Mvipbsell.Club Review – Is ‘Mvipbsell’ Scam or Legit [What Is ‘ALDO’?]

By | November 19, 2019

What Is Mvipbsell.Club aka ‘ALDO’?

You are welcome to our Mvipbsell.Club Review. Is ‘Mvipbsell Club’ a Scam potentially? Is legit and trustworthy? What Is ‘ALDO’ and why is there a contradiction about their name against their URL? That is a big scam sign already. Always check that the URL matches the content of any site. Those that gave payment information are advised to contact your payment adviser.

Those that were scammed by, or any site for that matter, are welcome to let us know below in the comments. You may report any fake site to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame as well. Those that fell foul of a work from home scam are welcome to view our Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019, 2020. Anyone need to know how to earn from home? Find out here in our Ways to Earn Online from Home – Free Start Up!



do not login into!

 Exposed as a Fraudulent Online Store.

We have encountered similar sites before that are using the same template as Mvipbsell.Club. While using the same site template is not illegal, they are are far to similar, and at times, identical to other fake sites online. To this extent beware of,,,, UgoBoots.Club,,, and so forthy Many fake sites like ‘Mvipbsell’ online. Beware of Black Friday Sales Scams and Beware of Fake Social Media Ads.

  • We begin to find out more about ‘MVIPBBSELL’ by going to WHOIS. We see they registered their site on the 2019/09/18 for one year. We know it can take about 2 years before a business actually starts to make good money from their founders efforts.
  • One year is not going to cut-it! That is too short for an online business. There is nothing wrong with a blogger registering for so little time, but when you consider as we have said that it takes far longer for a business to take off, and so you should beware of fake sites with only 1 year online.
  • Makes no sense as i have never met anyone, or known of any business, that intentionally sets up their biz for just 1 year.
  • There is not a name left for the founder of that site. No email and no phone number. Where is their business address? So we have nothing except when they registered their site and only that they are from China.
  • Most fake e-stores are from China and so now it has become a real scam sign to beware of. I do feel sorry though for those e-store owners from China that are legit.
  • Anyways, we go to their site now to see if they have left anything legit along these lines. We can see they have not left anything. There is not even an owner name left. No business address, no email etc etc. This is all very bad and actually only scam sites cover up their data like this.
  • This is the kind of information that their customers will instinctively look for, especially if anything goes wrong with their orders. 
  • Their social media does not link off to any groups or any pages one would expect for an online business to have. So that is another bad sign. Only their icons for social media link to their respective platforms. I see this quite often.
  • There are other copies online pulling the same scam. It maybe that they are selling fake Adidas, Nike, Hunter Boots, VANS, CAT’s brand names. There are others like fake Canada Goose sites, and so we keep an individual list of all such fake brand name sites.
  • Those that know of more are most welcome to let us know about them i our comment section, or where further indicated.
  • Furthermore, if you are not sure if an e-store is legitimately affiliated with any brand name, then just ask them. Go to their site and ask e.g. Adidas if soandssite. com is affiliated with them. Likely if you have doubts then you may have just saved yourself from a scam site.





Final Thoughts.

We are saying that Mvipbsell.Club is a scam. We can not locate anything legit about them online. They are new and so scam reports maybe ‘light’ on the ground. This does not make them legit, as we said, they are new. Give it time. Please leave your own reviews below or where indicated to help others avoid their fake site.




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