– Is ‘MoonJersey MyShopify’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | February 13, 2020



What Is – Our ‘MoonJersey MyShopify’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Hi and thank you for visiting our Review where we have spotted some scam signs but as yet unsure if they are legit or not. So we will do our research and see what can be found on ‘MoonJersey MyShopify’. Those with reviews are welcome to report them in our comments. If scammed by any e-store then you can report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1800+.

You can also use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE to upload any images you may have to prove you were scammed. Lastly, our comments are at your disposal and so please do make good use of that. Be sure to contact your payment provider if you have been duped out of your hard earned cash.



Time to start our quick-fire ‘MoonJersey MyShopify’ Review and see the comments for real customer reviews. If you do not spot any then why not start off this forum when your own review in the comments.

Registration date for this URL of www moonjersey myshopify com we can not know as they are using a sub-domain. This means that the usual sites that we check for registration details in can not show us such information. This adds an extra layer of privacy protection but I am not saying that is on purpose. That is just the effect.

And so we will now seek out any business transparency from their site research what we find. It is always a great idea to research any numbers, emails, business addresses etc to see if anyone online has put out a warning against any e-store.

We see the email of There are no reports attached to that email address and that is a good sign. There is actually nothing attached so that tells me that they are a new e-store, possibly.

There is nothing else on their site. No foudner name. No business address. No contact number and only that email. And so that is like having a business card with just your email address on it.

Speaking of which, business email addresses should contain the site name that it is on. Not having the site name inside yoru business email address is quite a big scam sign adn that is someting you should definitely keep in mind before purchasing.

What never fails to surprise me is there is not even a contact name for their customers when it comes to e-stores at times.

There at times though that such e-stores are being run by someone working from home. In this instance they are not required to submit a business address as that would be their home. Not safe. 

However the burden obviously still rests on such owners to alleviate any concerns their customers may have when it comes to their legitimacy. 

I see no biz info. There are no cookie policies in place. They have no ‘ABOUT US’ section. Their email does not reflect their sites name. No social media. They say they can not guarantee they will receive your returns. To me:-









list of scam websites.



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