What Is MoonGor.com – Is ‘MoonGor’ Scam or Legit Chinese E-Store?

By | April 11, 2019

Find Out What Is MoonGor.com Here – ‘MoonGor’ Review.

You are most welcome to this review on What Is MoonGor.com. www.moongor.com is a brand new site and so we are here today to find out a few things about them. Is MoonGor com deceptive, fraudulent and a scam or Is ‘MoonGo’ safe, real and legit in this ‘Moon Gor’ Review. The few reviews online are ‘split’ about.  

We are asking those with reports on this site to leave what you know in the comments. If it is clear to you that you were defrauded in some way, then contact your payment provider immediately. They may have to cancel your card but also you will need to apply for a refund. However, we see positive reports as well. As said, there are too few reports and so this is a forum dedicated to discussing about that site.




Is www.moongor.com a scam?


What Is MoonGor.com About – Background Check and Scam Signs.

We will start off by looking up some basic site information. We need to locate founders name and where they are from exactly. Contact and site’s registration date is also two crucial pieces of data to locate. Where we find that info is missing, falsified, then we must use caution.

They put their e-store online in 2018/11/12 and only for a year. WHOIS says they are from Bei Jing and there is an address on their site of:-

4th floor, Building G,GuanTang Gong Ye Yuan,

GuanTang Village, NanCun Town,

PanYu District, 511400,

Guangzhou, China,

Their phone number is +86 13711050179 <- any responses from this number? 

Email of service@moongor.com. Where is the founders name? 

We Googled their sites address and another site called ChicBoho.com is using that same one! Sources online say ‘ChicBoho’ is a scam site. So, what are we now to think about ‘MoonGor’? EXTREMELY BAD SIGN!



‘MoonGor’ Scam Signs.

My Geography is not exactly what you would call – ‘razor-sharp – but nowhere in their address on their site do we see ‘Bei Jing’ in it. Perhaps 2 locations from the same country?

  • As said, we do not see a founder name. I take issue with that because they are coming across as a real online business boutique. In this event it is normal to have a person situated at the helm, clearly defined. This goes a long way for reassurance and I have no doubt it would increase sales, if that info was supplied, and indeed legit.
  • Their site is new. We said this already. But already they are able to discount up to 50%! I saw an ad om TV last night and the best this store in the UK could do was offer 15% Discount. That is more reasonable and far less suspicious. That ad store was called GoOutDoors.co.uk and they have been online since 1999.
  • Where is their customer phone number? I apologize if I am the one being ‘blind’, but, do we not expect to have that service from a business? Typically, that is another bad sign where there appears to be no phone number for customer service.
  • Not only are they offering 50% off but also they are giving a further 10% off if you use their promo code. That is a lot for a new store and so how can they afford such reductions? It takes time to make any cash online, never mind being able, to offer such reductions.
  • It is not hard to spend over $59 online. So when you do with their site they are giving away free shipping to all orders over this amount. This is indicative for sure of an e-store from China because I know the Chinese Gov pays most of the exports fee’s for businesses. So now we see far too many savings for the customer and that is a HUGE SCAM ALERT!



What To Watch Out For During Your ‘MoonGor’ Experience.

During our time exposing scams online there are certain scam signs that are very unique to each type of scam. Online shopping scams are no different. Below is a few points, that time and time again, come up as suspicious and usually indicative or a fake e-store, or at least, a suspicious one.

Tracking Number? 

This is one of the stickiest points we have come across concerning bad e-stores. So many times we have had reports to scamwitness.com, and elsewhere online, whereby customers were not able to track their order because their tracking number was fake. Even these cyber-crooks may say go to so-and-so site to track your order. You go to that site and they may say they have not received it – they may never.

E-Purchase Receipt / Purchase Confirmation Proof.

This is another highly regular scam sign whereby cyber-crooks simply fail to deliver to you confirmation of your purchase. If they do, then definitely take an image of that information as proof, in case they deliver anything other than your order. This will be invaluable for a refund, should it prove to be necessary.

Customer Support’s Broken English and Suspiciously Unprofessional?

Many times, where there is a good sign you are dealing with fake sites, their support will speak to their customers very unprofessionally in an overly familiar manner. In this instance it maybe that you notice poor to broken English.





Final Thoughts.

Given the research above we are not happy at all to recommend this site as legit and we believe they are a scam. Those with reports are welcome to leave what you know in the comments below. 

That is all on What Is MoonGor.com and looking forward to hearing from you and others. They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers. 

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

4 thoughts on “What Is MoonGor.com – Is ‘MoonGor’ Scam or Legit Chinese E-Store?

  1. Catherine

    I placed an order 3 weeks ago and keep on saying it’s because of covid.

    They themselves offered a refund but now are not responding back to me.

    I will probably have to make a claim with my bank.

  2. Alyona

    MoonGor is definitely a scam or sketchy website, I placed an order with them back in April 4th, this year. I was promised to get my order within two weeks. After a month i contacted their customer service, first they said my address was not supplied correctly. I gave them my address again, even though i am sure it was right the first time. Then they said i should wait, it will be delivered shortly. Nothing happened for two weeks again. Today they recommended i contact my post office, because they are responsible for not delivering my packages (which is ridiculous i get my mail promptly) after that i got another email, in which the customer service suggested that if i pay $15, they will reship. So generous of them!? yeah, i have to start a dispute with my credit card now. unfortunately i don’t see any other solution.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You are welcome to let us know how that refund goes and sorry you have had this awful experience. Thank you also in helping to warn others as well.

    2. Julia

      I have ordered a few things for my models in my art school. I did recive my first 2 orders. The long drappy sweater they show was a little heavy but cute only it smelled of mildew. Long white shirt dress open in front is good, see through pleated chiffon skirt was nothing like the photo showing it drapes to the floor it goes to the knee. I am still waiting on 2 hat scarves and a zip sweat shirt. They said closed for holiday but I’m sure it’s the virus. All in all like any online product each piece was not as great as the stylist online. But many online shops are like this.
      However I am getting leary of shopping these places.


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