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By | May 7, 2019

See Customer Reviews About Here.

Are you not sure about the safety level of We have some major doubts ourselves. Why is now re-directing to MusMia com? That is a major scam sign! When cyber-crooks get ‘found-out’ it is common for them to re-direct their site to another they own. This is the case in this situation.

This is very worrying because ‘MillyMall’s domain registration end date is in December 2019 (see date of this post). If you see the date of this article you will see that site has closed down well before its time. What about their customers? This can happen if a sites reputation decreases. So, legit sites simply do not do this. What are your thoughts?



scam or legit reviewed.
 Short Review.

When we wrote about ‘MillyMall’ we did not recommend them as the founder’s name was not present, business information transparency not good, email only for contact etc. The discounts are too good to be true. Since these sites appear to be owned by the same people then we will be sticking to our ‘Not Recommended’ Conclusion.

Since these sites are the same or too similar then there is no point to re-write the same review. So, those wishing to know why we are not recommending either site are welcome to READ HERE ON MILLYMALL REVIEW.




Swift Final Thoughts.

See the review link above for specifics. But, my primary concern about is’s site is re-directing to them. This is common, as said, for cyber-crooks to do this. I hope I am wrong about the people behind this site.

To be sure, you are welcome to leave your own customer reviews below in the comments to help shed more light about them. This is the only sure-fire way to get to the bottom of their real intentions and also not to make mistakes about sites.

That is all about and hope to read your stories, reports, below in the comments.





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