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By | January 18, 2019

What Is at about? – Please Leave Your Reviews Here.

Great to see you here and I am happy to see you have good sense to find reviews on Is MoreRate com ( good, legit, real, safe, genuine or is MoreRate a scam, crooked, fraudulent, untrustworthy? This More Rate Review is to try to stop you from wasting your cash on that site. But they have many more. They are nearly all identical, such sites are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and!

Anyone that has been scammed by any of those sites are welcome to report them here. For people who were unlucky enough to hand over their bank details to any of these sites then contact your bank. They will investigate and hopefully they will have the good sense to give you a refund without hassle. Also, they may advise you to cancel your card. The reason is now cyber-crooks have your card details and so it is to stop unauthorized deposits from your account into others. There are many of these sites and your reports on any other ones are very much welcome.
 Review – Background Check.

SO we are clear and without confusion, the following sites are scams and part of the same scam network as They are ShopMyBest, YouthForSome, 1SuperShop, OnsuathyMealle, ActionSallyhy, RTRindingete, MjKiu, InovGoods, Easious, ManKindBig, MyLoveGoods,, SetComing, GoSuperMall, Morderneo, LucruyBuy, Conglide, Tylisous, NuxtFit, VsTroll, InnovStylish and Cooloul! They are known to be owned by cyber crooks and all reports on the and their other sites are welcome here. Review

Do not purchase from!


The above site was registered online in 2018/12/20 just for 1 year they done that for. SO, if they were a legit online business, they would not bother registering only for 1 year. Check out any legit selling company and you will observe they register their domains for many years to come. Already we can see the typical seeds of a deceptive site.

Address of 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, US. That address is not their own. They have been using it for their other scam sites as well. Even other scam networks use such addresses as that one to hide their real location in this world.

Phone number of +1.3478717726 is also being used by other scam sites. Clearly, no two companies can have the same address and phone number.

As expected there is no founder name listed anywhere on the web for the site in question. You can go to WHOIS and see all of those details for yourself.
 Scam Signs.

The only thing that struck me as familiar, when their site loaded, was they had the same theme as their other sites. However, I was unsure as they have broken their usual routine of having everything completely the same. Having the same website theme, similar to other scams, is not grounds to call them a scam. However, they did make a fatal mistake that links them to the scam network in question, and that will be our first scam sign.

1). On their CONTACT US section they have an email address for customer support. It is You may notice that we have already done a review exposing as a fraud and is definitely one of theirs. So, that settles that nicely.

2). Many identical sites online.

3). Comes from China – somewhere.

4). No owner name or any real legit information on their site about anything other on how cheap their prices are.

5). So, prices that are too-good-too-be-true should be avoided. I see discounts of over $100 and that is not viable if a business wants to make good revenue online. 

6). Images are not theirs and so you may notice that they belong elsewhere online? So then they do not have permission to use these images for any kind of promotions from their real owners. These are only to make you purchase something, then you pay your cash and lose your personal security on your data, and then they ‘might’ send you out ‘something’.

7). It may not be even close in quality, or not what you ordered at all. Some complaints online about other scams say they only got an empty envelope. So that is only to develop a tracking code to appease you or your refund process.

8). They say on their site that they have been online since 2010. That is nonsense! We already know they were registered online only since the tail end of 2018. Sites will sometimes pretend they have been online for years to make you think they are safe and legit. I mean, if they were  a scam site, how come they are still online since 2010? And THAT THERE is just one subtle way they get you to hand over your hard earned cash folks! Always check in WHOIS for real data about any site.

9). No location address for their biz on their site. 

10). They do not disclose they are running dozens and dozens of other sites on any of their websites. That is indicative of a scam network and so that is quite commonly known and so now know why they don’t say about this.





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Final Thoughts.

There is nothing I would not bet to say they are a scam and they are very active at what they do. Nearly always recently I am finding so many of their site. They are doing serious fraudulent damage to so many people. The more scam reports people like you leave online then the sooner these cyber-crooks will stop earning from that site. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers.

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So you are now informed on What Is I hope knowing this information saves you some cash. If not then at least now you know the whole truth about their site and know to put in for a refund with your payment provider i.e. your bank etc. Those with questions are welcome to ask them below. Others with information concerning another scam site are welcome to leave the full URL of such sites below, with some details on why you think they are bad. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you in the comments below.


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