setting up new sites quickly and making them popular fast. Thi sis possible because they tend to lie about the quality/prices of their goods, if they even own or have permission to promote the brands on their sites.

No address was submitted upon their sites registration and only ‘CN’ was left. That is China. That is the hosting providers fault for not enforcing verification of real people and is only of the main reasons why we have the internet nearly crippled with scam sites!! I see it all the time…

No founder name left at registration either! So we have to consider that founders may not want to be spammed if they leave that information at site registration. However, legit and honest businessses do not seem to have a problem with this.

We must go to their site and see if we can find out what is missing in WHOIS, where websites data is stored.

There is no founder name or business address at their website either. If they have tucked it away in one of their pages, somewhere most obscure, then they should not be doing that! So they have covered all info about the owner and where they are really from.

I don’t trust that and so I would not give them my payment information, personally speaking.

The Dot com version of this site was registered in 2018/05/08, and since we are fast approaching that date, I suspect the Dot Net Version will soon take its place for revenue. So when older sites close down these cyber-crooks have another in its place ready to continue the defrauding, in cases where shopping sites are fake.

CN’ is the only ‘address’ they have left at their sites registration as well and no there is no founder name left. If we look to their Facebook at MyFashionHoney Shop then we see an address of:-

B201, Zhihui Park, Guangzhou, China. 

Why is it then, since if they are indeed from China, are they pricing the goods on their own websites in USA DOLLARS? Seems kind of misleading to me in the most subtle way…

Yet again there is no address or founder name on that version of the site. So unwary customers are putting themselves in a position where they are giving out personal payment information to complete and utter perfect strangers online. Do ‘you’ really trust the ‘internet’ that much?!!





‘MyBestHoney’ Scam Signs and Possible Experience With Them.

If defrauded by any of the sites aforementioned, you are more than welcome to complain to Facebook, if that is where you bumped into them. FB will typically say they do not violate their policies. I believe we are fast approaching a ‘growing-up’ stage regarding the online world. 

These platforms are NOT – NOT NOT NOT NOT – looking out for ‘you’ or anyone else when it comes to making profits for their own platforms. That is born from many scam reports online about people being scammed by a multitude of online platforms, complaining about it, and nothing it seems has happened.

That is only from my experience online researching and does not account for any possible actions presently/possibly being taken by such platforms to combat this kind of fraud.

This is also not an attack in any way on those such platforms but merely an observation per many online complaints. People are not impressed…

Scam Signs.

  • ‘MyBestHoney’ have done their ‘Best’ to hide everything about themselves. One of the sites is fast approaching their end date, though they can renew, but it is interesting to see they have an exact copy ready to take its place in such an event.
  • Cyber-crooks will do this to keep up the revenue they may have become accustomed to from previous scam site. This ensures continuation of revenue for possibly no products, shoddy goods, inferior quality goods for your hard earned cash.
  • Their prices, per the quality of the goods they are advertising, seem too-good-to-be-true.
  • Look at their MyBestHone Shop on Facebook and you will notice nearly all of the comments have been removed. That is one of the biggest warnings of a scam site as we can only assume those were complaints warning others. Why would you remove those comments from FB otherwise? Very Suspicious.



Your Possible Experience – Know The Warning Signs Folks!

Here is a list, from our extensive hours or researching and reading many an online report, on how your experience could be similar. 

Your Order – What Happened Afterwards?

Did you receive your receipt – confirmation of any kind – for your order? Where this does not happen then that is very unusual to say the least.

Taxes Calculated?

This is a common error, or maybe they just can not be bothered, to calculate extra charges on those items for tax purposes etc. That is something that may have occurred to you?

Late Delivery?

Excessive waiting times is a hall-mark of a scam site. I mean, 2, 3 and upto 4 months to wait for your parcel. Even 2 weeks is typically too long! Whatever a sites waiting time, give it a little while longer, and if no delivery then contact the company.

Take screen shots of your attempts to ask about your order and or to get a refund. Where that fails then go and get a refund, least apply for one anyways, from your payment provider.

Tracking Info – Is The Code Even Real?

Should your tracking code prove to be fake then this is where the cyber-crooks will waste a lot of your time. It is worth noting that fake tracking codes is an excellent piece of evidence for a refund.

They may issue you a new one and so do check the weight on that item. If it is too light relative to your order then take a screen shot of that as well. 

Scammers know that some payment cards allow to apply for refunds of only up to 60 days max! That is not a long time. And also, many people if not most may have used their cards and so this is a loop-hole scammers maybe exploiting to hang onto illegal earnings.

PayPal, incidentally, allows up to 180 days for a refund. It appears, even then, you are not guaranteed a refund.


Online Complaints About MyBestHoney.Net and MyBestHoney.Net.

Since MyBestHoney.Net is younger, we will probably find more complaints about the dot com version. Here is what we were able to find.

  • ComplaintsBoard.com is where we found out about these sites. You may view the scam report HERE for full details on dot net copy. Briefly, the items received were of a poor quality with poor fabric and only prints on fabrics. Partial refund was offered. When the items were returned then still the customer did not receive a refund. That is theft!
  • There are 67 Reviews on TrustPilot where 91% have voted this company as ‘BAD’. You may view those reviews HERE. That is for the Dot Com Copy.
  • Written-Love-.com website has them on a list of ‘Boutiques to Stay Far Away From’. You may view that article HERE. Both copies of the site are on that list




Final Thoughts.

They are a scam site, both of them, and so it is up to you. You may get your order but you may run the risk of receiving shoddy goods for your cash, if anything arrives. Getting refund, per one report, looks to be hard to do. 

Those that have ordered from either site are welcome to leave your customer reviews below to help others decide for themselves. The more that report then the sooner they maybe exposed, especially their new copy.

That is all on What Is MyBestHoney.Net, and also on their other site, What Is MyBestHoney.com. That concludes this review and I hope to hear from you and others regarding those two sites. Those that know of other sites have the option of submitting a report in the below article. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to your comments to come. 



List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





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