What Is Msucy.com – Is Msucy.com Scam or Legit Shopping Store?

By | September 1, 2018

What Is Msucy.com and How Likely is it that they are Genuine and not a Fraudulent Site?

First off, there are a lot of complaints about them online! Welcome, by end of this article you will fully know What Is Msucy.com (www.msucy.com). Those asking Is Msucy com safe, good, honest, legit, or Is Msucy fake, dishonest, scam, filled with malware store? This Msucy review is going to take a real good at their site, ask is their Trustwave Seal genuine, and ultimately are these guys just stealing your money or will you get the product you paid for. For now, I am certain they are just a new shopping website taking peoples cash for no product or sub-par products. Let us have a closer look.

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What Is Msucy.com, Owner Info, Rampage of Complaints and how they Scam You.

Msucy.com Site

By now you know by opinion on What Is Msucy.com. So, I must back this up. First place to start to see if any website that sells goods, offers paid work online, we head of to see on their website registration details. With sites of this nature that have nothing to hide they will proudly leave info on their physical location, their email support, and most importantly, who the founder(s) is/are. WHOIS shows me this site was set up by organization QiTian Wen. I can’t find this QiTian Wen online anywhere else except here. This is not a legit name and does not constitute a founders name, as far as I can see. Their location is based in Hezhou, The Peoples Republic of China.

Their site was created 16/06/2018 and registered for just one year online. Businesses like theirs that are trustworthy would invest a little more than one year online and so this is another indicator we are not dealing with legit business people.

Let us now look at how they could run their scam upon you if you are tempted by their low offers for otherwise relatively expensive items.



How the Scam Operates – It’s Raining Customer Complaints.

As said, the complaints on about this website are rapidly appearing on forums online. On their website one of the first things you will see is a bunch of cool looking guitars. These guitars go as high as $3,411.00. Now, they have kindly reduced that figure all the way down to just $230 – that is a 91% mark down price!

How then are they making a profit when the prices are so low for such items that are normally marked up into the many thousands of dollars? Well, they are not selling the one’s they are advertising. That is just there to bait you into purchasing a lesser quality item, if at all, they send you anything.

Typically it seems you pay for you order. They are super swift to charge you! People have complained that they see no shipping info, you are ignored if you contact them, another complains that their card was charged for ten items when only one was ordered.

The complaints continue. Obviously, no honest and legit site behaves in this manner and clearly they are only trying to swipe your funds from you to their own account. Also, they are promoting themselves on Facebook as well and is where many are finding contact with them.

Did you pay for something on Msucy and not receive your order, or, receive a lesser quality item?

Place your experience below to help to prove to others that their Music Shop is not safe and honest.

That is all on how they are robbing people of their money when they fall into the low prices trap on their website. However, what else can tell us we are not dealing with a legit site? Below are the Scam Signs that I can see that leaves me no doubt they are not to be trusted.



Scam Signs of MusicShop.

I don't trust Msucy!

Their Trustwave Seal is a legit and trusted company that runs a validation procedure. To have this seal on your website is proof that you do indeed own a legit real world business, in this instance, selling products online. They have this seal alright but it is not clickable. That is just an image for quick viewing and in the hopes no one investigates it. Well, it didn’t work.

Their products are far too cheap to be real! Check out my recent review of Flamenx.com. They are running the same shopping fraudulent gambit on their customers as well, and you will notice, they employ 90% mark down prices on items as well.

Their Social Share Icons, bottom of their website, say Follow Us. Then when you click them they are set so you share their scam site. Don’t do this anyways.

They have capitalized the ‘M’ in the word Payment bottom of their site. This is not unusual to such mistakes on scams site that are selling things and a good indicator we are dealing with an overseas scam operation.

I just noticed 95% off of an item! They is just giving that guitar away!

I have found pretty much nothing else online about them except for their very upset customers complaining about them. When you have too many complaints, and bad reviews, and nearly zero of its opposite then that is more than good enough to call a site a scam.

I suggest you stick to stores that are main stream and you know are not scam sites like Amazon etc. For the reasons as stated then I am placing this article of their website into the ‘100% SCAMS’ section of my website HERE.



Final Thoughts.

There is no way I am going against the many online complaints against their site. I am not recommending you spend a dime on their site but only to stay clear and do your shopping online else where. They will more than likely take your cash for no item. Should they ship something to you then its more than likely you will not get the item advertised but a poor quality one. For these reasons here, and as described above, I am confident to report that they are indeed just a scam site!

I am happy to hear from all visitors to my site. Why not go ahead if you still have questions on What Is Msucy.com and I will help as much as I can. Also, I would really appreciate if you could please warn other people if you were ripped off by them. This will take money from these people and keep it in the pockets of good people who maybe can’t afford to lose it. Thanks.

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