What Is MovieWatcher.io – Scam or Legit Movie Streaming Site?

By | August 29, 2018

What Is MovieWatcher.io and What Is MovieWatcher.is – Free Movie Streaming without Risks?

Those wondering What Is MovieWatcher.io, may also be asking, What Is MovieWatcher.is. They are the same site. Those asking if MovieWatcher .io/.is is fake, fraudulent, filled with malware, or good, honest, real, safe way to watch free streamed movies and TV series online, can find out here. I will tell you if you are at risk of prosecution, though I am not a solicitor and so you must consult one, but only in my opinion based on my research of exposing online scams.

First off, MovieWatcher.io is now redirecting to MovieWatcher.is. This redirect occurred 01/08/2017 and registered in per WHOIS database until same date 2019. Owner is, well, that info is not listed – and with good reason I imagine. Right now, those that upload copyrighted materials can be prosecuted. However, those that just share the movies and TV series, and yes those that watch, are very unlikely to be chased by the law. The law wants to plug this practice at the sources. But, like with all things that take money out of an industry, I am sure the legislatures will get round soon enough. One day, I predict, those caught even watching movies without paying for them, may have to pay a fine and perhaps equivalent to a parking ticket.



What Is MovieWatcher.io and MovieWathcer.is – Free Service with POP-UPS.

MovieWatcher.io - MovieWatcher.is Site

As said, MovieWatcher.io is now MovieWatcher.is. While this service allows free streaming of movies and TV series, allows downloads as well, the site appears to have little in the way of ownership details. The site tells us that they are not an illegal website and that all content is sourced (scraped) from other websites. They are not legally responsible for the quality, content, legitimacy in anyway. The other sites, that they have scraped the content from, is responsible – I guess is the gist of what maybe being said here.

Furthermore, on their DMCA Page (Digital Millennium Copyright Act – enacted by then President Bill Clinton in 1998) if we see any copyrighted content, we are to contact them and the site will remove such contact. They are about to leave a contact email but then there is not one left. A slight error? Hard to say, I don’t work for them. But I know if they were serious about not breaching such laws, that email would have been TOP PRIORITY. Just my personal opinion on that matter and no intentional accusation implied, its just, if I was running that website I know I’d make sure there was a way to remove copyrighted content from user reports. MovieWatcher is described as a fully automated movie streaming website that indexes from external websites. Now, these up-loaders of these external websites are more at risk of prosecution, then those that share and watch shared content. Its weird, but that is the common consensus for now, it seems.


POP-UPS, or POP-UNDER’S, are advertisements that are triggered by a third party advertiser when you are interacting with a website that uses them. While this movie streaming website is free to use, the price is those annoying pop-ups! Those ads from sites, that is impossible to say if they are legit or not could contain viruses, malware, be phishing sites and all around scammer websites! The owner(s) of MovieWatcher.is is not responsible if you are linked to and get scammed by another site should you interact with these pop-ups. You are advised by MovieWatcher.is to just close that browser – that is good advice indeed.

They are also called ‘POP-UNDER’S‘ as well as they are waiting just under your screen. Keep an eye on the bar bottom of your screen and watch out for any sneaky opened windows. Definitely watch out for any downloads and multiple re-directs to a ton of other sites from the same advertisement. This is nothing but suspicious behavior. 



Privacy Policy – Are we being Tracked or Not on MovieWatcher?

MovieWatcher assures us, in their less than two lines of their Privacy Policy, that our activity on their site is not being tracked. Anything we do, the movies or TV’s series we watch for free, can not be proven is in essence what is being said. However, if I am blind and have missed the opt out or proof of their statement that we are indeed not being tracked, then I do sincerely apologize.



Here is how my website ensures your IP address is not being tracked on Google Analytics. 

Without boring you to sleep, Google Analytics is simply a free service provided by Google Inc (Google) that serves visitor data to website owners. From this free tool I can see how many people are on my site right now. Given the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) all websites must comply with the new legal way of handling visitors data that come from the EU. This data includes your IP Address.

Now, I have taken steps via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to ensure your IP address is truncated BEFORE it hits the Google Servers in the USA. Now, Google will have a little less info your visit to this site.

