What Is ‘My Working Hour’ – Is MyWorkingHour.com Scam or Legit?

By | March 4, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘My Working Hour’ – The MyWorkingHour.com Review.

Welcome to our review on What Is ‘My Working Hour’ at MyWorkingHour.com. Is ‘My Working Hour’ legit, safe, real, genuine or Is MyWorkingHour.com a scam, fake, crooked, dishonest and untrustworthy? This www MyWorkingHour com review is a warning about that site. We are going to show you if they are real or dishonest. Those that can not cash out, or delete their accounts, should know that these fake sites will not let them happen. 

Those that handed over payment information in order to cash out (or for whatever reason) should contact their own payment provider. You may need to cancel your card as now the scammers may have that information. This is to stop such cyber-crooks from randomly accessing your funds. Keep a watch on your account for any unauthorized and unusual activity. Apply for a refund where funds go missing or you were duped out of them.



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What Is ‘My Working Hour’ at MyWorkingHour.com about?

So you must know by now that we are saying on What Is ‘My Working Hour’ is a scam and not legit. MyWorkingHour.com has many copies online and they never pay out to their members. They are consistent in making new sites on a regular basis. In essence, they are offering people paid online work. In this case we should know who our ‘boss’ is. We need to locate founder name, real world business address, contact information and also when they registered their domain.



PayHourlyWork.com Site

Another copy of www.myworkinghour.com!



Registration date was in 2018/09/23 and ends in same time in 2019. They can shut down at any moment. Consider one year is not a long time to do business online and so that is a worrying sign. However, in some instances, it could be the founder is testing how the first is going before renewing. That is not the case in this instance.

Their business address is not legit for a business as it is only a PO BOX. There is also no founder name and we will not find any of this basic information from their site. Their sites are only copy and pastes’s of older shut down sites. They make many copies, for when the older sites are shut down due to complaints or not being popular, they copy all exactly.


‘My Working Hour’ Work and Scam Signs.

  • The work is far to easy to do for the earnings they are promising. You simply sign up for free and all are welcome to participate. You can even begin to sign up with a fake email address. If you used your real one then it is possible you used the same password you used for all of  your online accounts?
  • If so that is bad news for you. Scammers know that most people still use the same password for all of their accounts online. This means they can possibly access all of your accounts and so now you must change the passwords in those accounts.
  • You will see that must share your referral sign up link and when you get a certain number of clicks and or sign ups then you will hit the minimum cash out point very fast. At the cash out you apply for your earnings. Then they will or may surprise you with some options or ‘tasks’ to complete before they promise to give you your cash.
  • Completing surveys, offers or pay to upgrade is all a scam. If you complete a survey or an offer then their site will earn some small commissions from that ‘task’. In many cases these other sites with these fake ‘tasks’ may require you to pay to complete those actions. That is all part of the same scam though they may be separate scam sites.
  • Even I have seen scammers re-direct people to legit sites to work to earn them commission from that work.
  • Those that pay will find that they still can not get their cash and you may find that they simply re-direct you to the same site or another copy if their scam. That is the end of the scam. Those that want to delete their account will find that they are not given that option.
  • Your account will only shut down when they shut down their site. The point of making your account remain active is not to rouse suspicions by your referrals. Also, it gives out a false impression of their ‘active’ members to new participants to garner legitimacy.





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Final Thoughts.

So the answer to What Is ‘My Working Hour’ at MyWorkingHour.com is a fake site and they will never pay out to you – ever! Those that have questions on anything said here today are welcome to place those below in the comments. Please do report them below if they also ripped you off in some way and or to help expose them. This will have a positive effect of helping to stop others from being ripped off. Thank you. They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers for good. Thank you for coming by and very much looking forward to your comments to come.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!









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2 thoughts on “What Is ‘My Working Hour’ – Is MyWorkingHour.com Scam or Legit?

  1. randyford

    I have tried signing up in that platform and really a scam. I did accumulate over $300 and when i tried to cash out nothing happen. Waste of time and effort. Every day there various of new websites offering you something but in the end you get nothing. Thank you for this information and i hope everyone who is trying to make money from that platform should read this before you get frustrated. Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am sorry to hear this Randy and thank you kindly for reporting on MyWorkingHour.com. This is the first scam report on them and thank you kindly for speaking out against this scam site.


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