What Is Morderneo.com – Is Morderneo.com Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!

By | December 28, 2018

What Is Morderneo.com (www.morderneo.com) and Why You Can’t Trust Them – Get a Refund.

Nice work on doing your self protecting due diligence by researching What Is Morderneo.com at www.morderneo.com. Is Morderneo com scam, dishonest, crooked, bad or Is Morderneo good, legit, safe, real, trustworthy, genuine? This Morderneo Review is a Scam Alert! You can see in reviews of What Is Ra1ssance.com, What Is SuperGoMall.com, InnovGoods.com, What Is VSTroll.com and you will see they are 100% identical! Scam Network making new sites regularly to scam greater numbers. You may experience no product delivered to an inferior product being delivered that is far less in value than what you paid for it.

Time and time again I see fake shopping sites coming out of China. I will be looking to see if that site is from there also. But more than that we will see if we can find other standard related info as well. Many of these illegal sites have been reported to potentially have their very own way to manufacture shoddy, inferior, cheap, knock-off goods and actually sending those items instead of the products they advertise on their sites. Your Scam Reports / Reviews Are Required to help get them shut down sooner, and also to help warn others, and so you are welcome to leave them below this article in the comments section.





What Is Morderneo.com Really Trying To Do? – Beware And Dont Buy From Their Site.

For clarity’s sake, do stay far away from VSTroll, InnovGoods, SuperGoMall and Rena1ssance as well as they are all part of the same scam network by the same scammers. Now it is time to find out a few basic types of info like the site owners name, their location as a real world business and contact info. Where these very basic and standard data is not available then we have a problem – potentially.


Morderneo.com Review

DON’T buy anything from www.morderneo.com!


Their site was put up for registration online in 2018/07/20 and spent very little cash to register it for only a year online. Real world costs of setting up a real world biz is a major investment. So paying to have your site online for just 1 year does not parry well with the previous investments, if they were legit. 

Their address that they have registered is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. That is actually a very popular address used by scammers. There could be 1000’s of sites, past and present, that have used that address to run their own scams. Needless to say, where ever you find that address than that should make you suspect something.

Phone Number of 1.4806242599. Quick Google Search returns complaints about that number.

I don’t see an email address and also there is no registered founder name. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why they would be hiding all of that data unless they were being deceptive. 





How Fake Online Shopping Sites Scam People – Scam Signs.

Be cautious of social media advertisements. The current state of the social media realm, when it comes to vetting advertisers to see if they are scammers or not, does not appear to be set up. Even when people complain to Facebook about getting scammed by one of the ads on their platform they seem not to do anything.

Their response has been reported as saying that they don’t violate Facebook’s policies. Ug! Not good enough and people that earn their site incredible sums of revenue deserves to be protected as much as possible. What do you think Facebook should do? I would be interested to hear from you about that. Of course, this is going on elsewhere online as well.

1). Once you are on a fake shopping site many will become tempted to make purchases. In this instance then you will have divulged your precious banking data and now the scammers can take several withdrawals from your account. Contact your payment provider and probably they will recommend cancelling that card.

2). Did you get real tracking data? It is not uncommon for tracking info to be fake. Keep it as evidence for a refund.

3). Receipt? Sometimes even they will help alert you to their scam and not even give you a receipt.

4). Taxes? Check to see if they calculated for taxes for your purchase. Where none is taken then is another sign of a scam.

5). Delivery taking too long? Many of these fake sites like to state delivery is about 1  to 15 working days. However, the reality is that people could wait up to and beyond 2 months. 

6). Support Rude or Ignoring You? This happens when they get sick of you hounding them for your paid for product. They may even plead with you for patience, sympathy for their troubles of delivering and our product and even understanding their ‘plight’. Its nuts. No legit company has their staff trained to give excuses. 

7). Nothing arrives after much time? Unfortunately this is all too typical when you buy from a scam site. 

8). Got your order? Perhaps you did get your order but it is not what you ordered. The product could be an inferior product, replica etc and so in this instane you have still been scammed. However, and most incredibly, scamwitness.com has received reports of people being ‘happy’ (regarding other scam sites) about the products they have over paid for. Shessh, can’t keep everyone happy I guess 🙂 .


Scam Signs.

  • They have multiple identical sites. 
  • The address on their site is from China.
  • Google any emails and phone numbers and see if they are connected to scams online. Many of their sites have many connections to illegal activity.
  • Their 2018 to 2018 date, bottom of their site, is a lie. We know they registered online 2018. Scammers sometimes will just tell you an out right lie! You can compare by going to WHOIS.
  • Product images are stolen and no permission to sell. 
  • Prices too good to be true. No company can afford to reduce prices so low and still expect to stay in business.
  • 1 Year online as said is a deceptive signal when you are dealing with a site purporting to be a real world business.
  • They call themselves ‘Rena1ssance’. Obviously that is not their site name and so it is a mistake by the scammers.



Do You Have A Morderneo.com Scam Report / Reviews? You Are Welcome To Leave Those Reports/Reviews In The Comments Below – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Many scam sites connected and operating as one scam network. Do report them elsewhere online as well like the BBB and the IC3. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

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