However, should you wish to OPT-OUT of even more tracking  by Google, you can simply click here –>>>Click here to opt-out. .

I can tell you, it took considerable research to be (or try to be) GDPR Compliant. You may also notice, top right of this site, the opt-out link as well. One click and you are done.

I don’t see this on MovieWatcher, and so I am afraid, that we will have to take them at their word. Perhaps they have, I am not saying the contrary, but clearly making statements and then providing the means, are two different things. 

So, now I am wondering if I am still being tracked or not? If I am wondering about it then it is more than likely others are as well.

Also, MovieWatcher does not provide users with an adequate enough Privacy Policy Data, in my opinion. You may view my Privacy Policy Date HERE. A quick comparison and then you can appreciate there does be quite a lot to cover in these very important website components. So, I went into that because it runs to the handling of your data on a site that is offering a free way to watch movies but does not have the means to receive reports of copyrighted content. I am no solicitor, as said, and so you should consult one if you have concerns around the use of their site.

Cookie Policy Page.

Again, this is another website component is quite important and tells your users, that the site you are on, is or has put a tiny piece of tracking data onto your device. Nowadays, you must get explicit consent from your visitors that they accept those cookies and the tracking from possible third parties i.e. personalized ads. So, if you ever see ads that mysteriously are perfectly tailored to your interests, then its likely that ad was served to you based on your browsing history. I had a funny enough conversation with a lady recently who told me she kept on seeing over fifties dating site ads. Well, I had to delicately tell her that is called re-targeting and is an advertisement based on your searches in Google. LOL! She burst out laughing!! 

On my website, should you enter a comment down below, you must complete the captcha and a box. Both, once ticked, is you giving consent for your personal data to be handled by this site. Such data only includes where on this site you visited and general IP location. You may also notice a COOKIE CONSENT on this screen, per date of this post, and should you not consent then the full functionality of this website (or any site you don’t give permission to) may not be available. Again, I say all this because I don’t see this on MovieWatcher. So how then can I be assured that what they are saying is compliant to the protection of my personal data on their site? And also, you may view my cookie policy page HERE.

Legal Disclaimer.

I don’t know if these guys need one but is quite normal to see one. But since they are not selling you anything, other than third party advertisements by you using their site, I don’t think that is a big deal. However, I am still certain that they need to have some kind of disclaimer saying something like if you click on any sponsored links, buy something, then this website makes some commissions from that sale. Again, another thing I am sure they just need on their site. But again, I am no legal expert.


Final Thoughts.

Clearly, I have concerns about using any free movie site that operates in this manner. Yes, its free to use and it is certainly your own choice. You should read their ‘About Us’ section, bottom of their site, where they clearly explain if you are asked to create an account etc then you will be charged after your trial period. This appears to have nothing to do with MovieWatcher.is and so you should be very careful when signing up through any of their sponsored links. Remember, they are not responsible if you bump into a scam site so just be aware of this. And since we I was unable to locate the owners name, then its hard to know who to complain to. However, just because I can’t locate ownership does not mean it is not online. Ultimately, this article is based on my experience researching online for a significant time now and including my opinion on using their site. Nothing here is legal advice or should be considered in that fashion. Those that have questions are most welcome to ask me below where I will always respond to you. 

Scam or Legit?

I am not using their site because I am uncertain of the laws in this area. I did see one report online that there was indeed copyrighted content freely available on their websiteYIKES! They don’t charge you so I can’t say they are scamming us personally. However, those sponsored links are earning the site owners free revenue and you should consult the terms and conditions of third party merchants before agreeing to any purchases via such links. But still, the sponsored links have me worried and the potential for malware to be downloaded to your device maybe an ever present risk. Ensure you got your firewall set up, an up to date antivirus and be sure to use a Virtual Private Network. Personally, any free streaming movie sites come with risks. I can’t quite say they are ‘Legit’ either. So, I am not recommending as a safe way to view movies online given my own personal concerns. Of course, it is your own choice. And that folks is my ‘take’ on What Is MovieWatcher.io. All are welcome to make their own recommendations for free movie sites below and add to this article. Thanks for stopping by and I am very much looking forward to all of your comment to come below.

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